Private School

Beacon B269 1959

The Girls Taught Each Other About Love!
Every Parent Should Read This Shocking Novel Of Adolescent Girls Who First Tolerated Vice — Then Embraced It — Then Could Not Live Without It…!

From the back:

The Briars had a fine reputation as a school for adolescent girls. Yet the goings-on behind its ivy-covered walls were scandalous enough to shock the most hardened adult! For it was not just a matter of secret trysts with men. Here the young ladies were subjected to far worse iniquities. Certain members of the faculty were teaching the special subject of “love” to the more at-tractive girls, inducting them into warped and twisted practices….
Blonde Rhoda Sterling, for in-stance, and that Southern student, Emmylou Berry — both were educated in perversity by the handsome gym mistress. Fetching Elise Longstreet, who arrived at school with a healthy — too healthy — need for boys, was forced to endure the cruel indignities of Miss de Sousa, of the English Department. Obviously, only experiences with virile men could rescue such girls from their own warned oassions. But would the world understand if measures drastic were attempted? After all, the pretty darlings were so young, so tender, so very tempting…
Behind The Venerable Facade Of Many A Private School Lurks Unutterable Vice And Wickedness. This Novel Affords A Glimpse Of Conditions Which Cry For Correction!


Strange Sisters (1962)

Pyramid F 699 1962

This love was wrong but she could not resist it!

From the back:

No Other Way Was Normal — To Her
And so Kathy strayed the dark and twisted path among the twilight women, doing the strange things her body urged her to do… until —
— until one night she committed the most violent act of her life… and then waited in sick horror while the swift watch-dogs of society hunted her down.
STRANGE SISTERS is the story of an alien world. Never before has it been made so intensely real for adult readers


The Beauty Game

1965 MIDWOOD 32-494 thumbnail
Midwood 32-494, 1965 thumbnail
1965 MIDWOOD 32-494
Midwood 32-494, 1965

She waited nervously for the next command, knowing deep inside that no matter what the strange woman demanded from her, she’d give!

From the back:

Renee — the sleek sophisticate, an expert in making pretty girls rich and famous and glamorous, provided they obeyed her every command . . . and catered to her every secret hunger!
Betty — the angel-faced model, intoxicated by the lure of fame and fortune, willing to pay any price to attain it … even if it meant plunging headlong into the world of lesbianism!
They Were Just Two Of The Strange And Beautiful Breed Who Played By The Rules Of The Beauty Game

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Lesbian Triangle

Brandon House 622 1963

Attractive men gave her the love she needed but she was still easier prey for sensuous women


The Strange Women

Monarch Books 249, 1962

They Were Trapped By Their Forbidden Love

“Miriam Gardner” was actually a pen-name for Marion Zimmer Bradley


Reformatory Girls (1960)

Avon G1213 1960 thumbnail
1960 Avon G1213 thumbnail
Avon G1213 1960
1960 Avon G1213

The shocking story of untamed she-cats in a jungle behind bars…

From the back:

Their bodies were brazen, their eyes bold — they were bad, and they knew it. They hated the grim prison, the corrupt warders, the rigid routine that was supposed to batter them into decency. But most of all, each one of these caged hellions hated not having a man…
Brutal, compellingly honest, this is the story of the wild ones, the reformatory girls who live and love by the laws of the street!


All Kinds Of Loving

David Spencer. Brandon House, 1965

A shocking peek at the way the beat generation lives and loves in Greenwich Village!


Gay Girl For Hire

Brandon House, 709 1964

Carla Was Beautiful, Young, And Expensive. If There Was Any Job To Be Done That Needed A Woman’s Woman — And The Price Was Right — She Was Ready For It!


Queer Beach

Brandon House 706 1964

It is like a beautiful spider’s web: waiting to lure innocent strangers into the perverted world from which there is no possible escape!


The Lavender Girls

Lavender Girls Brandon House 907 1964

Under the neon lights gay car-hops search the faces of their customers for new love mates!


The Last Resort

Midwood 32-584 1966

Wealthy women, driven by their secret desires, fleeing the world of men and creating their own little Shangri-la