The Vanishing Venusians

Planet Stories Vol. 2, No. 10 (Spring 1945). Cover by Harry Lemon Parkhurst thumbnail
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Planet Stories Vol. 2, No. 10 (Spring 1945). Cover by Harry Lemon Parkhurst

This entire issue can be downloaded here 


Find Me In Fire (1953)

Popular Library G114 1953 thumbnail
Popular Library G114 1953 Back thumbnail
Popular Library G114 1953
Popular Library G114 1953 Back

She Was Young But Ripe For Love

Can anyone make out that signature?

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Go Down To Glory (Original Title: This Bright Summer)

Dell D114 1952 Dust Jacket thumbnail
Dell D114 1952 Cover thumbnail
Dell D114 1952 Back Cover thumbnail
Dell D114 1952 Dust Jacket
Dell D114 1952 Cover
Dell D114 1952 Back Cover

She knew the earthly hungers of lonely mountain men
They loved in the shadow of fear and evil

This paperback is the only Dell edition with a dust-jacket. The colorful dust-jacket art is by Griffith Foxley, the more abstract cover itself is by Walter Brooks.

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Lorelei of the Red Mist

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Planet Stories, Summer 1946

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Passionate Tigress (1963)


Her shameless need for love, her primitive lust for revenge promised a doomed ecstasy for her men

The 1959 edition is here


Gunsight Trail

Popular Library No. 209 1949

Six-Shooter Seige At The Lazy M Ranch
He Was a Two-Gun Man and Built for Trouble

I don’t know why they misspelled “Siege”


Wanton Venus

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From the back:

Somewhere in Southern France was hidden a statue that had driven men mad with desire and made their blood run hot It was a statue of gorgeous nude woman inviting, abandoned, wanton — yet perfect. Young Stephane Brehange was determined find that statue and above all to find the flesh-and-blood Aphrodite who had posed for it. For the enchantment of that voluptuous figure had wrecked his lather’s life and cast, dark shadow over Stephane’s.
Stepbane’s spicy quest took him inevitably into the homes and boudoirs of some of France’s most alluring ladies — and eventually brought him to an exotic rendezvous in a secluded Mediterranean chateau. There he met four sisters, each more beautiful than the other — and one of those four held in the hidden nudity of her body the secret of the statue and Stephane’s future.

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Restless Are the Sails

Perma Books P188 1952

Her love was wild, reckless and exotic — hard to refuse and dangerous to accept

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