Sword In His Hand

Gold Medal 309, 1953

They Fought, They Loved, They Died

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The Borgia Blade

Gold Medal 300, 1953 thumbnail
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The Borgia Blade. 1961 Belmont thumbnail
Gold Medal 300, 1953
The Borgia Blade. 1961 Belmont

A stableboy with a magic sword and the fame and love it won him

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Cress Delahanty

Cress Delahanty (Pocket books #1073, 1955) thumbnail
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Cress Delahanty (Pocket books #1073, 1955)

The tenderly funny story of a modern girl’s growing up.

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The Sinning Season


When An Adventurer Meets A Sexpot They’re Fair Game For – The Sinning Season