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The Thought-Men Of Mercury

Planet Stories Vol. 1, No. 12 (Fall 1942). Cover by Alexander Leydenfrost thumbnail
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Planet Stories Vol. 1, No. 12 (Fall 1942). Cover by Alexander Leydenfrost

Also featuring War-Gods of the VoidPrison PlanetCity of the Living FlameVampire QueenSpace OasisStellar Showboat, and Quest of Thig

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Slaughter Street

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They Would Hunt Him Out — And Even Her Fierce, Shameless Love Would Be No Shield

It’s like they couldn’t afford a full-size cover painting.

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Naked Nurse


She admired his skill in surgery; and his lust in bed

From the back cover:

Seductive Female Vitality… In every movement of this beautiful white-capped student nurse

Dr. Bill Forsythe — Young handsome society doctor, who preys on rich neurotic women to further his career!

Lynn — Whose strange practices traps Sally in a bed of warped immorality!

Dr. Harry Martin — Brilliant resident surgeon, who always took time-out, for a little love play.

I get the impression that whoever wrote this copy did not speak English as his first language.


The Nympho Killers Of The Reich

Man's Best March 1963

Also featuring You Can Be An Expert On Sex, Treasure Of The Damned, The Mad Surgeon Of Jackass Hill, and 100,000 Vice Girls For Hire


The Sleeper / For Love Or Money

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He alone knew the secret — and he had to die to reveal it

Another cover to The Sleeper can be seen here.

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The Savage

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The gripping story of a professional killer and the woman he was hired to murder!

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The Inconvenient Bride

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John and Suzy Marshall… a missing husband… gangsters… blackmail… a cute blonde…

What’s that, Cover Blurb? You’re breaking up! Say again, Cover Blurb! Say again!

He’s taking her straight jacket off with his teeth? Kinky!

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