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Naked Talent


He was the world’s greatest ladies’ man until he too became ensnarled in the web of lust


The Swap Set (1965)


They were snowbound, safe from any prying eyes, free to do anything and everything they desired

Not related to this book of the same name.


The Couch Cure

Beacon B720X 1962

A Novel That Answers All The Questions You Have Ever Had About Doctor-Nurse Relations


Campus Motel

1965 Softcover Library Campus Motel - B852X

From faculty wives to freshman jailbait, Bronc Kendricks had them all on a string!
A Ruthlessly Frank Novel Of College Sex Gone Wild


Stud Champ

Stud Champ

He Didn’t Get Basic Training From The Army, But From The Dolls


Bella Vista’s Wives

Bella Vista's Wives, paperback cover, 1963 thumbnail
Beacon Books B569F, 1963 thumbnail
Bella Vista's Wives, paperback cover, 1963
Beacon Books B569F, 1963

The Professional Fund-Raiser Found Himself Embarked On An Unexpected Career — Professional Lover!
The Bella Vista Wives Were Eager To Help Handsome Bob Jennings With His Fund-Raising Campaign, While They Mapped Out Intimate Plans Of Their Own…


Hot Habit

Hot Habit, paperback cover, 1970 thumbnail
Hot Habit by Byron Lord, Venice Books VB465, 1970 thumbnail
Hot Habit, paperback cover, 1970
Hot Habit by Byron Lord, Venice Books VB465, 1970

From Virginity To Debauchery This Tale Of Sex Leads Our Hero From One Sordid Affair To Another Until Finally In The Monastery…

“Byron Lord”



Manhandled, paperback cover, 1964 thumbnail
39543652-6872375677_bcf0e6b999_o[1] thumbnail
Manhandled by Whitman Chambers, Monarch #434, 1964 thumbnail
Manhandled, paperback cover, 1964
Manhandled by Whitman Chambers, Monarch #434, 1964

She Had Nothing To Lose But Her Reputation

From the back:

When pretty Sally Winters found herself stranded in the wide-open town of Hahia Cruz, the reckless Marlowe brothers took a more than brotherly interest in the lush blonde’s predicament.

Charlie Marlowe thought Sally was virginally innocent, and offered to marry her. Money-mad Eric saw her as a choice piece of merchandise, to be bought, used and resold. Cynical Mark sensed that Sally was as hip as a beatnik, and meant to prove it before his brothers’ very eyes.

But it was Geza de Roche, suave operator of “the hottest club west of Paris” who offered Sally the daring proposition which proved how far a “lost” girl would go to get out of Mexico!

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