Satan Was A Lesbian

PEC G-1103 1966

She also had a pimping Van Dyke, apparently. Which only makes sense.


Dope Doll / The Bigamy Kiss

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Sex And Suspense In A Savage Setting!
Famous on two continents for his masterful novels of breezy slaughter and easy passion!
Too Many Dames Can Ruin A Guy!

Both of these stories apparently star the eye-patched man from The Queer Sisters

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Secrets Of The East Berlin Torture Palace

Men Today February 1962

Also featuring Nude Virgins For The Chamber Of Evil, The Scandal Of Draft Deferment, I Book Passion Parties, Trapped In A Caribbean Cave Of Lust, and Schmiesser Slugs Are Tearing My Guts


Suspense Comics #3

Suspense Comics #3 1944

Because of the controversial cover, this issue was not displayed on may newsstands, and so did not sell very well. Which resulted in this particular issue recently selling at auction for $173,275.


Take My Face

1958 Pyramid G327

Four girls had taunted him — Three had been brutally murdered — There was still one to go —


How They Get Their Kicks Out Of Pain

All Man March 1966

Also featuring Take a Chance on Sex!, I Found the $46,000,000 Treasure of the Jungles of Panama, and A Knife For A Naked Spy (Twenty Nude Women Ready For Him If He’d Turn Traitor)


Suicide Chapel

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This entire issue can be downloaded here


Loot Of The Vampire

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This issue features the Southern Gothic horror story Black Canaan by Robert E. Howard, and was published the month he committed suicide. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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