Find This Woman (1958)

Gold Medal 821 1958

Shell Scott was baffled — every woman he met insisted she was the girl he was looking for

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His Boss’ Wife


He was a man on the make, and this time he wanted – His Boss’ Wife
They traveled together… they worked together… so Rob Webb just had to be near that copper-haired witch — and he did nothing to keep him at arms length!


Blood Lusting Demon and the Fair Young Girls of France!

True Crime March 1949 thumbnail
True Crime Cases March 1949 thumbnail
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True Crime March 1949
True Crime Cases March 1949

Also, Exposed! The Illicit Romances of an Easy To Love Dame!

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A Rope For Danny Wyatt

Peril December 1957

Also, Castration: Man’s Greatest Fear, The Whip-Crazy Killer of St Paul, and Radiation — And The Freaks Of Tomorrow


The Blonde Photographer’s 7 Days Of Hell In The Congo

Escape To Adventure July 1964

Also featuring The Grapevine Rips The Lid Off Hollywood Lesbians and Why They Banned Sex At The World’s Fair


Later Than You Think

Mysterious Traveler Issue #5 1952

This final issue was retitled from “The Mysterious Traveler Magazine” to “The Mysterious Traveler Mystery Reader”