Marked For Murder (Original Title: The Ivory Grin)


Everyone connected with this tripple-crossing blonde was Marked For Murder

Not related to this Mike Shayne story


We Found The Treasure Of The Killer Of Algiers!


Also featuring We Tried Mate-Exchange!, Destroy Rommel’s Fuel Drums — And Then Get Out If You Can!, The Artist Who Needed Discipline For Inspiration!, and Last Run Of The Leipzig Local!


No Mask for Murder (Original Title: Fontego’s Folly)

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Fiesta Orgies on a tropical island screen a killer

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The Spider Lily

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A woman more dangerous dead than alive

From the back:

On the record — Alec was innocent of murder, cleared by a jury, protected by the unwritten law that frees a man to kill the wife who betrays him.
Off the record — everyone though he was guilty as hell!

How could he shed the burden of guilt for a crime he didn’t commit? His only weapon was his strange genius for poker. He wielded it well — to win a stake, and outface a murderer.

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The Assassin (1959)


Ireland and the Trouble: a powerful story of a gunman’s vengeance

Not related to this book of the same name