Murder’s Not Funny / The Guy With The Educated Gun

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This painting was published as a pulp cover twice: first as the cover for Star Detective Stories, July 1938, and with a second publication as the cover for Detective Short Stories, June 1941.

The complete issue of Star Detective Stories can be downloaded here

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Married to Murder (1959)

Berkley #D2019 1959

A private eye, a gorgeous girl and a very dead husband


Nudists Die Naked


Shell Scott didn’t mind the killers or con-men. What bothered him was that fantastic nudist camp

One of the greatest titles ever. This looks like Robert Maguire’s work, but I can’t be certain. [Update: Lynn Maguire confirmed it is his work]


Sudden Fear

Dell Book 604 (1952) thumbnail
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Dell Book 604 (1952)

Rage… blind, overpowering rage… made her a cunning killer

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The Mystery of the Golden Skull

Dr. Yen Sin #2 1936 thumbnail
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Dr. Yen Sin #2 1936

The second of only three issues.

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Million Dollar Murder

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Gold Medal Books 110 - Edward Ronns - Million Dollar Murder

Sam was in love with his brother’s wife. For this, someone had to die

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Whirlpool of Thunder

Newsstand Library #U174 1961

He was nailed to a cross like long ago. Fire burned him but lust was stronger… a thunderous whirlpool caught him.


The Murder Kick

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Roses were the killer’s calling card and his twisted mind had turned the city into a jungle nightmare

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