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Crack in The Mirror

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They murdered to belong to each other — but killed their love with the deed

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Dear Deadly Beloved

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Gold Medal #391, 1954

In Europe’s glittering playground he used a beauty to trap a killer

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We Found The Treasure Of The Killer Of Algiers!


Also featuring We Tried Mate-Exchange!, Destroy Rommel’s Fuel Drums — And Then Get Out If You Can!, The Artist Who Needed Discipline For Inspiration!, and Last Run Of The Leipzig Local!


The Bandaged Nude

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The Bandaged Nude

Artists, Women… And Murder

Cover was later swiped for this issue of Double-Action Detective

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Quarry’s Choice


Quarry is a pro in the murder business. When the man he works for becomes a target himself, Quarry is sent South to remove a traitor in the ranks. But in this wide-open city—with sin everywhere, and betrayal around every corner—Quarry must make the most dangerous choice of his deadly career: who to kill?

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Easy Death


‘Tis the season…

It takes guts and good luck to pull off an armored car robbery, and Walter and Eddie have both. But getting the money and getting away with it are two different things, especially with a blizzard coming down, the cops in hot pursuit, and a double-crossing gambler and a sadistic park ranger threatening to turn this white Christmas blood red…

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