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Judy of the Jungle and The Deadly Quest!

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Exciting Comics Jan 1948
003 Exciting 59 Page 1

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Dangerous One

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Her eyes said love, but her heart said murder — murder done to the music of Spanish gold

From the back:

It was Boke Carey’s kill of a lifetime, his pot at rainbow’s end — a million dollars in gold ingots buried in volcanic ash on a barren Central American island. Gold was Carey’s business.
Now he had it in sight — only the others on this palatial white yacht stood between the gold and Carey, in a kind of dark barrier of violence. 
There was Jodi, the platinum-haired Venus, a beautiful, chattering monkey of a girl who kept her eyes glued to the main chance. 
Anson, the oxllike consort of thieves, who gambled only on sure things-like beating a man to death. 
Lopez-O’Brien, the sadistic steward, who appeared out of nowhere — his only worldly possession an arsenal of knives.  And there was Sheila, the Spanish beauty as ruthless as he, the only one of them Carey feared — and loved.

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To The Devil — A Daughter

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Seized by the Devil’s Deciples… for sacrifice in the Temples of Hell

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The Blonde Goddess of Bal-Sagoth

Avon Fantasy Reader #12, 1950

Also published as The Gods of Bal-Sagoth, the complete text of this Turlogh Dubh O’Brien story is available here and here.


The Gods Hate Kansas (Startling Stories)

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This entire issue can be downloaded here. A Fantastic Story cover for this story can be seen here