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Her Raging Needs

Beacon Books #B-765-X 1964

A savage hunger drove her from man to man. Then she fell into the clutches of a perverse woman!


Three Way Swap

Three Way Swap 1965

They Changed Mates For New Trills — Until They Almost Lost The Real Meaning Of Sexual Love

Kiss Of The Damned


He Wanted Her Life — And She Gave Him Her Love


Anatomy of Seduction


He Lost His Teen-Age Innocence The First Night He Visited That Woman Next Door


Strumpets’ Jungle (Original Title: First Person – Third Sex)

1962 Dollar Double 951

The World Of The 3rd Sex… That Land Of Strange Loves And Rapacious Passions!




Group fun with a new twist — spaced-out people, misfits, hungry ones — all tossed together for a hair-raising orgy to end all orgies!


Lust Be My Destiny

1962 Playtime #621

Trapped By The Excitement Of Lustful Demands… He Learned That She Contaminates All Who Bed Her


School Of Desire

1963. Playtime 633

Their parents were shown the nude photos — for a price the negatives could be purchased — it was a vicious racket


Tangled Passions

Playtime 632

The town seethed with the gossip they caused — the wealthy young widow stalking him like a bitch in heat


Harling College (1961)


A Teaching Degree Was Needed… And The Subject Was Sex!

Prexied by a beautiful tramp…
Financed by tainted millions…
Guided by an international boudoir expert…
Staffed by a free-loving faculty…

The Shocking Story Of A Plush Campus, Where Co-eds Received A Liberal Education

From the back:

A Girl Learns All Kinds Of Things In College…!

Blonde, bold and busty — Dorothy Benson at twenty was the answer to every lusting male’s prayers. Yet she wasn’t enough for ambitious Jim Harrigan. He used each lovely inch of her, then passed on to the green eyes and greener pastures of petite Cynthia Jamison.

She had a million-dollar figure and a million-dollar bankroll — some of which, for peculiar reasons of her own, she was spending on a very special little college. Suddenly Jim found himself managing a school full of delightful co-eds and bewitching young teachers. Behind Cynthia’s back, he began to taste forbidden sweets, the most appetizing of which was a classroom beauty named Melanie Moore.

All sorts of scandalous doings followed, on and oft the campus. No girl on the place was safe, and no girl wanted to be. Then, one day, Melanie’s shocked fiance visited. The explosive action that followed made Jim wonder if he should not run back to green-eyed Cynthia — or maybe even to his all-but-forgotten blonde Dorothy!

A Bold Novel Which Strips the Veil from the So-called Private Institutions of “Higher Learning”


Harlem Harlot

Nightstand Book NB-1619, 1962

No Sin Too Great — No Lust Too Degrading

From the back:

Gutter Tramp… 
was what Sara became the day her mother died in a Harlem slum. Sara, who learned loo quickly that Harlem sin was a fast slide to moral rot with no stops inbetween. No passion was too evil, no lust too depraved for the right price. Right through the sin-catalogue, from front to back — with a few pages she wrote herself. That was Sara Jackson’s life in the neon-blasted hellhole of Harlem’s streets and dark-choked alleys where her wanton passions blazed a lust frail, where men — and women — of all colors could buy her and sample  her –
…Pagan Sins!