Carnal Playmate


What this torrid female could so for a man was unimaginable — she knew kinds of love he never knew existed!


Youth Against Obscenity

Saber Books SA-106 1966

To the crowsed auditorius they preach and screamed about obscenity in magazines, but on secluded beaches and mirrored bedrooms they enjoyed their sex in about every imaginable way — trading and swapping partners at will…


The Shorn Lamb





Maddison, Throne And Wilson Take On Their Hottest Client


Harry and the Bikini Bandits

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Harry and the Bikini Bandits

A wildly erotic novel of intrigue, suspense, and adventure

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Island of Sin

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The only industry on the island was sex – and business was booming!

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The Dangerous One

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Her eyes said love, but her heart said murder — murder done to the music of Spanish gold

From the back:

It was Boke Carey’s kill of a lifetime, his pot at rainbow’s end — a million dollars in gold ingots buried in volcanic ash on a barren Central American island. Gold was Carey’s business.
Now he had it in sight — only the others on this palatial white yacht stood between the gold and Carey, in a kind of dark barrier of violence. 
There was Jodi, the platinum-haired Venus, a beautiful, chattering monkey of a girl who kept her eyes glued to the main chance. 
Anson, the oxllike consort of thieves, who gambled only on sure things-like beating a man to death. 
Lopez-O’Brien, the sadistic steward, who appeared out of nowhere — his only worldly possession an arsenal of knives.  And there was Sheila, the Spanish beauty as ruthless as he, the only one of them Carey feared — and loved.

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