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The Devil’s Pigs

Fantastic Adventures Vol. 7, No. 1 (Jan., 1945). Cover Art by Robert Gibson Jones

The Himmlers and Hitlers of tomorrow were guinea pigs in a fantastic laboratory of rehabilitation that led to… something else!


Warrior Witch of Hel


She was an avenging warrior with all the dark powers of Hel at her command…


Mists of the Ages

Mists of the Ages Paperback Cover Original Art thumbnail
Mists of the Ages thumbnail
Mists of the Ages Paperback Cover Original Art
Mists of the Ages

Can even a master thief survive the hidden dangers of a pleasure planet where death masterminds the holidays?


The Curse Of Rathlaw

Lancer 73-750 Paperback Original (1968). Cover Art by Jeff Jones

A vile prophecy spews from the Hermit of Back Loch — and once more The Guardians join battle with ancient evil…


Witch of the Dark Gate

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Gavin Black stands as Earth’s only defender against the Masters of the Klekton!

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