The Horror Of Cutoff Cove

Thrilling Mystery October 1936

Also featuring Vampires Have No Shadows, Hands Out Of Hell, and Blood For Kali


Caverns Of Horror

Thrilling Mystery V4#2 September 1936

A Novelette of Terror-Haunted Crypts

Also featuring Island Of The Dead, Death’s Cold Daughter, and The Wrath of Cozo


The Angry Dead

Thrilling Mystery Angry Dead

Also featuring The Thing That Dined On Death, Madman’s Magic, and Horror House


Death Visits The Centennial

Thrilling Mystery June 1937

A Novelette Of Mayan Menace

Also featuring Wings Of The Harpy and The Walking Corpse


Valley of the Shadow

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A Stark and Savage Story of the U.S. Cavalry in the Apache Wars

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My Sweetheart Of Death

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Also includes The Moon Drips Blood

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Carnal God

Weird Tales - June 1937

A compelling weird story about a golden image that was instinct with evil life


I Fought My Way Into The Mountain Of Torture

Battle Cry June 1964

Also featuring I Watched Them Eat My Flesh!, High School Sex Clubs — The Scandal of America, and Nude Love Dolls Of Nympho Ranch