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Ring My Chimes


A Story of the Convent Belles!
There was no tune they couldn’t sing… no sexual game too bizarre they wouldn’t play… no partner they wouldn’t seduce.


The Window


What Made Him Return Night After Night?
The Story Of A Peeping Tom… Told In Bold Detail… And Shedding New Light On The Strange Compulsion That Drives Men To Look Into Windows!


The Nymph Island Affair


What is the difference between group therapy and an orgy? Simple! Ask Dr. Valentine Flynn, an expert in nymphology



Monarch 420 1964

She Lived To Love And Couldn’t Resist Temptation


Teen Temptress (1967)

MIDWOOD 33-753 1967

There wasn’t a thing she wouldn’t try, a dare she wouldn’t take.


Sex Nest / Yesterday’s Virgin

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23786390-Yesterday's Virgin, 1962 - illus Ernest Chiriaka

College Boy Moves In On His Father’s Women…
An Explosive Novel Of Father And Son Competing For Love And Lust In Modern Suburbia

One taste and she was hooked. She wanted more love. Wild love. Hot, sweet love!

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Easy Come, Easy Love

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A Realistic Novel About A DeeJay Who Went All Out For Dames And Dollars

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Nurse Carolyn


She Was Not Only Good For Her Patients… She Was Good To Them

An Intimate Peek Into The Extra-Curricular Duties Of a Very Private Nurse!


Tonight, She’s Yours


Danny’s Girls Couldn’t Be Beat! Buy Them, Sell Them, Win Them… Even Take Them For Nothing… Just Keep Them Satisfied!


Passion Slaves

Nightstand Book NB-1563 1961

They Were Servants Of Sin In A World Of Shame!

From the back:

Sold Into Sin…
was what happened to Kay Muir when she ran away from home, ran away from the hot and anxious glances of her school teacher, Dr. Horace Rand. She had fled to the arms of the man who had said he loved her, only to find out he was a dope-pusher and the foulest insult to womanhood ever known. So he had sold her into despair and decadence and the sixteen-year-old voluptuary became a red-light girl, an amorous adventurer for pay or play, whose life was as devoid of hope as her arms of true love. It was a savage, brutal world of sin into which she plunged, a world of…

…Doomed Passions!


The Sin Travellers

Nightstand Books NB1591 - The Sin Travellers (1962)

They Wanted Kicks — And Didn’t Care How They Got Them!


The Narrow Line / The Sisterhood

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Beacon B610F 1963
Softcover Library S95189, ©1963

Snared In A Tangled Web Of Woman-Lust, Lorraine Could Not Resist — The Narrow Line
A Powerful Novel Of A Woman Irresistibly Drawn To Her Own Sex — Compulsively Driven To Cross The Thin Line Into The Land Of Deviate Desire!

Ravished by a stranger, she sank into a swamp of bisexual love…

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The Tease


She got away with goading men into twisted love!