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Sooner or Later

Midwood 32-520, 1965

… she was going to prove to her sister’s husband what she’d already proven to most of the teenage boys in town!


She Learned The Hard Way


The Private Life Of A Very Warm-Blooded Girl!

Joanne could handle the men. The trouble came from other women — jealous Marge Bender, redheaded Molly Evans, and lovely, yielding Carly Kendrick


Brotherhood Of Studs

Nightstand Books NB1852, 1967

The S&M Club Was More Than A — Brotherhood Of Studs


Behind Respectable Doors

Beacon B481F, ©1962

They turned a seaside paradise into a jungle for prowling women…
The explosive novel about four women who hid their night-time sins behind day time respectability


The Beauty Game

Midwood 32-494, 1965

She waited nervously for the next command, knowing deep inside that no matter what the strange woman demanded from her, she’d give!


Lust For Youth (1965)

Softcover Library B798X, 1965

A Mature Woman’s Affair With A Boy!
Even Years Of Experience Could Not Prepare Her For Such Love…

Different from, but oddly similar to, this book of the same name:

She vied with her daughter in a tantalizing game of seduction!


The Sex Life Of The Gods

Uptown 703 Paperback Original (1962)

Janet was more than a beautiful woman. She was white heat and surging womanhood all dolled up in a body like that of a French movie star. She was as wanton as a Polynesian dancer and as demanding as a nympho.



Midwood 32-492, 1965

His nights belonged to the man-hungry widow who paid his salary… his days to her hot-eyed daughter who wouldn’t leave him alone!


Floating Bedroom

Floating Bedroom, paperback cover, 1963 thumbnail
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Mazie thumbnail
Floating Bedroom, paperback cover, 1963

When A Girl Boarded Tony’s Yacht, She Knew What To Expect!

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The Virgin and the Barfly

George_Gross_Virgin-Barfly thumbnail
Quarter Books #57 1950 thumbnail
Quarter Books #57 1950

There’s Only One Way For A Gorgeous Gal Without Money To Pay A Debt!

Yeah, he looks like a virgin.

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