A Woman’s Wants

Beacon Signal B606-FK

Schoolteacher Lauri Richards Repressed Her Blazing Passion Until She Let The Bars Down At The Dude Ranch Resort


Don’t Be A Sucker For Auto Gyps

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Complete Man February 1967

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The Terrible Mission Of Sergeant Erwin

For Men Only October 1956

Also featuring Untamed Women Of The Amazon and The Redhead Who Seduced The Legion, neither of which they chose to illustrate on the cover.


The Friendship Club


It Was A Playground For Adultery! 
The couples came from varied backgrounds – but they had one thought in common – VARIETY WAS THE SPICE OF WIFE!
A Novel Based On The Behind-The-Scenes Account Of The Real Purpose Of Many “Friendship” Clubs — And Their Operations!

From The Back:

Take A Townful Of Repressed Married Couples, Add A Jigger Of Sex And A Dash Of Boredom, Then Shake Vigorously!
The city of Brighton, population 50,000, was just ripe for a unique kind of community center where a man could really get to know his neighbor’s wife-with her husband’s full permission, of course! Brighton was seething with adventuresome young couples like-
RUTH CASE and RUDY Rudy was out for half the wives in Brighton. He figured the only way he could prove his bedroom prowess was by establishing the right sort of “fellowship” club. Ruth went along for the ride. The idea of a dozen eager husbands was very much to her liking
SALLY ADAMS and BOB Although still young, Bob and Sally were already married so long that their respective anatomies yielded no more spice or surprise. They became charter members of Rudy’s new club-and even introduced a few by-laws of their own. But Sally didn’t know till later that the rules allowed a Lesbian on the loose
LILA CORY and BRUCE Bruce was violent in his love-making, hut Lila knew only too well how to handle this type. As a child she was abused by a friend of her father, and later she learned about a gentler sort of love at a fashionable girl’s school. When Lila wanted to play swap for Sally, the club members realized that wife-trading had gone too far! 
What happens to married folks after the honeymoon excitement wears off? This new novel describes the convenient solution worked out by three daring couples!


No-Limit Hustlers Of Sin Spree Island

Complete Man October 1966

Also featuring The Nymph With Too Many Lovers, $120,000,000 Sunken Treasure, and Florida’s Kicks-And-Kill Blonde


Married to Murder (1959)

Berkley #D2019 1959

A private eye, a gorgeous girl and a very dead husband


Kill The Beloved (Original Title: The Perfectionist)

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Blackmail was the bid — but the stakes were murder

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Venus in Mink


One Mink Coat plus Five Gorgeous Females equals A Sexual Riot With No Holds Barred

Because nothing causes dames to riot faster than a 1-in-5 chance of getting a fur coat.


The Narrow Line / The Sisterhood

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Beacon B610F 1963
Softcover Library S95189, ©1963

Snared In A Tangled Web Of Woman-Lust, Lorraine Could Not Resist — The Narrow Line
A Powerful Novel Of A Woman Irresistibly Drawn To Her Own Sex — Compulsively Driven To Cross The Thin Line Into The Land Of Deviate Desire!

Ravished by a stranger, she sank into a swamp of bisexual love…

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The Yank’s Five Years in Africa’s “Stockade of the Damned”

TrueAction August 1961

Also, The U.S. Skipper Who Outfoxed Japan’s Super Battleship and The Day The Panzers Raided France’s City of Beautiful Women

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Nazi-Hating Nymph Of Anzio’s P.O.W. Death March

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Action for Men, September 1962
Action for Men, September 1962 (1)
Action for Men, September 1962 (2)
Action for Men, September 1962 (3)
Action for Men, September 1962 (4)

Gen. Clark’s Invasion Secret Was In The Hands Of A Revenge-Hungry Girl With An Itchy Trigger Finger

Also featuring Decoy Girl for America’s Sub-Raiding Commandos and 106 Castaways Of Skeleton Coast


The 15 Maidens In Col. Mito’s Spy House

True Action September 1959

Also, “Free Love” Schulmeister’s Fraulein Club


The Hunted American Who Ran a ‘Sex Subway’ Out of Wartime Berlin

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Sex Subway from Berlin MALE October 1963
MALE magazine October 1963

Cover by Mort Künstler, interior illustration by Charles Copeland

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Execution Of Convoy PQ17

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The British Blunder That Lost 500 GI Lives — Tactical error? Sellout? Act of cowardice? There’s never been an explanation for this 24-ship half-a-billion-dollar tragedy

Also featuring Daytime: Miss Society, Nighttime: “Any Bed” Dolly — The blonde scandal that set the world on its heels and The Great Tramp Army That Held The Hills Of Cyclades — From deep in the Greek mountains they engaged the enemy, a wonderful, straw-hatted, tobacco-chewing, death-dealing hero brigade

Magazines in 1960 saved on printing costs by keeping full-color pages to a minimum, using mostly two-color images for illustrations. In this case, the publisher only wanted to pay for one full-color page for this two-page story spread, so Charles Copeland actually painted this image half color, half duotone.