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Venus in Mink


One Mink Coat plus Five Gorgeous Females equals A Sexual Riot With No Holds Barred

Because nothing causes dames to riot faster than a 1-in-5 chance of getting a fur coat.


Swing Low Sweet Sinner

MIDWOOD F246 1963

Swinging low was her specialty, and she swung in both directions — with men and women.

From the back:

Too Much To Hold
To look at sweet, demure Marjorie one would never suspect she could do the things she did. In the bloom of young womanhood, everything about her was beautifully developed –all except her morals. Her men were Steve and Clay, her women Nona and Karen. They all possessed her in their own way, but none of them had all of her, for there was too much Marjorie for any of them.


Night Train To Sodom

Ember Library EL304 1965 thumbnail
el-304-night-train-to-sodom-by-tony-calvano-eb thumbnail
Ember Library EL304 1965

Passion And Terror Found Helpless Victims On — The Night Train To Sodom

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