Dyke Is A Dirty Word

Pad Library #762 1966

She had experienced everything a man could do to her — and it still wasn’t enough! And so she turned to women… and was satisfied as she had never been before!


Wantons On Wheels

Candid Reader CA967 1969

She learned about lust in the roller game!

From the back:

Vivian was the new girl on the roller derby team. Fresh from the country, she hungered for the excitement only the big city could offer. And she found it — on the track, and in the bed of almost every member of the team.


Girls Without Men

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Double-Action Detective V1#2 (Columbia, 1939) thumbnail
Double-Action Detective V1#2 (Columbia, 1939)

An Unforgettable Close-Up Of Strange Temptations — And Eager Victims!
Geraldine’s Bedroom Was The Crossroads Of Normal Love… And The Lesbos Path




Life In The Limbo Of Lesbian


Twisted Love

1963 Brandon House #703

When Pat and Jean found each other, they found something both had been missing for a long time. They were ‘gay’ — a polite name for the tormenting lust that roiled within them, earning for them the hated name — Lesbian!



Beacon B 445 F 1961

Her passions were ripening and raw… ready fruit for a lusting man… or an unnatural woman!
This Is The Story Of The Twilight Land Between Two Sexes — Of The Struggle Between Male And Female For The Love Of A Young Girl…

From the back:

When Judith’s ripe and restless body was stirred to sudden fire by a man who loved her too much—and too soon—she was shocked by the trembling violence of her passions. Again and again she submitted to desires she was still too young to understand. But the discovery that she was pregnant turned her tenderness into terror. Desperate, she sought the help of another woman… a psychoanalyst.
But Dr. Mary Osborne was cursed by warped hungers. When Judith came to her, Mary’s lust flared up. Slowly, cleverly, she played on Judith’s confusions . . . until at last the girl was introduced into the perverted practices of a sick and twisted world. As the implications of lesbianism exploded on Judith’s senses, she suddenly realized she was branded with a new sin… a sin without redemption…
Only the man who loved her might save her. Yet how could he outwit Dr. Mary? To blunt his indignation, to make him forget young Judith, the warped but beautiful doctor lent him the use of her own lush body!


Triangle Of Sin

Intimate Novel No25 1952

They dared to burst the bonds of convention!
A Delicate Subject, Boldly Treated

From the back:

He never would have learned about his wife, if he hadn’t come home so unexpectedly that time … And discovered her with Evelyn!
Nor was that the worst of it. Mike Canning found himself another love to replace the one Evelyn had stolen. Dark-skinned Roberta, a West Indian beauty vibrant with the torrid passions of the tropics. But this girl, too, the evil Evelyn lured away—contaminating her, spoiling her for the normal life shared by men and women.
And so formed the strange triangle, the triangle of sin: warped Evelyn Carruthers … darkly sensuous Roberta Thompson … and Mike’s lost, strayed or stolen wife, Ann. Could Mike Canning, in his warm, ardent love, storm the defenses of the sinful trio? And if so, which of the fair maidens should he rescue?


Debut of a Belated Lesbian

Ram Classic RC-515, 1968

The Bizarre True-Life Story Of A Normal Woman Who Suddenly Discovered She Was Attracted To Other Women!

From the back:

I Switched My Sex — And I Love It!
A funny thing happened to me a couple of years ago on the way to my thirty-fourth birthday. I was seduced by one of my closest friends. That in itself isn’t too unusual, but, you see, I’m a woman, and the close friend’s name is Sarah!


Warped Desire

BEACON B289 1960

Boldly Probes The Problem Of The Frigid Woman, Forced By Her Own Desperation Into Unnatural Paths!


The One Between

Beacon B-541 1962 thumbnail
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Beacon B-541 1962

Man And Wife Fought Each Other For This Woman!

No Reader Will Ever Forget Magda Murray. She Was Sensuous, Hungry For — But Afraid Of — Normal Love

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Love Like A Shadow (1967)

Midwood 34-869  1967

Like spoiled children their craving for excitement knew no bounds. They wanted it and that was enough.

The original 1962 edition is here


Satan Was A Lesbian

PEC G-1103 1966

She also had a pimping Van Dyke, apparently. Which only makes sense.