The Lady And The Gorilla

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Rage April 1957

Also featuring How Girl Gangs Fight And Love, I Was Flogged By Red Sadists, and Nakedness — The Greatest Sex Fear, which sounds like an exposé on never-nudes. This entire issue can be downloaded here


Girl Prisoners Of The African Napoleon

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Man’s Daring December 1960

Also featuring The Lust-Mad Empress of Galapagos and Crushed By Congo Monsters

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Lady Of The Legion

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Blue Book March 1940
Blue Book March 1940 page-002

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Space Prison (Original Title: The Survivors)



Love Failure Can Be Cured

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Real Men May 1965

… by throwing the witness out of an airplane over Nazi Germany.

Also includes The Jap Side Of Guadalcanal: Slaughterhouse in the South Pacific, Sex Pills To Make You Twice The Man You Are!, and Warning To Every Man In America: Never Trick A Vice Girl


Things That Once Were Men / Flesh For The Devil’s Piper

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Startling Mystery Magazine - April 1940 thumbnail
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Horror Stories - October 1935
Startling Mystery Magazine - April 1940
Startling Mystery 2 - 006-007
Startling Mystery 2 - 028
Startling Mystery 2 - 038-039
Startling Mystery 2 - 056
Startling Mystery 2 - 062-063
Startling Mystery 2 - 066-067
Startling Mystery 2 - 079

In April 1940, the second and final issue of Startling Mystery Magazine reused the October 1935 Horror Stories cover. The complete issue of Startling Mystery can be downloaded here

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Murder Twice Told


Dark nights filled with deadly menace…


The Devil’s Dice


Also, Why Shoot A Corpse? and Nobody’s Stooge