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Sins of Flesh (1960)


I tried to stop… I was still married… It wasn’t right… I’ll be careful…


Girl On A Couch


Gay’s Analyst Tried To Cure Her But Fell Victim To Her Instead… For He Was Only A Man, And She Was A Nymphomaniac!

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The Sex Plan


The rungs on his ladder to success were women’s bodies. He used them and smashed them — all but one.

From the back:

Ben got a taste of luxury and wanted more, but it took money So he came up with an unscrupulous plan – a sex plan Ben used women – their knowledge, their influence, their Bodies. Each woman paid a price, and for some the price was devastating. But there was one woman he could not climb over- Mona, the one who devastated Ben. 

Some Men Will Stoop To Anything So Long as There Are Women To Stoop With Them.


Forbidden Women


What happens to a small town when a gang of play-for-pay girls arrive for a one night stand!


Trailer Trollop

Nightstand Books NB1703 - Trailer Trollop (1964)

Four Wild Girls — Out To Ruin Men!
They Lived In A House Of Sin — On Wheels!


Reckless! (Original Title: Pleasure Bound)

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CAMEO 310 Pleasure Bound by Kermit Welles thumbnail
CAMEO 310 Pleasure Bound by Kermit Welles

The Shocking Tale Of A Girl Who Said “Yes” Too Often!

One Man Loved Her… Another Man Desired Her… And A Girl Like Joy Found A Way To Please Them Both!

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French Twist

French Twist

She must battle these forces alone, trying desperately to save her marriage — faced with blackmail, a killer, and unknown terror. How could one little French girl get into so much trouble?