The Gay Nurses

Brandon House #913, 1965 thumbnail
Brandon House #913, 1965 Back thumbnail
Brandon House #913, 1965
Brandon House #913, 1965 Back

Their white caps and starched uniforms concealed smoldering bodies that ached for forbidden love!


The Split-Level Game / A Room at Polly’s Place

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A Scorched-Sheet Glimpse Of Suburbia
Reckless suburbanites play it for kicks! First, the wife gives in to a neighbor. Second, the husband hides out with a pretty secretary. Third, [CENSORED]

Polly Richards ran one of those seaside boarding-housed where people were strangers the first day — and  lovers the next! 

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Campus Motel


From faculty wives to freshman jailbait, Bronc Kendricks had them all on a string!
A Ruthlessly Frank Novel Of College Sex Gone Wild


Scandal (1962)


The Explosive Collision Of A Stag Show And Small Town Morality

From the back:

For The Tired Business Man
And there were plenty in the town,, humdrum, ordinary… Who would suspect that they played around? No wonder they were tired! It was the last place in the world anyone would expect to run a stag show, too. The whole town buzzed about it, and about the girls who performed for the male population. What they did involved everybody from the top banker to the lowly librarian, exposing a seething mass of sex and sin


The Part-Timers

The Part-Timers

Young suburban wives looking for kicks and extra money — because they are neglected, restless and debt-ridden…
A Novel That Exposes The Decay Behind Suburbia’s Respectable Doors

The original artwork for this exists, but is currently part of a strange exhibit where “artist” Richard Prince puts paintings together with their paperbacks, then claims the pair as a new piece of art.


Adultery in Suburbia

Adultery in Suburbia, 1964 - illus Bernard Barton.2 thumbnail
Adulltery in Suburbia, 1964 - illus Bernard Barton.BACK2 thumbnail
Adultery in Suburbia, 1964 - illus Bernard Barton.2
Adulltery in Suburbia, 1964 - illus Bernard Barton.BACK2

Her illness was nymphomania, but there were others in town far more disturbed


Gay Boy

Nite Time Original #123

A Probing Look At The Gay Boy’s And The Films Which Are Made To Satisfy Their Perverse Hungers!


Apprentice Virgin

Midwood #149, 1962

She Learned To Sin In Summer Stock
Her Sex Play Was In Three Acts: Act I… Desire, Act II… Experience, Act III… Satisfaction Guaranteed


The Dike Twins

New Chariot Library # 6C 629 1963 thumbnail
New Chariot Library # 6C 629 1963 Back thumbnail
New Chariot Library # 6C 629 1963
New Chariot Library # 6C 629 1963 Back

They Wore The Name Of The Forbidden Breed
The Tragedy Of  A Girl Doomed By Her Own Unnatural Desires

From the back:

Monica And Margie Dike Were Identical Twins. Alike In Body But Very Different In Their Strange Tastes. “I Want To Be A Prostitute. I Know What I Am; What I Need.”
Monica Drew In A Deep Breath As She Studied The Beautiful Face Of The $100.00 Dollar Mulatto Call Girl. Margie’s Lovely Face Pleaded. ”I Want To Become Part Of Your World, Gina. I Know Society Says It’s Wrong–“