Lesbian In Retreat

1965 SA-93

Diane had gone there to lead Kathy on, to be possessed by a woman known to her as a Lesbian…


Love Is A Gentle Whip

1960 Newsstand Library U155 thumbnail
Newsstand Library U-155 Paperback Original (April, 1961). First Printing. Cover by Bonfils thumbnail
1960 Newsstand Library U155
Newsstand Library U-155 Paperback Original (April, 1961). First Printing. Cover by Bonfils

Lust, Murder And Mystery In A Latin Beat

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This Can’t Be Love

1966 Private Edition PE 380

Was She A Depraved Animal — Or A Confused Woman Yearning For Experience?
The Exciting, Suspenseful Story Of A Woman Trapped By Her Own Untamed Emotions!


A Woman (Original Title: All Woman)

1961 Midwood No. 71

Part Devil, Part Angel: Loving, Lovable And…

And what? This book was originally going to be titled All Woman, but Midwood realized there was already a book with that title, so in an effort to avoid a lawsuit they simply added silver ink to hide the LL and retitled it.


Gay Interlude

1961 Midwood No. F-95 thumbnail
37926779-LPF-Gay_Interlude-Front thumbnail
1961 Midwood No. F-95

The Nether World Of Women Without Men

The frank and revealing story of a girl with a woman’s body and a man’s desires… a girl forced beyond the pale of public acceptance.

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Executive Lesbian / The Elevator Girl

1965 Brandon House #733 thumbnail
CASINO BOOKS 120 thumbnail
1965 Brandon House #733

She burned for the forbidden touches of other women’s bodies, for their tender caresses, for the soaring delights of the gay world — and as madam of the top call-girl ring, she took her pick of the very choicest dolls!

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Two Way Beach Girl

Brandon House 949, 1965

A passion-mad woman lusting for sex conquests weaves a web of sensuous seduction


The Pleasure Studio

1966  Brandon House #972

She Came Out Of Nowhere To Pose In The Nude — Then Turned His Studio Into A Passion Pit


The Pleasure Salesman

1965 Brandon House #742

He offered his services to love-starved young girls.

Because if there is one demographic known both for having money and for not having any opportunities for pleasure, it is young girls.