Swords Across The Alimane

Nestor Redondo Savage Sword of Conan #50 thumbnail
Savage Sword of Conan #50 thumbnail
Nestor Redondo Savage Sword of Conan #50
Savage Sword of Conan #50

Someone, probably not the original artist, clearly went back and painted out the girl’s top on this piece, probably in an attempt to boost resale value.


Corpses On Parade

Dime Detective March 1945


The Nude Prostitutes Who Destroyed The Nazi Command!

Man's Life August 1967

Also featuring Scientists Report On Sex Experiments: How You Are Involved!, Stag Movies Personalized Just For You!, The Love Lives Of Carnival Freaks, and Are We Importing New Diseases From Space?


The Coffin Dwellers

Thrilling Mystery September 1937

Also featuring Four Frightful Men, The Sea Of Fear and Death Plays Dolls


The Horror Of Cutoff Cove

Thrilling Mystery October 1936

Also featuring Vampires Have No Shadows, Hands Out Of Hell, and Blood For Kali


Caverns Of Horror

Thrilling Mystery V4#2 September 1936

A Novelette of Terror-Haunted Crypts

Also featuring Island Of The Dead, Death’s Cold Daughter, and The Wrath of Cozo