Lust Killer

All Star 142 1967

The chilling story of a small town faced with the worst of perverts the child molester!

This cover looks like Maguire artwork that was swiped from a better novel.


Cry Terror!

Panther Books 838 1958 thumbnail
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Panther Books 838 1958

He forced an innocent girl to join him in a fiendish extortion racket

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Black Lace Drag

Private Edition PE 433 1967

Who would suspect a transvestite of murder?

Note that this book came out 7 years after Hitchcock’s Psycho


The Yankee Gunslinger Who Rustled A Harem

For Men Only July 1957

Also, Legion Of Lust and The Secret Behind Saipan’s Blood Bath


Love Binge In The Fleshpots Of Macao

Exotic November 1962

Also featuring The Man Who Sired 1000 Sons and Sex And The Single Girl


The Pirate And The Harem (1961)

Epic April 1961

I don’t know if this is the same story published in Men In Danger. Also featuring Why Bullfighters Become Homosexual!, The Genius Who Invented The Sewing Machine Had 28 Illegitimate Children, and How To Warm Up A Frigid Woman!


Liberate The GI Nurses… Sex Slaves Of The Japs!

Cavalcade October 1961

Operation Rescue Rape

Also featuring If You Like Oversized Busts You’re A Mama’s Boy!, Mr. Mudgett’s House Of Lost Women!, Castro’s Commie Plot To Take Over Latin America, A Call-Girl Tells About Sex In A Nudist Camp, You Can Win A Million Gambling In Penny Stocks, Stuka Pilot!, and The Beautiful Mankillers Of Eromonga


The Redhead Who Cried For Blood

Blue Book October 1962

A vengeful wildcat and an ex-Marine turn a hot war hotter!

Also, How To Outsmart A Used Car Dealer and Medical Monster Who Murdered Scarlet Women


I Was A Prisoner Of The Nympho Captain Of Stalag Nine!

Battle Cry June 1959

Also, The Pleasure Maidens Of Stalingrad, Goon-Boy and His Tank, and The Week The Women Were Free!


Amok! Terror In Kuala

Male January 1951

Also featuring The Strange Case Of Our Half-Men Half Women and I Live With 20,000 Lunatics!


My Wife Was Captured By Apes

Sir December 1957

Also, New Scientific Test For Maleness