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Girl On A Couch


Gay’s Analyst Tried To Cure Her But Fell Victim To Her Instead… For He Was Only A Man, And She Was A Nymphomaniac!

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The Sex Plan


The rungs on his ladder to success were women’s bodies. He used them and smashed them — all but one.

From the back:

Ben got a taste of luxury and wanted more, but it took money So he came up with an unscrupulous plan – a sex plan Ben used women – their knowledge, their influence, their Bodies. Each woman paid a price, and for some the price was devastating. But there was one woman he could not climb over- Mona, the one who devastated Ben. 

Some Men Will Stoop To Anything So Long as There Are Women To Stoop With Them.


Forbidden Women


What happens to a small town when a gang of play-for-pay girls arrive for a one night stand!


Trailer Trollop

Nightstand Books NB1703 - Trailer Trollop (1964)

Four Wild Girls — Out To Ruin Men!
They Lived In A House Of Sin — On Wheels!


Reckless! (Original Title: Pleasure Bound)

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CAMEO 310 Pleasure Bound by Kermit Welles thumbnail
CAMEO 310 Pleasure Bound by Kermit Welles

The Shocking Tale Of A Girl Who Said “Yes” Too Often!

One Man Loved Her… Another Man Desired Her… And A Girl Like Joy Found A Way To Please Them Both!

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French Twist

French Twist

She must battle these forces alone, trying desperately to save her marriage — faced with blackmail, a killer, and unknown terror. How could one little French girl get into so much trouble?


Naked Talent


He was the world’s greatest ladies’ man until he too became ensnarled in the web of lust