Blood Reign Of The Dictator


He might want to move his hand before he pulls that rope.


Office Affair


She Learned Her Tricks At The Bottom Of The Heap -- And He Was Her Ticket To The Top!

When a Girl Friday makes the grade in business, she usually does her best work after hours...!


Flesh Web


Lust Wantons Spinning Their -- Lust Web

...which is unrelated to a Web Of Flesh, a Lust Web, or a Passion Web


Lust Web


A Sex Machine Trained To Trap Men In Her — Lust Web

Diabolical Communist spy John Orloff unleashes his human lust bomb Grace Cromwell on the unsuspecting scientists working on the Omega-3 at Shelton Missile and Guidance Company, using “the most potent tool at the command of the spy — sex”. Grace is trained in the arts of seduction — and lesbian love!

A Lust Web is of course different from a Passion Web, a Flesh Web, or a Web Of Flesh.


Lust Potion 69


Passion's captives, freaked out on -- Lust Potion 69

From the back:

Professor Trucheon and Dick used Dwarf and Hunchback to kidnap the girls they needed for their sadistic sexperiments....until Trucheon developed Formula 69. With it, they could 'turn on' a city of thousands, and take their pick from the orgy-mad mob of lust crazed beauties.