The Terrible Tortures of the Teenage Cults!

Man's Daring July 1961

Also featuring I Hunted The Nazi Witch of Buchenwald, The Suicide Stand of the Nude Lady Legionaries and Hypnosis Can Make You A Better Lover


The Big Switch (1969)

MacFadden Books The Big Switch Kay Martin 1969

Their Marriage Was A Farce: He Wanted A Tramp And She Was A Lady… She Wanted A Lover And He Was A Sexual Bully


The Big Switch (1962)


The novel of a strange marriage


No-Limit Hustlers Of Sin Spree Island

Complete Man October 1966

Also featuring The Nymph With Too Many Lovers, $120,000,000 Sunken Treasure, and Florida’s Kicks-And-Kill Blonde


Girl Gangs!

Women In Crime February 1949

Our Greatest Menace! — Our Bitter Tragedy! — The Newest Wrinkle In Juvenile Crime!


Vidkun Quisling: He Even Failed At Treason

All Man April 1965

Also featuring Where You Can Take A Vacation With Sex, Free Love vs Organized Vice, and We’re Glad We Tried Wife Swapping


He and She

Avon Books G-1078 1960

Theirs Was A Mixed Marriage, He Conservative, Ivy League, Protestant, And She Liberal, Beautiful, Jewish