Yank Trek to the Amazon Tribe of Taboo Maidens

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Death Has Loving Arms!

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“Pay Up — And I’ll Shut Up!” She Said. Blackmailing Baby Beware!

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The Berlin Bordello Where Hitler’s Gestapo Boys Got Their Special Kicks!


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Carney’s Burlesque

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Hers was a rhapsody of men and mayhem — played on a G-string

The return of Eye-Patch Man!

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French Alley

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The Exciting Story of Three Girls from the French Quarter of New Orleans 

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Station-Wagon Wives

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The Intimate Story Of Ruth Gordon, Whose Reckless Body Made A Sin Resort Out Of A Fashionable Country Club!


Swamp Hoyden / Hoyden Of The Hills (Original Title: She Wanted More)

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Beacon B125, 1951

They Said She Was No Better Than She Should Be!
Men teased her, trapped her, tricked her… But she gave them better than she got!

Men Chased Her, Charmed Her, Cheated Her… But She Outfoxed Them All!
She Was No Better Than She Had To Be

I suspect that these are both the same book, but I am not sure.

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Convention Girl

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Beacon Books B279, 1959

For Lovely Holly, Business Was No Bed Of Roses — It Was A Row Of Beds! An Under-The-Covers Peek At Tycoons Out On The Town In A Wondrous World Of Bourbon, Blondes And Boudoirs

From the back:

Hollis Carroll was no common call girl like most women who thronged these giddy pow-wows. Prettier than any of them, she had pyramided body and brains into a nifty enterprise of her own. Why, the assembled tycoons were practically ready to elect her president! But she ran into a rival — Reggie, wily and wanton, whose sex appeal was subtle as a blast furnace, and whose lusts were exceeded only by her ambitions. She even sank to sharing her embraces with Hollis’ aid, the love-starved Nora. In the awful ecstasy of forbidden desire, Nora told all — told, for instance, of Hollis being carried through the hotel halls, nude and panting, by delegate Jim Barton. The knowledge was a loaded gun. When Reggie chose to pull the trigger, would it blast Hollis, and her market, to bits?
A Novel That Tells The Truth About So-called Business Conventions — Where Liquor Flows Like Water, And Girls Are Items Of Merchandise!

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