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The Moments Between

HILLMAN 129 1959

The explosive novel of a school town that tried to prohibit sex


The Wife Spoilers

BEACON 489 1962

They worked together by day and played with each other’s wives by night. No one suspected — until a new man joined the company and upset the precarious balance!


Man Handled

Midwood F306 1963

Each female guest could afford her own private pleasure… and her own private cowboy.


The Pay For Play Girl


She Was Willing To Submit Her Lush Body To Any Type Of Pleasure — For A Price


Man Trap (1963)

Midwood F313 1963 thumbnail
Midwood F313 1963 Back thumbnail
Midwood F313 1963
Midwood F313 1963 Back

Evil to the core, driven by a golden greed, she had a taste for luxury and a talent for pleasure.

From the back:

Harlot In Satin
Her name was Deborah and she knew what she had to offer. She set her sights high and used her body as bait. They gave her money, jewels, furs, and she gave them a brand of excitement they’d never forget.
Her name was Deborah and she could be softly feminine, sleekly sophisticated, wildly wanton, viciously cruel… depending on what kind of a game they wanted to play.
Her name was Deborah and she was as wicked as she was beautiful. Her victims never realized how corrupt a woman could be until it was too late, until they were helplessly caught in the web of her sensuous charms.


One After Another

Midwood 32-415 1964 thumbnail
Midwood 32-415 1964 Back thumbnail
Midwood 32-415 1964
Midwood 32-415 1964 Back

Women, coming to him in search of new thrills… women, desperately in need of his special service… women, willing to pay for private lessons in pleasure.

From the back:

Dance Man: earning a living by teaching female pupils the simple steps of sensual fulfillment!!!
Annette… the young housewife, who learned too fast and too well once she ignited the dormant passions her husband never knew she possessed.
Gail… the boss’s wife, who fixed a price on his talent and taught him to make the most of it when giving “private instructions.”
Louise… the young innocent, who was too naive and too trusting to realize until too late that each dance step was bringing her nearer a bed.
Sue… the next-door-neighbor, who grew tired of her games with salesmen and delivery boys and decided to do business with an expert.
Margarette… the tormented wife, who suffered in silence each time she smelled a different scent on him when he came home from “work”


Casting Couch (1962)

Nightstand PB #1593 1962

Hollywood’s Lust Derby Started On The — Casting Couch

Not related to the Kozy Book of the same name


Love Me Wild

Brandon House PB; 1965

Her Cool Manner And Easy Grace Disguised A Smoldering Body That Burned For Love!


Girl In A Cage

Beacon Books B537F PB; 1962

A Searing Novel Of A Man’s Twisted Love For His Only Daughter
Lisa Was Wild And Passionate — So Her Rich Father Kept Her In A Gilded Cage. But He Didn’t Count On Vengeful Rock Garnet Who Came To Town Looking For Trouble — And A Key To The Cage!

Cover swiped from Rotten to the Core


Pleasure Alley (1960)

Beacon Books B307 1960

Eileen was the amateur — Lily was all pro! The Unexpurgated Truth About Women Of The Slums. Will Shock Some — And Shame Others!


One More For The Road


The strange love story of two alcoholics: John Wycliff who tries to drown in sexual excess — and Carol Westbrook who seeks frenzy in the bottom of a bottle!

This cover was later reused as part of These Women


These Women

39318808-These_Women_Beacon_Books_640F_1963 thumbnail
39318806-She_Made_Her_Bed_Beacon_Books_B_324_1960 thumbnail
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Sex Pulse thumbnail
Sex Pulse

Each had her reasons for loving the same man…
A New And Daring Novel About Different Women

This cover is composed of bits of four other covers, namely She Made Her Bed,  One More For The RoadThe Resort, and The Sex Pulse.

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Campus Sex Club / Goodbye Innocence / Big City Campus

f-206-campus-sex-club-by-loren-beauchamp-eb thumbnail
15594431240_5910930102_o thumbnail

During the day they were honor students, at night they ran wild at the — Campus Sex Club

The cover art was later reused for the double-novel Goodbye Innocence / Big City Campus

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15771762422_20e01b5ddc_k thumbnail

Two Women Sharing A Love That Was Unnatural

A Vivid And Searching Novel Of Forbidden Love In The Twilight World Of The Third Sex

From the back:

Allison Loved Lydia

She loved her so much that sometimes she thought it was wrong. Human beings weren’t supposed to love each other so much. There must be something sinful about a love so strong it blotted out everything else, including decency and self-respect.

Lydia was Allison’s whole life … until one night she went to a wild bohemian party … and met Cal Staton. Could she pull herself out of the pit of unnatural love? Cal Staton was a man – and men had hurt her so much. Perhaps she would be better off forgetting him and staying with Lydia. Lydia, who turned the world away when she took her in her arms. Lydia, who could make her melt with a glance … climb to the peaks of ecstasy with a caress.

Later reprinted as The Delicate Vice

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Object of Lust


A Novel That Probes Secret Motives: — Of Men To Possess — Of Women To Be Taken!