Bachelor Girl / Three Women

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Beacon B190 1958 thumbnail
Beacon B190 1958

She searched for love — and found forbidden ecstasy!

A frank novel of people who live in the shadow world of twisted emotions

An Intimate Picture Of Women In Love — With Each Other!

These are some of the most bored-looking lesbians ever published on a salacious cover, let alone twice. This Bachelor Girl  is a different book from the one here with the same name.

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Too Hot To Handle (1959)

Beacon B250 1959

If You Wanted Pleasure, Kay Would Give You A Fling
— Starkly Reveals The Tempestuous Life Of A Wanton Woman!

Not related to this Too Hot To Handle, or Two Hot To Handle, or Moonraker, which for reasons known only to Professional Book Publishers was retitled Too Hot To Handle


Woman Hater

Midwood #32 1960

No Woman Was Safe While He Stalked The Streets
A Raging Novel Of A Man Who Preyed On Women


Girl Of The Streets

Midwood #12 1959

Money Was Her Aim — Men Her Folly
The Bold Story Of A Nice Girl On Her Way Down



Midwood #18 1959

A Shocking Story Of Rape And Its Shattering Aftermath!


Man Hungry (1959)

Midwwod #20 1959

The Absorbing Tale of an Incredibly Depraved Woman Who Knew No Bounds In Her Search For Thrills…


The Wife Next Door / Call-Girl Love

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Midwood #31 1960

She Tried To Be Faithful To Her Husband — But Failed

A Bold And Shocking Tale Of Switch Parties In The Suburbs

A different book from this one of the same title. Artwork was reused for Call-Girl Love

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Virgin’s Summer

Midwood #36 1960

She Dreamed of Her First Love Affair — And Then It Was No Longer A Dream

The Shocking Story of What Goes On Behind The Locked Doors Of A Motel


All About Annette

Midwood #51 1960

Sometimes Wild… Sometimes Willing… Always Wanton
An Incredible Triangle And A Woman Who Couldn’t Stop Cheating


The Unashamed

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Midwood #53 1960

After what men did to her, she found it easy to turn to a woman for love

Warped Desires Of Women Who Need No Men

A Gripping Story Of Love In The Shadows And Outcast Lovers Proud Of Their Forbidden Passions

From the back:

There is at least one man in every Lesbian’s life — the man who drove her to that shadow world where no men are welcome.

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Pleasure Girl

Midwood #76 1961

Pleasing To Men And So Anxious To Please
Behind The Scenes With The Sinning Singers Of The Record Business



Midwood #98 1961

A Completely Sensual Woman Who Played with the Desire of Everyone She Met — Male or Female


The Unloved

Midwood #F110 1961

A Lush, Sensuous Girl, She Ran In Search Of Love… And Found The Shocking Truth Of Her Own Abnormal Desires

That amazingly unflattering bottom probably isn’t helping with her ‘unloved’ problem.