Cuba’s Call Girl Guerilla

Adventure December 1963

Any Man I Love — Dies!

Also featuring Don’t Let Love Destroy You! (A Doctor Looks At Sex), The Gringo Who Slayed ‘Em — Both Ways (Any Man’s Way — Any Girl’s Bed), and Mau Mau! (Why Kenya’s Terror Flames Again)


Rescued By The Queen Of Pearls

Adventure August 1965

Also Hitler Is Alive! and Treasure In Israel!


The Road to Kandahar

November 15 1927

I hate not knowing what story this cover is illustrating. If you know, please tell me.

[UPDATE] Jim writes to inform us:

It illustrates part of the Harold Lamb novelette “The Road to Kandahar.” I just read it a few days ago. It takes place in 1619 in the middle east. The story follows a warrior turned physician who travels to Kandahar. He joins with Moguls who become allies with a Pathan tribe who attack a Persian camp outside Kandahar. A princess he encounters in Kandahar turns out to be a Persian spy. The leader of Kandahar disguises himself and poses as a prophet to extract gold from the Pathans. The cover appears to depict the surprise attack on the Persians by the Mogol and Pathan forces that averts the takeover of Kandahar. I was struck by the similarity of the places and tribes to the continuing strife in the middle east today.

The “Road to Kandahar” is included in a collection of Harold Lamb stories called Swords from the Desert published in 2009. He infuses the story with cultural, geographic, and tribal details. I read that Harold Lamb served in the OSS during WW II and later was an advisor to the State Department suggesting that he had extensive knowledge of the area. I wonder how the U.S. policy toward the middle east might be different if it were informed by such history of tribes that have been at war for 400 years.