Ugly Womankeeper Of Melbourn

Man's True Danger June 1963

Sinister Desires Pulsated Through His Fetish-Warped Brain Whenever Beauty Repulsed The Ugly Womankeeper Of Melbourn

Also featuring The Massacre Of Pancho Villa’s Unfeeling, Ravaging Senoritas and He Was Able-Bodied, But Lacked The Stamina To Combat The Well Equipped Female Kamikazi Who Almost Blew Up The Panama Canal


The Lovemaster

Man's Action May 1960

Also, Lt. Brown’s Joy Girl Guerilla Terror and Can Your Love Life Kill You?


Sadisto Royale

1966 Leisure EL 325

Killer-Agent 0008 Faces Ecstasy And Peril In The Diabolical Sin-Game Of Sensovision


The Lost “Masochist Tribe” of Komodo Island

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Stag July 1965 thumbnail
Stag July 1965

Also, Sex Secrets You Don’t Know About Foreign Women


Blood, Sand And Seven Silk Veils

Man's Conquest April 1959

Also featuring Madame Moon’s School Of Love: Red China’s Hottest Cold War Weapon and 86 Wives For 36 Husbands


Flesh-Feast for the Beasts of Burma

Man's Conquest May 1957

Also featuring Blood-Lust of the Buccaneer’s Woman and The Truth About Those Amazing New “Sex Pills”


The Heavenly Sinner


The Intimate Life Of A Famous Courtesan