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Avon Books #742 1956
Avon Books #742 1956 Back

The fearless novel that rips the mask off the hooded terrorists!


The Pit of Nympthons

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Planet Stories, November 1951

Only one, a Convict, ever escaped from Venus’ evil heart — The Pit of Nympthons

Also, Swordsman of Lost Terra. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Terrible Tortures of the Teenage Cults!

Man's Daring July 1961

Also featuring I Hunted The Nazi Witch of Buchenwald, The Suicide Stand of the Nude Lady Legionaries and Hypnosis Can Make You A Better Lover


Vidkun Quisling: He Even Failed At Treason

All Man April 1965

Also featuring Where You Can Take A Vacation With Sex, Free Love vs Organized Vice, and We’re Glad We Tried Wife Swapping


The White Girl, The Knife And The Witch Doctor: A True Story From Liberia

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Man To Man October 1958

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The True Facts About Fighting Women!

Men In Conflict October 1962

Also featuring Sex — Twenty Four Hours A Day, The Toughest Man In The Marines, 49 Bundles Of Love, and Blood On My Face


Valley Of Witchcraft

Men In Conflict February 1966

Also featuring Offbeat Sex, Strip, Honey, Or You’ll Freeze To Death!, The Night The Wolves Attacked, and World-Wide Cruise Of The Ship Of Vice