Latent Lesbian

Saber Book #SA-97 1965

God, you’re beautiful,” Ginny said as their eyes met. Desire smoldered deep in Ginny’s eyes, causing Edie to suck in her breath as her body trembled uncontrollably.

From the back:

Five years of being brutally possessed by a husband that was nothing more than an animal, had left its mark on Edie Martin. The men she had met since filing for a divorce had been little better. Life had delt her some cruel blows but with the warmth and sympathy that her friend Ginny Davis offered perhaps she could build a new life for herself. She didn’t know that Ginny was a confirmed Lesbian. Ginny wanted Edie and was determined to have her. She was as determined as any of the men who’d possessed Edie and much more cunning.


Pamela’s Sweet Agony

Brandon House #919 1965

The shocking story of a young nurse whose secret passion drove her down to the very depths of hell!


Vegas Vice Queen

Jade Book 204 1963 thumbnail
Jade Book 204 Back thumbnail
Jade Book 204 1963
Jade Book 204 Back

She was gorgeous, wealthy, and passionate — but her passion was strictly for other women!


Venus of Lesbos

Newsstand Library U-176

Sex Is An Urge That Happens. Sex Is A Hunger That Feeds On Itself. Sex Is A Power That Makes The World Go Round


Every Bed Is Narrow

Dollar Double 955 Every Bed Is Narrow

They Lived In A Strange Colony Of Social Outcasts — Their Sordid And Scandalous Affairs A Circuit Of Sexual Abberration


All Cats Are Grey

Dollar Double 957 All Cats Are Grey

Prowling through the lush jungle of cinema society is the fraternity of a third theme… that predatory, sulky, sexy sisterhood whose greed for perversion can be as fascinating as it is scandalous


Counterfeit Lesbian

Brandon House 623 1963

She was a slave to love and she led her clients to the altar of passion


Lesbian Captive

Brandon House 624 1964

She Longed For A Man, But Her Body Made Her A Slave To Those Women Who Could Satisfy Her Lust!


Paula’s Girls

Brandon House 724 1965

She was a hot-blooded nympho who was eager to prove she could love as well as any man!


Two-Way Street

Domino Books 72-741 1964

Junie Followed A Twisted Path To A Shadowy Underworld, But Greta’s Warped Greed For Both Money And Passion Made It A — Two-Way Street


The Bashful Lesbian

Brandon House 915 1965

She wanted to save herself for a man, but she was too desperate to wait!


Too Ready For Love

Saber Book #SA-70

Getting into the tub with Valerie hadn’t been part of her scheme, but Brenda now found herself excited by the idea…


The Set

beacon #B-532F, 1962 thumbnail
Beacon #B-532F, 1962 thumbnail
37919772-LPF-The_Set-Front thumbnail
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37919764-LPF-The_Set-Back thumbnail
beacon #B-532F, 1962
Beacon #B-532F, 1962

Henrietta And Her Set Had One Thing In Common… They All Wanted Louise!
She knew all about men and their ways… but nothing about certain women and their wants…
A Blazing Novel Of A Young Girl Caught In A Web Of Perversity!

From the back:

Meet Barbie — the milk and honey, baby-faced blonde who had once loved and been loved by men, but who now found fulfillment in The Set…
Meet Lynn — striking, stunning, noted sculptress — an expert in molding the girls in her own image…
Meet Chummy — gorgeous, statuesque, velvet-skinned brunette… who liked them pert, pretty and petite…
Meet Louise — pert, pretty, petite — and innocent – until Chummy sponsored her for “membership”…
Meet Henrietta — dominating, willful, bewitching… spinning a silken web of wanton eroticism from which none of them could — or would — escape…
Until Ted Williams, handsome virile photographer of models-in-the-flesh pitted his male strength and charm against — The Set

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