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Nude In A Red Chair


No one knew how she spent her afternoons, particularly her husband… and the wife of the young artist who lived next door.

From the back:

Sally was determined to learn all there was to learn, to know all there was to know, to do all there was to do… and the men in her life were only too happy to contribute to her education.
GEORGE… roughly demanding and selfish in his lust, blaming her for the other women in his life and accusing her of being only half a wife.
HARLAN… the aging lecher, who organized the scandalous strip-poker parties and taught her in a breathtaking manner how to be a good loser.
MARK….. the patient suitor, always willing to provide all that was lacking in her marriage whenever her nagging needs drove her to his bachelor apartment.
DON….. passionate and intense, as imaginative and daring in his lovemaking as he was in his painting, proving to her that she was anything but frigid each afternoon in the warm privacy of his studio.


Key Club

Key Club, paperback cover, 1965 thumbnail
Beacon Softcover Library S75155, 1965 thumbnail
Key Club, paperback cover, 1965
Beacon Softcover Library S75155, 1965

Want “unusual” entertainment? Come to the — Key Club
At this very private establishment they serve you sex on a platter — and perversity for dessert!


Monica (1963)


Trapped by her past, forced back into the sordid life she had tried to escape.


Executive Boudoir


She was beautiful, ambitious and sex-driven. She had the wealth to bend strong men to her wildest desires!
Lisa Canady inherited a great company. Could she crack the whip at a top executive like Jim Sloan by day — and still have his love by night?


Design For Debauchery

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I Know How It Is With My Eric. He Needs Violence And Profanity. He Needs Sluts Who Spit On Him Afterwards. He Needs To Pay For Abortions He Isn’t Sure Are His Own

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Love Thief / Traded Wives

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Softcover Library #SCS95157 thumbnail
Softcover Library #SCS95157

The Shattering Novel Of A Nymphomaniac … A woman on the loose!

You’ve wondered about this kind of woman… the pig-farm girl who became a glamorous actress by having a special talent… for using men — and sex!

The men were panting for hot, new thrills. The women gleefully arranged to be switched and swapped…

From the back of Traded Wives:

Sex, anyone?
These swapping couples become entangled in each other’s beds by strange mischance. The husbands think they are responsible. But their wives are the guilty ones, really…
CHERYL, unsatisfied by her legal mate, longs to be raped by another man — and gets her wish.
BARBARA LEE tries two husbands, neither her own, before finding the right private tutor in au naturel studies.
DEBBIE and her husband agree on a new code; Other people’s spouses are more fun.
There is also APRIL, ripe for anybody — including the TV repairman.
Take these wives — and their husbands — and roll the dice. For wife-swapping is the new vogue these days! This unblushingly frank novel gives you all the spicy details and weird, twisted rules.

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The Sweet Pain

Beacon Books No. B669X

A Young Girl’s Love-Ways Inflamed The Entire Countryside

A Novel Of Today’s Generation, Old Enough To Dare Passion… Too Young To Fear Corruption…


The Bed Sharers


She Liked Being Unfaithful To Her Husband

Trading beds was just an experiment at first. Then these young couples became addicted to it!


Operation: Sex (1966)

All Star Books No. AS-73 1966

Women Patients Came To Him For A Treat, As Well As A Treatment!

Not related to the 1962 Midwood book of the same name


Lust Shop

Evening Reader ER731 PB 1964

Passion Wrecks Were Sin-Fixed In This — Lust Shop

Not related to The Lust Shop


Small Town Chippy

1964 Playtime 703-S

She Used Sex As A Snare, And She Baited Her Traps, Each With A Sensuous Caress

From the back:

Love your neighbor, an old song says. With the blonde number across the hall from Pete, the loving promised to come easy… and the music they’d make together would be Hot, man, HOT!


Strumpet’s Seed

1959 Beacon Paperback B218

Stark And Revealing: The Case History Of A Harlot’s Daughter — Who Fought To Escape Her Heritage!


The Lecher


Her Lust-Crazed Passion Had Trapped The Father — Now She Wanted His Son!

From the back:

My Mistress And My Son…
were on the floor of her living room, making love, and I stood outside watching them, like a peeping Tom. Me, Frank Benton, who always tried to live like a good man, trapped by the white body and moist lips of an office slut! It was too horrible to consider, this girl who had ruined my life with her illicit sex, who had driven me from my wife and family for the maddening pleasures of adulterous hours in an empty furniture warehouse, now trapping the one person in the world I loved — my son. Ernie, a magnificent animal of a man who deserved a nice girl, caught in the web of lust that had caught his father. I knew I had to get rid of her, resist her passionate demands, and…
Kill The Evil Sexpot!