Kill Him Twice

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Pocket Books 50123 1967

From the back:

It’s against the law in Beverly Hills

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The Notorious Woman At Beach Camp 40

Blondes are for Loving, Stag Magazine interior story illustration thumbnail
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Blondes are for Loving, Stag Magazine interior story illustration

Also featuring Blondes Are For Loving illustrated by Earl Norem, Intimate Life Of New York’s Single Girls, “Tiger-In-The-Sky” Yank Fighter Ace, and Pilot And Copilot Dead Drunk

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Dead In Bed

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Dead in Bed, paperback cover, 1959
Pyramid books, G448, 1959

A Hawaiian private eye — a 40 million dollar heiress — murder!

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Over My Dead Body


Challenge Accepted

This book also had a very nice 1959 cover.


The Looting Of Las Verdes

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0 0011

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Murder’s Not Funny / The Guy With The Educated Gun

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This painting was published as a pulp cover twice: first as the cover for Star Detective Stories, July 1938, and with a second publication as the cover for Detective Short Stories, June 1941.

The complete issue of Star Detective Stories can be downloaded here

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