Midwood #18 1959

A Shocking Story Of Rape And Its Shattering Aftermath!


Man Hungry (1959)

Midwwod #20 1959

The Absorbing Tale of an Incredibly Depraved Woman Who Knew No Bounds In Her Search For Thrills…


All About Annette

Midwood #51 1960

Sometimes Wild… Sometimes Willing… Always Wanton
An Incredible Triangle And A Woman Who Couldn’t Stop Cheating


The Unashamed

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Midwood #53 1960 thumbnail
37994240-LPF-The_Unashamed-Back thumbnail
Midwood #53 1960

After what men did to her, she found it easy to turn to a woman for love

Warped Desires Of Women Who Need No Men

A Gripping Story Of Love In The Shadows And Outcast Lovers Proud Of Their Forbidden Passions

From the back:

There is at least one man in every Lesbian’s life — the man who drove her to that shadow world where no men are welcome.

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Pleasure Girl

Midwood #76 1961

Pleasing To Men And So Anxious To Please
Behind The Scenes With The Sinning Singers Of The Record Business



Midwood #98 1961

A Completely Sensual Woman Who Played with the Desire of Everyone She Met — Male or Female


The Unloved

Midwood #F110 1961

A Lush, Sensuous Girl, She Ran In Search Of Love… And Found The Shocking Truth Of Her Own Abnormal Desires

That amazingly unflattering bottom probably isn’t helping with her ‘unloved’ problem.


This Girl

Midwood #118 1961

There Was Nothing — Neither Man Nor Woman — To Tame The Latent Hungers That Possessed… This Girl


The Lowest Sins

Midwood #F125 1961 thumbnail
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Midwood #F125 1961

She Lived A Strange, Forbidden Love

A beautiful girl with many paths of love open to her, she chose the path between.

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Love Like A Shadow

Midwood #F141 1962

A twist on the old question: What Does A Husband Do When He Finds His Wife In Bed With Another Woman?


Man Hungry

Midwood #147 1962

She Blazed Through The Campus Like a Fireball, Leaving a Trail of Scorched Lovers!!


Ladder Of Flesh (1962)

Midwood #F177 1962

A Story That Exposed Broadway As The Gay Way
Broadway offered her a star studded ladder to climb to the top, but when she put her foot on the first rung she found herself climbing down a ladder of flesh into a cesspool of Lesbian depravity.


Campus Jungle / Awake To Love

Midwood #182 1962 thumbnail
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Midwood #182 1962

Coeds Led To Sin By A Faculty Of Wolves
Scandal rocks a quiet university campus… forbidden passion behind ivy-covered walls!

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