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Visa To Death (Original Title: The Best That Ever Did It)

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The juiciest racket in town needed too many Murders!

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The Savage

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The gripping story of a professional killer and the woman he was hired to murder!

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Crack in The Mirror

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They murdered to belong to each other — but killed their love with the deed

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Dear Deadly Beloved

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Gold Medal #391, 1954

In Europe’s glittering playground he used a beauty to trap a killer

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We Found The Treasure Of The Killer Of Algiers!


Also featuring We Tried Mate-Exchange!, Destroy Rommel’s Fuel Drums — And Then Get Out If You Can!, The Artist Who Needed Discipline For Inspiration!, and Last Run Of The Leipzig Local!


The Bandaged Nude

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The Bandaged Nude

Artists, Women… And Murder

Cover was later swiped for this issue of Double-Action Detective

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Quarry’s Choice


Quarry is a pro in the murder business. When the man he works for becomes a target himself, Quarry is sent South to remove a traitor in the ranks. But in this wide-open city—with sin everywhere, and betrayal around every corner—Quarry must make the most dangerous choice of his deadly career: who to kill?

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