All The Gay Girls

Gold Star Book IL7-26 1964


Bachelor Girl / Three Women

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Beacon B190 1958 thumbnail
Beacon B190 1958

She searched for love — and found forbidden ecstasy!

A frank novel of people who live in the shadow world of twisted emotions

An Intimate Picture Of Women In Love — With Each Other!

These are some of the most bored-looking lesbians ever published on a salacious cover, let alone twice. This Bachelor Girl  is a different book from the one here with the same name.

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The Unashamed

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Midwood #53 1960

After what men did to her, she found it easy to turn to a woman for love

Warped Desires Of Women Who Need No Men

A Gripping Story Of Love In The Shadows And Outcast Lovers Proud Of Their Forbidden Passions

From the back:

There is at least one man in every Lesbian’s life — the man who drove her to that shadow world where no men are welcome.

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Love Like A Shadow

Midwood #F141 1962

A twist on the old question: What Does A Husband Do When He Finds His Wife In Bed With Another Woman?


Ladder Of Flesh (1962)

Midwood #F177 1962

A Story That Exposed Broadway As The Gay Way
Broadway offered her a star studded ladder to climb to the top, but when she put her foot on the first rung she found herself climbing down a ladder of flesh into a cesspool of Lesbian depravity.


By Flesh Alone

Midwood #F208 1962

Lila’s husband could not satisfy her so she rejected him — not for another man, but for a woman.


Lap Of Luxury

Midwood #F214 1962

Joyce found her pleasure in the lap of another woman and would do anything to stay there — even become a Lesbian prostitute.

From the back:

Inn Of Sin
The heat was on their racket — Lesbian prostitution — so Joyce and Mara were sitting it out at a secluded mountain inn. They didn’t sit still long, for wealthy Avery Drake was also there and was looking for thrills — wild erotic thrills. More girls were brought in and the party started with a game called ”Skylarking”-three half clad girls doing weird things to one another on the floor in front of the fireplace. Before it was over Avery got more than he bargained for, and the girls did too.


The Sex Between

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Midwood #F219 1962
Midwood #F219 1962 Back

Lee lived and loved as she liked — as a Lesbian


Forbidden Sex

Midwood #F234 1963

Jean married the wrong man, then learned that every man was wrong for her — she was a latent Lesbian

From the back:

More Than A Friend
Jean knew that her husband was a liar and a cheat and their marriage was going on the rocks. It seemed normal for her to turn to a sympathetic friend for consolation. Jean might even be forgiven for finding something more satisfying than consolation in the arms and bed of this friend, except for one thing-her friend was a woman. It is hard to believe that any marriage could be so bad that it alone would turn a beautiful young wife against all men and make her a Lesbian. Somewhere deep within this young woman there must have been the germ of Lesbianism — waiting for the opportune time to grow, to multiply and eventually destroy every desire she had for men.
A Story That Cannot Be Discussed In Mixed Company


A Bit Of Fluff

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Midwood #F256 1963

She was only seventeen, but her body was already bought and paid for in full by another woman — a Lesbian.

From the back:

Just Between Girls

Penny stood in the shower, soaping herself carefully. The naked blonde who waited on the other side of the shower curtain had promised her a different kind of evening. Penny suspected what it would be, and she was ready. She needed love, even if it were with another woman. She had waited too long to care.

The story of a beautiful young girl who learned what it meant to be “A bit of fluff.”

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Party Girls

Midwood #F282 1963 thumbnail
Midwood #F282 1963 Back thumbnail
Midwood #F282 1963
Midwood #F282 1963 Back

Young, beautiful, bored — it took something different to give them a thrill.


The Delicate Vice (Original Title: Unnatural)

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Midwood #F310 1963

Men had hurt her so she embraced what she thought was a safer kind of love.

From the back:

Allison had everything except decency and self-respect, but she did not care. She had love a kind of love that was safe from pain and fear. Then one night at a wild party she met Cal Staton who offered her everything she could ask for. But he was a man and Allison was afraid. Would she be better off forgetting him, or did he mean more to her than being safe? 
A vivid and penetrating story about a girl who did not know which way to turn for love.

Originally published as Unnatural

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Pretty Puppet

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Midwood #F371 1964

She was eager to be taught each new step of the strange illicit dance of desire

From the back:

The Strange Breed 
Toni… breathtakingly beautiful, majestically proportioned, fantastically depraved… a creature so cruel and yet so exciting that few of her helpless victims ever sought to escape her dark domination. 
Selena… plump and pampered and perverted… accustomed to being catered to by both men and women and equally as able to enjoy each brand of passion. 
Eunice… too young and pretty and vulnerable to cope with the perfumed sensuality that surrounded her… a girl held captive to the role of a sex-slave by her own high-voltaged passions. 
A Daring Excursion Into The World Of Erotic Bondage

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Daughter of Joy

Newsstand Library #525 1960

She ruled her lesbian jungle with a bull whip — and the passion that thrilled at its bloody snap!

Lesbian Jungle?