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The Wild Ones (1962)

1962. Playtime 618

On Campus They Didn’t Need To Take Any Courses On Sex. Their Erotic Escapades Entitled Them To A Master’s Degree In “Sexology” Without Cracking A Book!


The Passionate Prude

1962, Playtime 615

Her competition was Stella, a tempestuous brunette — utterly uninhibited and sex hungry as they come.

From the back:

The girl next door, Stella, was a live one — sex hungry to the point of depravity. So what if his wife was a prude, he was going to get his furnace stoked one way or another.


Lust Fire!

1962. Playtime 602

Lisa would do anything for money… but seducing Greg was as much about pleasure as prostitution


Campus Chippies

1964, Playtime 677

It was college rutting season, and he was about to set a record for shack-time



21094681-Prisoner, Stag cover, June 1960 thumbnail
Stag June 1960 thumbnail
21094681-Prisoner, Stag cover, June 1960
Stag June 1960

In a female island garrison, a crashed American pilot survived an amazing captivity

Also includes Bloodiest Naval Battle In History and Magda: Everybody’s Spy, Everybody’s Mistress


How To Make Out At A Sin Party!

Real Men March 1969

If you need make-out instructions, you probably shouldn’t be at a Sin Party in the first place.

Also featuring Nudist Camps Where Sex Is The No. 1 Entertainment, Rommel: The Nazi’s Crown Prince Of Africa!, The Ever-Lovin’ Nude Who Watched Her Boyfriends Die! and The Czech Border Is Closed We’ve Got To Run For Our Lives!


Death’s Planet

Super-Science Fiction October 1957

Also, A Time For Revenge and The Childless Ones