The Horror Of Cutoff Cove

Thrilling Mystery October 1936

Also featuring Vampires Have No Shadows, Hands Out Of Hell, and Blood For Kali


Caverns Of Horror

Thrilling Mystery V4#2 September 1936

A Novelette of Terror-Haunted Crypts

Also featuring Island Of The Dead, Death’s Cold Daughter, and The Wrath of Cozo


Death Visits The Centennial

Thrilling Mystery June 1937

A Novelette Of Mayan Menace

Also featuring Wings Of The Harpy and The Walking Corpse


Valley of the Shadow

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A Stark and Savage Story of the U.S. Cavalry in the Apache Wars

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The Carnal God

Weird Tales - June 1937

A compelling weird story about a golden image that was instinct with evil life


I Fought My Way Into The Mountain Of Torture

Battle Cry June 1964

Also featuring I Watched Them Eat My Flesh!, High School Sex Clubs — The Scandal of America, and Nude Love Dolls Of Nympho Ranch