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The Queer Sisters

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Uni-Book 1952

Twisted Love and Hateful Passion in a Suspenseful Setting!

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The Third Street


The street where no questions were asked. The street where few men were ever seen


The Unmarried Ones

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They were single girls — with a single urge!
An off-limits tour of female America from high society to Lesbos Alley

Cover reused from A Woman’s Woman


Forbidden Women


What happens to a small town when a gang of play-for-pay girls arrive for a one night stand!


Take Me Home

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Monarch #120 - 1959
Monarch #120 - 1959 Back

Their Love Was Forbidden

From the back:

This is an unconventional story of beautiful Ivy Galvin and her strange emotional involvement with two men — and a woman.
Lila Douglas — tall, statuesque and amoral — who could love a man or a woman according to her whims, but refused to give up Ivy…
Henry Harper — A writer, but otherwise normal — who was repelled by Ivy’s abnormal relationship with Lila, but decided he wanted Ivy at any price…
Chick Neal — who tried to take by force what Ivy yielded willingly to Lila and Henry.


The Narrow Line / The Sisterhood

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Beacon B610F 1963
Softcover Library S95189, ©1963

Snared In A Tangled Web Of Woman-Lust, Lorraine Could Not Resist — The Narrow Line
A Powerful Novel Of A Woman Irresistibly Drawn To Her Own Sex — Compulsively Driven To Cross The Thin Line Into The Land Of Deviate Desire!

Ravished by a stranger, she sank into a swamp of bisexual love…

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Her Raging Needs

Beacon Books #B-765-X 1964

A savage hunger drove her from man to man. Then she fell into the clutches of a perverse woman!


Female Convict (1952/1956)

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Pyramid 191 (1956). Cover Art by Robert Maguire thumbnail
Pyramid 191 (1956). Cover Art by Robert Maguire

The Inside Story of a Woman’s Prison

Nice, but not as good as Maguire’s 1960 cover.

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The Whispered Sex

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The Intimate Story Of A Forbidden Affair

From the back:

She had come in from the pool naked and Joyce found herself looking at the aesthetically proportioned body, then turning away, unaccountably embarrassed. “Wait up for me tonight,” Vikki had whispered-and she remembered the erratic pounding of her heart. “Take a cat nap if you get sleepy. Or read. There’s a wonderful book about our kind of love…”


The Twisted Ones (1963)

Beacon #B644F 1963

She believed the world was all bad — and refused to conform to its conventional ways

A story of strange love between beautiful women… so frankly told you will completely understand their desperate hungers!

From the back:

Can a real man tear a woman from the grip of lesbian love?

Peg Constantine inhabited the half-world of promiscuity in Greenwich Village. Repeatedly she sought the embraces of men — but only to prove to herself that the male sex was evil and weak. Only in the arms of a girl like Amy Willis could Peg reach soaring heights of bliss. But Alex Cormorant, while doing peg’s portrait, fell under her spell. Why not? She was beautiful, wanted nothing from him — and his wife, Adele, was trading her body to an art dealer for luxuries Alex could not afford to give her. So he tried mightily to pry Peg away from the unnatural life she found so alluring. The result was a sensuous tug-of-war that condemned Peg to anguish. Come what may, she would have to make a choice between the healthy joys of natural love and the sick delights of — The Twisted Ones!


The Beauty Game

Midwood 32-494, 1965

She waited nervously for the next command, knowing deep inside that no matter what the strange woman demanded from her, she’d give!


Twisted Loves of Nym O’Sullivan

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Twisted Loves of Nym O'Sullivan, paperback cover, 1960
Beacon B343 1960

Nym Was So Beautiful She Could Have Any Man She Wanted… If She Wanted A Man!
The Bitter Truth About A Lesbian Who Hated Men — And Used Her Bewitching Body To Tempt Them To Disaster

From the back:

Some girls can’t be cured… some just don’t want to be!

Selfishness, cruelty and greed… Are these what drive women to unconventional love?
Nym O’Sullivan, born the daughter of a lesbian, grew up hating men. But she was far too tempting to avoid their attentions, and one even forced her to marry him. In revenge, she made him slave of her body — used him, took what he had, then laughed at him. And with that same beautiful body she incited her young lover, Johnny Martel, to undertake a project which would destroy him — and gain Nym more vengeance, more wealth…
Meanwhile, Nym pursued the unnatural bent learned at her mother’s knee. The victims mostly were innocent girls like Lynn Rawlins, the little blonde who never was the same after Nym’s caresses. Then her husband met the redhead whose attractions were well nigh irresistible! Nym had to decide once and for all whether she really prefered degrading embraces — or whether she should fight to hold her husband!


Different (1960)

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Different, paperback cover, 1960
BEACON B311 1960

Society Uses An Ugly Word To Describe These Women!
The Strange Story Of Two Who Dared To Share Everything…

From the back:

Gail Hastings had money, fame and beauty — yet these did not make her happy. What she wanted above all else was forbidden in polite society, banned by conventional morality. This is a problem far more common than generally realized. How can women in Gail’s position cope with life? Her own choice was to go after what she hungered for — even if it meant a descent into the gutter…
But Gail, inevitably, dragged down another girl with herself — the young and lovely Angela Winters. There was also the complication of Diana King, who changed husbands the way she changed evening gowns and was always ready to experiment. True, one man might have saved Gail from her shame — but Angela stole him, and Gail was left adrift, with no way to go but down…
One Of The Most Daring Tales Ever Told — Frankly Probing Areas Of Human Behavior Which Long Have Cried Out For Closer Examination And Greater Understanding



Nightstand Book NB-1604

Women Could Buy Her — No Man Could Pay Enough

From the back:

Twisted Passions…
were boiling inside young Anne Mason the first — and last — time she let a man touch her lovely body. She wanted love — needed it — and yet the thought of men sickened her. It was then that a clever Ruth Hardy stepped into her life. Ruth who taught her what one woman could mean to another, what it was like to step over the line of normality into the shadow world of twisted desire. But that was only the beginning. Anne went from boudoir to boudoir until she met Lana. Lana the madame, Lana the purveyor of female love, Lana who set her up in business as a professional lesbian, to sell herself to strange but wealthy women clients. It was the beginning and the end. For the orgy that had become her life had thrown her into a –

…Gutter World!