Sinners Don’t Cry

Period Books 1961

They searched for the sound. Tried to find it in the pain of their passion… the scream of her surrender… the rage of his rape…


Sister Swap

Late Hour Library LL738 1967

The Name Of The Shame Game Was — Sister Swap


Strange Seduction

Beacon Books B564F 1962

When Reporter Brian Merrit Took The Assignment To Investigate The Wild Tales Coming From The Isle Of Hyeres… He Didn’t Know His Own Girl Was Involved… And That He Would Be Forced To Watch Her Corruption At The Hands Of A Beautiful But Warped Woman!


Captives of Erotica

Phantom Books 57 1966

Here, Where Deviations Were Born, Was Every Possible Manifestation Of Sick Sex. Lust Crazed Nubian Slaves, Leather, The Whip, Aphrodisiacs Fed To Baboons, Tortured Eunuchs… All Practiced By The Eight Enslaved Women


Beach Binge

Beacon B-580, 1963

Wild Beach Parties, Midnight Romps, Sensual Thrills On The Blazing Sands — These Were What Lured Pat Carson. She Left On Her Vacation A High School Girl, And Came Back Home A Woman! Teens On The Loose With Marijuana In Their Pockets, Liquor On Their Breath, And Time On Their Hands!


The Wayward Bride

Brandon House #1121 1967

Two years a bride in name only — she could not deny the burning hungers of her love-starved body any longer.

I am going to assume her husband must be gay.


The Infidelity Game

Beacon Books

A novel of the newest American problem… teen-agers led into sin by the example of parents who daily commute between secret love affairs at home and reckless living in the city!


Love In The Shadows

Beacon Books B589F 1963

To Save Her Husband’s Career, She Proposed An Affair With His Boss’s Wife — And Then She Took His Place!
She had often wondered about the “other” kind of love — and now she knew…
The Startling Novel Of A Woman Trapped By Ambition — And By Desires Even She Was Ashamed To Acknowledge


Terror Comes Creeping

Signet Publishing Signet D2934 1959

The Beautiful Brunette’s Mother Had Made Her A Millionaire. Now Her Father Wants To Make Her A Corpse.


Sex Off Limits

Softcover Library No. S75131 1965

Her Mistake Was Her Mother’s New Husband!
The Scorching Novel Of A Mother — Daughter Rivalry

From the back:


On the surface, Sally Devlin was a normal enough girl, engaged to a young lawyer who satisfied himself with chaste good-night kisses. But at night Sally was a rebellious vixen who ran wild — and could not be satisfied even by a dozen erotic affairs. The explosion came when Sally’s divorcee mother brought home a new husband who recognized his stepdaughter’s needs…
“Go Away,” She Whispered Desperately In The Bed Room That Night. ”If You Don’t, I’ll Scream. Mother’s In The Next Room.” 
”Look, Sally, Don’t Try To Kid Me. You Knew What I Wanted. You’re Here Now. Why Else Did You Come?”
Was Sally’s case physical or psychological? Doctors are unsure, have discovered no wonder-drug for the passion fever that burned in her. But this novel dares to show the two faces of love behind the masks-and the hell-in-heaven that breaks loose when the masks come off.