Sudden Fear

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Dell Book 604 (1952)

Rage… blind, overpowering rage… made her a cunning killer

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The Devil Who Stalked White Women

Man To Man May 1962

Also featuring The Iron Maidens — How violence and sex defiled one woman’s prison, Living Tortue Of The Safari Ants, and Phony Photographers And The Law


His Studio Wife

Chelsea House 1st Edition DJ-1928


King Rat

King Rat 1950

These weren’t rats you could catch… how could you trap rats that ate only at your soul… ate it to death!


Girls of the French Quarter

Beacon Books BB144 - John B. Thompson - Girls of the French Quarter

Every Color Of Skin, Every Kind Of Sin…
A Novel Of Men On The Loose — And Women On The Prowl



Beacon Books B573F - David Gregory - Man-Minded

Restless, Shameless And Willing, They Planned, And Waited For, The Break-Up Of Warren’s Marriage!
A Jolting Story Of One Town In The New Suburbia In America’s Heartland — And The Wanton Young Matrons Whose Secret Love Affairs Blew The Lid Off