They Fed on Our Blood: Nightmare in a Lake of Lampreys

Stag January 1956

Also, My Six Years With The Amazon Women


My Wife Was Captured By Apes

Sir December 1957

Also, New Scientific Test For Maleness


Trapped By The Bone Crushing Red Giant

Peril August 1958

Also, Why Men Cheat On Their Wives, Times Square: Sin City, Hottest Peelers’ Around The World, and I Blew Myself Up


The Kid From Rattlesnake Bar

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Stag December 1957 thumbnail
Stag December 1957

Also featuring Capt. Hintze and his 2000 Dead Crewmen and Assignment: Get Her Out Of Harlot House

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My Life With New Guinea’s Amazon Women

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Stag October 1957

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Baby Peddler

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The Desperate Story Of Girls In Trouble

This art was reused for Desperate Lives, Star Books (AUS) #233

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