Flesh-Feast for the Beasts of Burma

Man's Conquest May 1957

Also featuring Blood-Lust of the Buccaneer’s Woman and The Truth About Those Amazing New “Sex Pills”


The Heavenly Sinner


The Intimate Life Of A Famous Courtesan


Stalk the Killer

Vega #V-35, 1964

They had learned too late who the killer was, and they were all staring down the barrel of the gun, knowing that at any time it would explode


Wild Cargo

Magnet Book # 315 1960

Their Emotions Were Stormy And Violent As The Wild Sea On Which They Had Been Thrown Into Each Other’s Arms


Her Raging Needs

Beacon Books #B-765-X 1964

A savage hunger drove her from man to man. Then she fell into the clutches of a perverse woman!