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The Ideal

Wonder Stories, September 1935 thumbnail
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Wonder Stories v07 04 Sep 1935 thumbnail
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Wonder Stories, September 1935
Wonder Stories v07 04 Sep 1935

Through the metal throat of its victim crash steel teeth; the blood of its prey — the gasoline, that is — is drained into its stomach, its gas tank

This Frank R. Paul cover painting (along with the interior illustrations which he also created) marks 12,000 posts here at Pulp Covers. Thanks for sticking around!

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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“Legitimate integration of sex and violence!”


Assignment: Lili Lamaris (1970)


A World-Famous ballerina who had become the mistress of an international crook


Sin Salesman

Midnight Reader MR-444 1962

He Was Lust Keeper In A House Of Wantons!


Seeds of Sin

Nightstand Book NB-1560 1961

A Sex Survey In This College Town Revealed Shameful Double Lives

From the back:

The Lust Surveyors…
might have been a better name for them. They were college professors doing o thorough study of the sexual habits of educated women, and they had picked the women of Kellar College as their subjects. But it wasn’t all statistics and graphs, as Mark Sullivan found out. It was the kind of insanity only women desperate for love can know. And Mark soon found himself in the role of an interviewer in the center of a whirlpool of passion involving himself, his flame-haired wife Liz, the unbelievably love-starved Frances Durgan and her impotent husband, and a bevy of women who apparently did not care what they looked or sounded like, so long as they could relate their most private lives to a survey man, and perhaps even take a brief, blazing…
…Fling At Passion!


College for Sinners

Book NB-1534 1960

Meet The Depraved Ones — Students Of Sin!
The shocking passion game of big-city collegians in a secret lust club…