The Power And The Passion


When Big Business Mixes With Big Sex — Something, or someone, has to give!


Love Hostess


A shocking book! Asks if some of the “Touring Services” are not simply fronts for other kinds of services.


To Swap A Wanton

Nightstand Books NB1822

Unbridled Passions Drove Them To Depravity!

Excuse me, this wanton is a bit off. I would like to exchange her for a new one.


Frisco Flat

Monarch #153 - 1960 thumbnail
Monarch #153 - 1960 Back thumbnail
Monarch #153 - 1960
Monarch #153 - 1960 Back

Any Man Could Take Her But No Man Could Possess Her

From the back:

• To voluptuous TOSCA, Frankie Cargo was a man to make her forget her sordid past and provide her with a love-filled future.
• To wanton ARLENE, he was an instrument of pleasure, to be used at her convenience.
• To SAM BARLOW, he was a danger someone to be run out of town.
• To SHERIFF SPRINGER, he was a handy victim marked for early oblivion.
• To the townspeople, he was the hero who would take Springer and Barlow off their necks.
• Only time could tell who was right and who was wrong — and time was running out for FRANKIE CARGO…


In Savage Surrender

Monarch #139 - 1959 thumbnail
Monarch #139 - 1959 Back thumbnail
Monarch #139 - 1959
Monarch #139 - 1959 Back

Sugar and Spice and Every Vice — That’s What She Was Made Of

From the back:

The all offered themselves to John Bellamy: hot-blooded Marguerita who only looked virginal but was really a nympho… and wanton Nancy who lived with John’s friend, Alex, but loved any man available at the moment.
But John was involved in a struggle to retain his yacht Wanderlure and took Marguerita and Nancy as he found them — until blonde, long-legged Miriam used her charms to enlist his aid in a plot to hijack a million dollars from a group of Batista cut-throats.
The moment he joined the plot John found himself in a crucible of erotic frenzy and violence from which there was no escape.


Take Me Home

Monarch #120 - 1959 thumbnail
Monarch #120 - 1959 Back thumbnail
Monarch #120 - 1959
Monarch #120 - 1959 Back

Their Love Was Forbidden

From the back:

This is an unconventional story of beautiful Ivy Galvin and her strange emotional involvement with two men — and a woman.
Lila Douglas — tall, statuesque and amoral — who could love a man or a woman according to her whims, but refused to give up Ivy…
Henry Harper — A writer, but otherwise normal — who was repelled by Ivy’s abnormal relationship with Lila, but decided he wanted Ivy at any price…
Chick Neal — who tried to take by force what Ivy yielded willingly to Lila and Henry.


The Whispering Master (1949)


Fast Work by Johnny Fletcher on a Hotel Murder

A 1956 edition is here


Ring My Chimes


A Story of the Convent Belles!
There was no tune they couldn’t sing… no sexual game too bizarre they wouldn’t play… no partner they wouldn’t seduce.


Flaming Lead


A range kid faces killer guns!


The Grey Ghost

The Grey Ghost. The Boy's Friend Library, No. 339

Gripping New Yarn Of North Sea Smugglers!