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Midwood Books, #32-482, 1965

“Keep nagging me and one of these nights I’ll tell you where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing… in juicy detail!”

This original artwork has been physically cropped to leave only the woman.
From the back:

A shocking and sensual story that bares the truth about today’s ambitious executives and their thrill-hungry wives. Attractive and successful people like:
Warden… when his job was in jeopardy, he begged his wife to use her body to repair the damage
Lillian… beautiful and cruel, she enjoyed making her helpless husband the butt of every joke in the executive wash-room.
Payne… who pursued success and other men’s wives with equal vigor and enthusiasm until the night the tables were turned on him.
Georgia… she let her husband believe that she was unfaithful only once… and each of her lovers believed the same thing.
Adele… she had suffered enough public disgrace so she got even one night… in unforgettable fashion.


Inroad to Immorality

inroad to immorality

Feeling as though she could almost read his mind, Marcia felt embarrassed…


Sister For Sale

Brandon House 744 1965

She came to New York to sell trade virgin beauty for wealth, only to lose herself in illicit passions.


Summer Hotel

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Beacon #B168 1958 thumbnail
Beacon #B168 1958

Her Job Was To Make Everyone Happy — And She Did It So Well!

A Novel That Strips Bare The Secrets Of A Holiday Playground!

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This Nude For Hire

This Nude for Hire, paperback cover, 1969 thumbnail
This Nude For Hire Ted Mark 1969 thumbnail
This Nude For Hire Ted Mark 1969 Back thumbnail
This Nude for Hire, paperback cover, 1969
This Nude For Hire Ted Mark 1969
This Nude For Hire Ted Mark 1969 Back

Llona Mayper Enjoys The Bare Facts

From the back:

Is Luscious Llona Still To Be “the Girl Who Never…?”
Well, not if an office full of randy co-workers at Nymph magazine can help it! To make ends meet, Llona takes a job as receptionist in the offices of Nymph, the super-sexy girlie publication — not realizing the demands about to be made on her (such as working in the buff!). One look at Llona and every man on the staff, as well as the only other woman, have each put fifty bucks into a kitty: the first one to make it with Llona gets the pot. One hilarious scene follows another as Llona, naked but never entirely defenseless, resists, counter-attacks, or retires behind the breastworks, as a series of slyly conceived and hair-raising assaults are made on her matchless, uh, record.

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Lay Me Odds (The Lady from L.U.S.T. #2)

Lay Me Odds Lady From LUST #2 Rod Gray 1967 thumbnail
Lay Me Odds Lady From LUST #2 Rod Gray 1967 Back thumbnail
Lay Me Odds Lady From LUST #2 Rod Gray 1967
Lay Me Odds Lady From LUST #2 Rod Gray 1967 Back

The further misadventures of operative Oh-Oh-Sex. The world’s sexiest spy who is paid to sleep on the job.


The Pussycat Transplant

The Pussycat Transplant Ted Mark 1968 thumbnail
The Pussycat Transplant Ted Mark 1968 Back thumbnail
The Pussycat Transplant Ted Mark 1968
The Pussycat Transplant Ted Mark 1968 Back

Penny Candie Is Back — As The Son Of The Girl From PUSSYCAT!

From the back:

Luscious Penny Candie, the (unmarried) girl from PUSSYCAT, finds herself in an embarrassing situation, i.e. pregnant-again! The plans to fix Penny up get kind of screwed up, and before it’s over, her bright little brain is transplanted into the body of a tall , handsome, girl-ridden young man!
He, too, is called “Penny. ” He’s in trouble not only with his monster mother, his nymphomaniac ex-wife, and his boss’s sexy secretary, but the Law, too. Well — there are some false starts and, uh, “peculiar” difficulties in adjusting to the life of a virile man, but the girl from PUSSYCAT hasn’t been a conniving female all these years for nothing, and it all helps — when you’re suddenly called upon to be a conniving man.


The Lady from L.U.S.T.

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Lady From L.U.S.T. Rod Gray 1967

The World’s Sexist Spy: When This Lady Tracks You Down, It’s A Pleasure To Be Caught.

From the back:

Her name is Eve Drum, The Lady From L.U.S.T., the sexiest spy in the world. Anything anyone can do she can do better. They call her Oh Oh Sex, because sex is her favorite weapon, but she is just as good at Karate, safe cracking, knife throwing, scuba diving, you name it. Don’t tangle with her. She has a license to kill and she does not care if she uses her body or a Beretta. Swing along as she goes into action against a super villain who wants to wreck N.A.T. O. and heat up the Cold War to flash point. It will blow your mind.


Million Dollar Tramp

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Playtime 629

She had everything it took to make a roving bachelor’s life an erotic paradise!

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