Exit Dying

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When two luscious blondes share one man's apartment -- one of them's got to be dead.

Dotty Dawn, Nude In A Strange Man's Flat, Opened A Cupboard Door And Found The Corpse Of A Beautiful Blonde -- Only A Few Hours Dead

There was Dotty Dawn, after only five weeks in New York, without a stitch of clothing to her back -- or front. She was in a famous theatrical director's apartment, slightly sozzled and altogether nude. She opened a cupboard door, and there, sitting on the floor, was the corpse of a beautiful blonde, the finger marks of a strangler visible on her throat. A few hours later, fully clothed now, when she went to call on the corpse again, it had disappeared. The police found her story hard to believe, so Dotty started out on her own as a girl detective...

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The Black Moth


They were spoiled, over-ripe little girls too wise for their years adn some of them had to die, those who wore… The Black Moth


Girls’ Dormitory

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A scathing attack on the evils of off-campus housing -- and the co-eds obliged to live in dangerous proximity.

A different book from this one of the same name.


Lesbian Twins


Obedient to Mom's insistence, Hilda started upstairs to join Jane for a nap. Jealousy stabbed at Bill's heart as the ugly visions multiplied in his brain.


Voyage To The Deep


The Most Dangerous Voyage Yet… Threatened By A Fantastic Creature… And The Anti-Matter Generator!


The Malignant Flower


This issue also contains the first publication of The Colour Out of Space by H.P. Lovecraft.