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The Sleeper / For Love Or Money

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He alone knew the secret — and he had to die to reveal it

Another cover to The Sleeper can be seen here.

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The Savage

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The gripping story of a professional killer and the woman he was hired to murder!

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The Inconvenient Bride

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John and Suzy Marshall… a missing husband… gangsters… blackmail… a cute blonde…

What’s that, Cover Blurb? You’re breaking up! Say again, Cover Blurb! Say again!

He’s taking her straight jacket off with his teeth? Kinky!

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Starship From Sirius

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A sequel to “So Shall Ye Reap”


Runaway Lovers

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Their Flaming Love Defied the Man-Made Rules!


Captives of Erotica

Phantom Books 57 1966

Here, Where Deviations Were Born, Was Every Possible Manifestation Of Sick Sex. Lust Crazed Nubian Slaves, Leather, The Whip, Aphrodisiacs Fed To Baboons, Tortured Eunuchs… All Practiced By The Eight Enslaved Women


Ape Rape

Ape Rape - Rapture Book RB 202 1964

From the back:

Lila Gibson was on vacation below the border and looking for the excitement and adventure. The cock fights just turned her on, now she was looking for real big entertainment… Like the rape of a woman by a large shaggy ape. Jeff Maynard was out to earn a big fee by setting it up, but he wasn’t prepared for the reception he got from local bad-man Kerry Blaisdell. Who was out for blood, money and his own perverted kicks… Not to mention the perverted appetites of Lila’s friends in bungalow “69”, all of which play a big part in the nightmare that captures Jeff and almost proves too much for him…


King Dragon

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King Dragon Paperback Cover (Ace Books, 1980)

This cover scene was painted by Rowena Morrill based upon Esteban Maroto’s Pellucidar drawing of the sacrifice of a girl to a mahar for a proposed Ace Books illustrated edition of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ At the Earth’s Core. When that Ace Books project ultimately fell through, the publishers commissioned Offutt to write a novel around the Maroto illustrations. The end result was the novel King Dragon

This particular image gained notoriety when The New York Daily News reported that Saddam Hussein had the work hanging in a secluded townhouse during his fall in Baghdad — but that particular painting turned out to be a mere copy.

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$44,000,000 The Lost Jewels Of Shawzi The Devil

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Also featuring It’s easy to get to… the town with More Sex Than A Man Can Handle, Four French Prossies To Kill The Nazi Traitor Of St. Nazaire!, Women By The Dozens Begging To Be Taken on The Street Of Vice, and They Played Cards With Their Women As The Stake