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Holiday Weekend

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The girl in the bathing suit was his wife and the man kissing her, his boss… as well as their host for what promised to be a long and rather strange Holiday Weekend



Idle Hour Books #IH-493 1966

She Fought Their Sin Game!


Flesh Mob

Midnight Reader 1961 MR462 - Flesh Mob (1962)

Twisted Passions In A Sin School Of Lust!

By Lawrence Block


The Power And The Passion


When Big Business Mixes With Big Sex — Something, or someone, has to give!


To Swap A Wanton

Nightstand Books NB1822

Unbridled Passions Drove Them To Depravity!

Excuse me, this wanton is a bit off. I would like to exchange her for a new one.


Take Me Home

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Monarch #120 - 1959
Monarch #120 - 1959 Back

Their Love Was Forbidden

From the back:

This is an unconventional story of beautiful Ivy Galvin and her strange emotional involvement with two men — and a woman.
Lila Douglas — tall, statuesque and amoral — who could love a man or a woman according to her whims, but refused to give up Ivy…
Henry Harper — A writer, but otherwise normal — who was repelled by Ivy’s abnormal relationship with Lila, but decided he wanted Ivy at any price…
Chick Neal — who tried to take by force what Ivy yielded willingly to Lila and Henry.


Ring My Chimes


A Story of the Convent Belles!
There was no tune they couldn’t sing… no sexual game too bizarre they wouldn’t play… no partner they wouldn’t seduce.