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The Sword Of Satan

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Love Was Her Profession — Violence Was His


The Brass God

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A remote Caribbean Island… A beachcomber who took what he wanted… And a blonde who was there for the taking

From the back

This Girl For Hire

She was blond, thin-waisted, stacked high… and she was asking for a job on my boat. “Sorry,” I said, “but somehow I can’t see you swabbing decks or scraping barnacles.” “There are other ways I can be useful,” she said. “Doing what?” “Anything, honey. Just anything at all.” Call me a damn fool and you’d be right. We were a two-man yawl bound from St. Thomas for Doubleshot Key, with plenty of predictable hell in our future. Still, the lady was willing, and it seemed only fair to let her show what she could do…

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Sex Nest / Yesterday’s Virgin

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23786390-Yesterday's Virgin, 1962 - illus Ernest Chiriaka

College Boy Moves In On His Father’s Women…
An Explosive Novel Of Father And Son Competing For Love And Lust In Modern Suburbia

One taste and she was hooked. She wanted more love. Wild love. Hot, sweet love!

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The Sleeper Is A Rebel

Thrilling Wonder Stories Vol. 31, No. 3 (Feb., 1948). Cover by Earle Bergey

This entire story (but not the entire issue) can be downloaded here

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Capt. Jane Tyler: The Rebel Girl Who Stopped The Yanks

Man's Life (August, 1959)

Also featuring Just South Of The Border: The Land Of Wild And Wanton Women On The Loose, Eaten Alive In A Cave Of Gold, and The Gambling Madam And Her Strange House of Chance


My Fists Drew Blood When I Caught Him With My Faithless Jungle Woman!

Man's Cavalcade (Jan., 1958). Cover Art by Howell Dodd

Also featuring A Bartender’s Guide To Blondes: “I Served Sex On The Rocks!” and Blood Dance Of The Oriental Virgin!


Easy Come, Easy Love

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A Realistic Novel About A DeeJay Who Went All Out For Dames And Dollars

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This Naked Love (Original Title: Untamed)

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Their Unbridled Passion Defied All Laws

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