Kiss Of Death

Thrilling Mystery February 1937

This death-centric issue also includes Slaves Of The Dancing Death and Hell’s Darkest Halls


Col. Velasquez’s Luscious Bait

Man’s Daring March 1960

Also featuring Beware! Hypnosis Can Make You A Killer!, The Most Bizarre Scandal Of Our Time, and Ripped By The Talons Of Death


The Thing That Made Love / The Whipping Room / Warped Women

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Intimate Novel #24, 1952 thumbnail
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uni book 15
Intimate Novel #24, 1952

No Woman Could Survive Such Harrowing Ecstasy!
Out of the swamp crept this figment of a fevered brain… to lust… to prey…

A Novel Of Twisted Passion In Sinful New Orleans…
Their Heritage Was Ecstasy — And Bitter Justice!

Strange Love Stripped Them Of All Decency!
Once Over The Line They Could Not Stop!

From the back of Warped Women:

Can One Girl Love Another?

While still a schoolgirl, lovely Cynthia Bennett was turned against normal feelings by an incident at the hands of a brutal stableman. Later, her twisted emotions made her easy prey for the bewitchingly beautiful Jan Carter, proprietress of a reducing salon that gave exercises and massages to luxury-loving women.

Tenderly taught by Jan, young Cynthia sank ever deeper into the depravity that women share among themselves. Until, rugged Bill Barton, a photographer, tried to hire her as a model — and learned the truth about the “reducing salon”. Soon Cynthia was weighing his manly embraces against those of the voluptuous but thoroughly debased Jan…

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Flesh Circus Of The Fighting Nudes

MAN'S ACTION magazine, August 1968 thumbnail
MAN'S ACTION, August 1968 thumbnail
MAN'S ACTION magazine, August 1968
MAN'S ACTION, August 1968

Also featuring Women Who Pay For Sex, The Nude Eskimo Spy!, Dirty Air Can Kill Your Sex Life!, Operation: Naked Starlet, Arizona’s Lost Treasure Million$… Where To Find It!, and last but in no way least Orgy In The Nazi Lust House

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