What a Body!

Dell Books 483 - Alan Green - What a Body!

Murder shouldn’t be fun, but Sandra was luscious enough to eat, and Hugo’s ideas about what to do with her were rather different.

This book worries me.


The Deadly Kitten

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Both female, both feline, they were dead-certain to be fatal to a man who loves pussycats

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Nita’s Place

Pyramid Book #G525 1960

Double lives and secret desires in a Florida motel


Virgin’s Summer

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Midwood #36 1960
Midwood Books 36 - Alan Marshall - Virgin's Summer

She Dreamed of Her First Love Affair — And Then It Was No Longer A Dream

The Shocking Story of What Goes On Behind The Locked Doors Of A Motel

From the back:

Behind the scenes of a motel, typical of thousands on America’s highways. Behind the locked doors, behind the drawn curtains, behind the secret souls of a cross-section of humanity: married and single, young and old, virgins and nymphomaniacs, lovers and lesbians, drunks and diseased, the pure and the passionate…
With his usual skill, Alan Marshall takes a scalpel and lays bare the secret lives of his characters: their hungers, their desires, their hopes and dreams — all woven into the story of the virginal Angela, who wants the lush fruit of her ripening body to be plucked…

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Carnal Playmate


What this torrid female could so for a man was unimaginable — she knew kinds of love he never knew existed!


Youth Against Obscenity

Saber Books SA-106 1966

To the crowsed auditorius they preach and screamed about obscenity in magazines, but on secluded beaches and mirrored bedrooms they enjoyed their sex in about every imaginable way — trading and swapping partners at will…


The Shorn Lamb