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Murder Do Not Disturb

New Detective March 1950

Also, Death Is My Shadow, which as far as I know is not related to this book


Passion Floor

Midnight Reader MR-442 1962

Each Button Opened A Doorway To Lust!

From the back:

Twisted Passions…
waited behind the doors that lined the third floor corridor of the New York hotel. Any kind you wanted, any kind you could name. Desperate Ann’s love for women… young, virginal Liz’s wanton need for a man — any man… Joe’s dark urge to tear innocence from his terrified victims. That and more; bored couples changing partners, the frigid, lovely blonde who exploded in a bombshell of shame and the driven need of Jane for men — as many as she could find to slake the lust-fires that tore and raged within her. All waiting there, waiting on the third floor behind their –
… Doors Of Lust