Queen of the Black Coast

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Weird Tales May 1934

A wonderful Brundage cover for a great Conan story, but I have to say this is probably the second-worst depiction of The Cimmerian ever officially published. This entire issue can be downloaded here.


Lust Killer

All Star 142 1967

The chilling story of a small town faced with the worst of perverts the child molester!

This cover looks like Maguire artwork that was swiped from a better novel.


White Cap Lesbian

Brandon House 723 1965

Jackie Tried To Be A Cool, Efficient Nurse — But She Couldn’t Control Her Lust!


Reluctant Gay Girl

Brandon House 716 1964

She was a beautiful showgirl who needed money fast and was willing to accept woman-love in order to get it!


The Gay Way

Brandon House 727 1965

The story of a young singer who offered herself to a woman in return for a chance at stardom!


Strange Desire

Brandon House 743 1965

She Was Determined To Do Anything, No Matter How Sinister, To Ease Her Desires.


The Lavender Runway

Brandon House 969 1966

She Was Caught In A Torrid Backstage Triangle — A Slave To The Demands Of A Matinee Idol — And A Dominating Lesbian!


The Lavender House

Brandon House 924 1965

The Lavish Home Of Her Friend Became The Setting For Ann’s Passionate Awakening Into The Strange World Of Gay Rapture!


Call Me Gay

Brandon House 946 1965

She Ran Away Seeking Love And Happiness, Only To Find Herself Caught In A Tangled Web Of Vice!


L Is For Lesbian

Brandon House 617 1963

The Dean used the helpless faculty to satisfy her own abnormal cravings for love


Two Times for Love

Brandon House 944 1965

A Frenzied Explosion Of Forbidden Desires Lays Bare The Secret Sins Of A Small Town!

Cover was later reused for Nympho Twins


The Gay Tease

Brandon House 925 1965 thumbnail
Brandon House 925 1966 thumbnail
Brandon House 925 1965
Brandon House 925 1966

Joyce Was Eager To Tease Her Boss, Both In The Office And In Bed. But She Was Shocked When Her Teasing Brought A Passionate Response From Both Her Boss And A Gay Secretary!
She Was The Office Flirt, But She Went Too Far

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