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D for Delinquent

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She Was Strictly For The Boys!

The Jail Bait Age — what with petty thievery and wild marijuana parties, there had been enough problems for the faculty at Seacliff High before the girl named Gloria arrived. She was sixteen, she was sexy and she spelled trouble.

“This masterpiece is one of the most iconic images of teen delinquents and perhaps the finest single example of the JD genre. Published as the cover for three separate major publications, this painting has all the requisite elements of the classic 1950s troubled teen: the obligatory back drop of a basement club, the gorgeous sweater clad blonde, and the leering young tough, a wolf in hoods clothing.
“Its first publication was for the paperback cover of D for Delinquent by Bud Clifton (Ace Books #D-270, 1958), an exceedingly uncommon and much sought-after edition among collectors. “She was strictly for the Boys!“, the cover blurb blatantly teases. Rarer still is the painting’s next publication, as the British paperback cover for the novel The Big Rumble by Edward De Roo (Digit Books #R360, 1960): “American slang for Gang Fight — A New Shocker of Modern Youth!
“Then, thirty eight years later, when Michael Barson and Steven Heller published their homage to the 1950s teen, Teenage Confidential: An Illustrated History of the American Teen, they chose this painting as the cover, firmly solidifying its stature within American pop-culture.”


Zip-Gun Angels

Original Novels Inc., #721, 1952

A Powerful Story Of Teen-Age Girls Who Fight Recklessly For Life And Love


The Big Rumble

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Teen-Age Gangs In The Harlem Jungle

Another cover for this book can be seen here.


Gang Girl (1961)


The Clubhouse Was Her Bridal Suite
The Novel Of A Child… With The Desires Of A Woman

Not related to this Gang GirlGang Girls, The Gang Girls, or Gang Girl — Lust-Cats of the Gutters


Gang Girls


She Lied, Plotted, Gave Her Body Freely To Become The Gang Leader’s Deb!


Cry, Brother, Cry


A Novel Of Delinquency And Mobsters In The Making


We’ll Take Your Chick The Hard Way, Punk!

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Mission Incredible: Bring Out The Blonde Captive Of Hell House

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Signal Thirty-Two (1960)


High-Voltage novel Of A Cop Whose Beat Is The Roughest District In The U.S.A. — Spanish Harlem!