The Private Pleasures of Mary Linton (1958)


She Has The Soul Of A Stripper, And The Body Of A Bawd!

Some Girls Cheat — Some Girls Bargain — But Mary Paid Full Price!


Understudy For Love

Magenta Books #U170, 1961 thumbnail
Understudy for Love (Newsstand Library U170) 1961 thumbnail
Magenta Books #U170, 1961
Understudy for Love (Newsstand Library U170) 1961

When it came to love he was just an understudy… but he was learning in a hurry!

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The Sex Spree

Midnight Reader # 439 1962

He Had A Credit Card With Passion, Inc!



Merit Book #625 1962

She proved to one and all that she was a most desirable woman and a wild lover as well!


Sadistic Wench

Merit Book #624 1962

What kind of a woman was the voluptuous female? She baited men — sex wise, to get what she wanted. She would appease any man’s physical desires and use any perverted means to gain her end!


Stable Boy

Beacon B107 1954 thumbnail
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Beacon B107 1954

Kitty Couldn’t Stay Away From The Barn
Their Lust Knew No Barrier, Their Passion No Wall

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Swamp Girl

Swamp Girl, paperback cover, 1950 thumbnail
Swamp Girl (Intimate Novel No. 11) 1950 thumbnail
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Swamp Girl, paperback cover, 1950
Swamp Girl (Intimate Novel No. 11) 1950

Hers Was A Wild, Untutored Love…

Who would win this untamed child? The wealthy stranger she passionately craved, or the backwoods lout who meant to have her — at any cost?

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