Journey Into Ecstasy

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Journey Into Ecstasy
Venus Books #115 1951

She Was Beautiful, Bold… And Bad!

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The Sex Pulse


The Shocking Story Behind The Cold Statistics
The professor’s intimate questioning of the Maybrook coeds unleashed strange reactions, not only in himself and in his young and pretty assistant — but in the students as well…


Resort Secretary

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Even before she got on the staff Eve knew she would be taking more than dictation

From the back:

Season Of Sin
Eve could never say she didn’t know what she was letting herself in for when she took the job as private secretary to the lecherous owner of a pleasure resort — he had made a pass at her before she was hired. But Eve was in trouble and needed the job regardless of the risk. Between her boss and Cliff and Doug she sometimes did not know which end was up, but she managed to ride out the season.
Life behind the scenes of a pleasure resort where the staff played harder than the guests.


Deadly Deceit

Deadly Deceit # U-178 1961

A Vacation Trip In Idaho. Sexy, Sneak, Sly Schoolteachers. Sinful, Seductive Housekeepers


I Was A Chain Gang Love Slave

Intimate Edition 708 1962

Sent up on a bum rap, I found out the hard way that bolts and bars were no deterrents to lust — if a con had the cash!


Shanty Girl (1960)

Newsstand Library 1960

She craved new and violent pleasures! She found them all in Shanty Town!


Latent Lesbian

Saber Book #SA-97 1965

God, you’re beautiful,” Ginny said as their eyes met. Desire smoldered deep in Ginny’s eyes, causing Edie to suck in her breath as her body trembled uncontrollably.

From the back:

Five years of being brutally possessed by a husband that was nothing more than an animal, had left its mark on Edie Martin. The men she had met since filing for a divorce had been little better. Life had delt her some cruel blows but with the warmth and sympathy that her friend Ginny Davis offered perhaps she could build a new life for herself. She didn’t know that Ginny was a confirmed Lesbian. Ginny wanted Edie and was determined to have her. She was as determined as any of the men who’d possessed Edie and much more cunning.


Pamela’s Sweet Agony

Brandon House #919 1965

The shocking story of a young nurse whose secret passion drove her down to the very depths of hell!


Drawn By Desire

Newsstand LibraryMagenta Books U-179

He tried to fight his desires but his mounting lust drove him on to an even more maddening, animalistic pace


Lash Of Desire

Lash Of Desire Dollar Double 950 1962

… she was a member of the twilight sorority, with dusky skin and luscious curves…


The Fraudulent Broad

Newsstand Library U-101 1960

“Make love to my wife. I’ll give you more money than you’ve ever seen.”


Vegas Vice Queen

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Jade Book 204 1963
Jade Book 204 Back

She was gorgeous, wealthy, and passionate — but her passion was strictly for other women!