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The Girl In The Cage


Even if the door was open, she couldn’t escape…


Maidens For The Snake God

Adventure (April, 1961). Cover Art by Vic Prezio

Unrelated to the Daughter Of The Snake God

Also includes She’s Young, She’s Lovely, She’s French All Over and One Man, Two Girls, One Ocean


Manhunt Is My Mission


Chet Drum trades his fedora for a pith helmet and plunges head-on into an Arabian nightmare


The Frightened Fingers


One murder led to another — and they all led to a beautiful redhead


The Island Of Lonesome Girls

True Adventures April 1959

Also featuring I Saw the Soviet Love Slaves, The Monster Of Cat Island, and Is Sex Your Secret Master?


They Take Their Pleasure In Pain

Battle Cry April 1963

I could hear their screams as the red hot branding iron seared their bodies

Also featuring I Sell Sex — A White tells his own story, An internationally famed authority tells you A Dozen Ways To Better Your Love Life, The Day I Went Naked — The Uncensored story of a girl reporter’s visit to a nudist camp, and Raking Claws Of Slaughter — The bullets from my rifle were smashing its hide, still it came at me


Tonight, She’s Yours


Danny’s Girls Couldn’t Be Beat! Buy Them, Sell Them, Win Them… Even Take Them For Nothing… Just Keep Them Satisfied!


Ugly Womankeeper Of Melbourn

Man's True Danger June 1963

Sinister Desires Pulsated Through His Fetish-Warped Brain Whenever Beauty Repulsed The Ugly Womankeeper Of Melbourn

Also featuring The Massacre Of Pancho Villa’s Unfeeling, Ravaging Senoritas and He Was Able-Bodied, But Lacked The Stamina To Combat The Well Equipped Female Kamikazi Who Almost Blew Up The Panama Canal