The Man Who Cast No Shadow

Weird Tales February 1927 thumbnail
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Weird Tales February 1927
Weird Tales_27-02_000a_(cover by Saskia)_
Weird Tales_27-02_149_
Weird Tales_27-02_220_

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Sign Of The Serpent

All Detective Magazine - January 1935

This was the final issue of the title, but it featured Doctor Death, which continued as its own title.


King Dragon

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King Dragon Paperback Cover (Ace Books, 1980)

This cover scene was painted by Rowena Morrill based upon Esteban Maroto’s Pellucidar drawing of the sacrifice of a girl to a mahar for a proposed Ace Books illustrated edition of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ At the Earth’s Core. When that Ace Books project ultimately fell through, the publishers commissioned Offutt to write a novel around the Maroto illustrations. The end result was the novel King Dragon

This particular image gained notoriety when The New York Daily News reported that Saddam Hussein had the work hanging in a secluded townhouse during his fall in Baghdad — but that particular painting turned out to be a mere copy.

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Satan’s Disciples

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A modern history of Satanism and Witchcraft from the Middle Ages to the present day

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To The Devil — A Daughter

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Seized by the Devil’s Deciples… for sacrifice in the Temples of Hell

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Maidens For The Snake God

Adventure (April, 1961). Cover Art by Vic Prezio

Unrelated to the Daughter Of The Snake God

Also includes She’s Young, She’s Lovely, She’s French All Over and One Man, Two Girls, One Ocean