The Deadly September


No Holds Are Barred In Love Or Murder


Bitter End for the Extra Wife

Master Detective October 1958

Only one mistress could reign in the Oakland, Cal bungalow


The Frightened Nude Who Saw Too Much To Live!

Real Men, January 1969 thumbnail
Real Men, January 1969-2 thumbnail
Real Men, January 1969-3 thumbnail
Real Men, January 1969-4 thumbnail
Real Men, January 1969
Real Men, January 1969-2
Real Men, January 1969-3
Real Men, January 1969-4

Also featuring How To Rate Your Woman As A Bed Performer!, Girls Who Enjoy Working In Sex FilmsThe Love-for-Pay Queen Who Helped Build an Empire Of Vice!, and The Day I Bathed In Human Blood!


Murder Rings The Bell

10 Story Detective pulp magazine cover, May 1942 thumbnail
38297778-10-Story_Detective_September_1942 thumbnail
Ten Detective Aces September 1949 thumbnail
10 Story Detective pulp magazine cover, May 1942
Ten Detective Aces September 1949

Also used on the cover of Ten Detective Aces September 1949 for Murder – Do Not Disturb!

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The Sin And The Flesh (Original Title: Hear Not My Steps)


His Twisted Hatred Ripped Apart the Whole City


The Dark Corners of the Night

1960 Signet books S1834

He was resigned to his job of TV script writer until a big-time crook asked him to plot the perfect robbery…