That Motel Weekend

Signal Books B782K 1964

Not Even A Blizzard Could Cool Off… That Motel Weekend

From the back:

Tack’s personal radar raised an ‘echo from the’ girl who had just entered the mote!. Need emanated from her in waves he could actually feel. She was a honeymooner, though. Tack would have to wait a while. So with his old hunger aroused, Tack examined that other woman again. Lydia, the lovely wife of Dan, his best friend. Since the first time he had seen her, Tack had known he would never be satisfied until he had had her…
Tack McFadden was always aroused, always on the prowl. And as he prowled during THAT MOTEL WEEKEND, he was to unleash a wild tide of desire and passion among the other guests, including:
Staley and Alva — An executive and his employee’s wife, “Mr. and Mrs.” on the motel register.
Rona and Jan — Two girls more interested in each other than in any man.
Karl and Frank — They had violent ideas about women, and were ready to fight each other for their next victim.
Relentless Tale Of Thirteen Men And Women Who Could Hide Their Stored-Up Passions From The Rest Of The World — But Not From Each Other!


The Set

beacon #B-532F, 1962 thumbnail
Beacon #B-532F, 1962 thumbnail
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beacon #B-532F, 1962
Beacon #B-532F, 1962

Henrietta And Her Set Had One Thing In Common… They All Wanted Louise!
She knew all about men and their ways… but nothing about certain women and their wants…
A Blazing Novel Of A Young Girl Caught In A Web Of Perversity!

From the back:

Meet Barbie — the milk and honey, baby-faced blonde who had once loved and been loved by men, but who now found fulfillment in The Set…
Meet Lynn — striking, stunning, noted sculptress — an expert in molding the girls in her own image…
Meet Chummy — gorgeous, statuesque, velvet-skinned brunette… who liked them pert, pretty and petite…
Meet Louise — pert, pretty, petite — and innocent – until Chummy sponsored her for “membership”…
Meet Henrietta — dominating, willful, bewitching… spinning a silken web of wanton eroticism from which none of them could — or would — escape…
Until Ted Williams, handsome virile photographer of models-in-the-flesh pitted his male strength and charm against — The Set

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The Speed Set


Fast and furious excitement… frenzied and feverish passions!

From the back:

By day, they played a game of danger, flirting with death on every hairpin turn… by night, they played a game of passion, seeking new thrills with each new partner. There wasn’t anything they wouldn’t try, anything they wouldn’t do… as long as it provided the wild, hot excitement they so recklessly pursued.


The Beach Set


Mimi knew little about life… but all there was to know about love…

From the back:

Meet The Beach Set… The Free-Wheeling, Free-Living, Free-Loving Swingers Of The Art Colony
Margaret Benson — An art teacher who believes the female figure can best be studied in bed — and offers herself to prove it.
Ulric Shaw — Margaret’s star pupil—who does his best work with teacher after class.
Alec Warner — The young painter too shy to look at the model —until Margaret teaches him in a private lesson.
And most of all… 
Mimi — who charges the jaded atmosphere of the art colony with the fresh and vibrant sensuality of her free young body.
And even the sea must feel the shock as two uninhibited women clash for sexual dominion of the beach.
And both win … And both lose…


Pay For My Kiss!

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Exotic Novel Magazine Vol 1-#1 - 1949 thumbnail
Exotic Novel Magazine Vol 1-#1 - 1949

She wanted a husband — And she didn’t care whose!

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Three Loose Ladies

Broadway Novel Monthly 6 - 1949

They Were The Cover Girls On The Book Of Temptation – This Is Their Intimate Story.
Here Is A Tantalizing Tale Of Three Tarts With Hearts – And One Scarlet Sister Who Caught Her Man With His Finances Down…

From the back:

When a handsome young reporter was assigned to cover a particularly wild party in this gay movie colony, he became entangled in red tape, redder lips and the soft loving arms of luscious girls who took him to their bosoms.
From that night on, Whitey became a member of that thrill-seeking set at Malibu. In his subsequent experiences and amours, he found himself involved with a beauteous blonde star, a notorious lady of pleasure, and a lovely rural virgin — all of which became the blushing gossip of even that unconventional set.
Don’t miss FLESHPOTS OF MALIBU. It gives the in-side story of gay parties, clandestine kisses, and the daring efforts of beauty-contest winners willing to risk all for the flickering fame of stardom.


For Whom The Belles Toil

Bee-Line Books 1966

He was surrounded by girls, girls, girls – all ripe and eager to please the “boss” but he was sexually numb! Then he met a nympho who taught him bedroom tricks that he had never dared try before!


The Collected Works of Pierre Louÿs


Love and Manners in Pagan Times

Including Aphrodite, which I shared here.


Satan’s Mate

1959 Newsstand Library 507

He pursued them relentlessly… mad with lust, tormented by hate and savage desire!