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I’ll Get Mine (Original Title: Cure it With Honey)

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She Loved Men, Money, And Marijuana

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Ace D-15 1953

Confessions Of An Unredeemed Drug Addict


Dream Club (Original Title: Beyond Desire)

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Original Novels #707 1952

A Revealing Story of Dope, Sin and Shattered Dreams…
A Sensational Story Of Dope And Twisted Lives!

From the back:

Joy for one and all…or so they said… and at a price. That was the fateful, illusory stock-in-trade of the Dream Club. Behind its secret door, they would tell you, you could buy the fulfillment of every hope, the taste of every delight, the thrill of infinite power. But it could only be for an hour, a day… and the price was damnation

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The Man With The Golden Arm


More powerful than a woman’s love… more binding than a man’s word… It was Dope!


Vice Rackets of Soho

Vice Rackets of SOHO (Kaywin Publishers, 1951)

This story exposes the White Slave Rackets which flourish unchecked in London’s Square Mile of Vice


Where There’s Smoke

Where There's Smoke

She was the kind of female who couldn’t say no, who couldn’t be satisfied with just one man… even if that man happened to be her husband.


Madwoman? (Original Title: The Stubborn Wood)


The Daring Book That Takes You Inside The Walls Of A Mental Hospital For Women


Postscript To An Electric Chair


Also includes The Murder Prophet, although whether it is the same story that was published in 1942 I don’t know.