The Set

beacon #B-532F, 1962 thumbnail
Beacon #B-532F, 1962 thumbnail
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beacon #B-532F, 1962
Beacon #B-532F, 1962

Henrietta And Her Set Had One Thing In Common… They All Wanted Louise!
She knew all about men and their ways… but nothing about certain women and their wants…
A Blazing Novel Of A Young Girl Caught In A Web Of Perversity!

From the back:

Meet Barbie — the milk and honey, baby-faced blonde who had once loved and been loved by men, but who now found fulfillment in The Set…
Meet Lynn — striking, stunning, noted sculptress — an expert in molding the girls in her own image…
Meet Chummy — gorgeous, statuesque, velvet-skinned brunette… who liked them pert, pretty and petite…
Meet Louise — pert, pretty, petite — and innocent – until Chummy sponsored her for “membership”…
Meet Henrietta — dominating, willful, bewitching… spinning a silken web of wanton eroticism from which none of them could — or would — escape…
Until Ted Williams, handsome virile photographer of models-in-the-flesh pitted his male strength and charm against — The Set

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The Gay Nurses

Brandon House #913, 1965 thumbnail
Brandon House #913, 1965 Back thumbnail
Brandon House #913, 1965
Brandon House #913, 1965 Back

Their white caps and starched uniforms concealed smoldering bodies that ached for forbidden love!


The Dike Twins

New Chariot Library # 6C 629 1963 thumbnail
New Chariot Library # 6C 629 1963 Back thumbnail
New Chariot Library # 6C 629 1963
New Chariot Library # 6C 629 1963 Back

They Wore The Name Of The Forbidden Breed
The Tragedy Of  A Girl Doomed By Her Own Unnatural Desires

From the back:

Monica And Margie Dike Were Identical Twins. Alike In Body But Very Different In Their Strange Tastes. “I Want To Be A Prostitute. I Know What I Am; What I Need.”
Monica Drew In A Deep Breath As She Studied The Beautiful Face Of The $100.00 Dollar Mulatto Call Girl. Margie’s Lovely Face Pleaded. ”I Want To Become Part Of Your World, Gina. I Know Society Says It’s Wrong–“


Queer Affair / Gutter Star

Stallion Book #210 1954 thumbnail
Beacon B135 1957 thumbnail
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Stallion Book #210 1954
Beacon B135 1957

Theirs Was A Passion No Man Could Share!

She Was A Hollywood Star, But Her Home Was The Gutter…

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Stranger On Lesbos

Crest Book #s355, 1960

The searching novel of a young wife faced with the temptations of unnatural love


Teen-Age Stray

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She was down to pennies, tears and her bikini…
A moving story of a teen-age girl who strays from home and drifts from resort to resort — man to man — and finally into the erotic world of lesbianism!


Female Convict (1952/1956)

Pyramid Book #58 1952 thumbnail
Pyramid 191 (1956). Cover Art by Robert Maguire thumbnail
Pyramid Book #58 1952
Pyramid 191 (1956). Cover Art by Robert Maguire

The Inside Story of a Woman’s Prison

Nice, but not as good as Maguire’s 1960 cover.

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The Path Between

Paul_Radar_Path_Between thumbnail
Midwood No72 1961 thumbnail
Midwood 72 1961 thumbnail
Midwood No72 1961
Midwood 72 1961

The Bizarre World Of The Outcast Sex — Women Who Seek Their Pleasures With Other Women!

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Bachelor Girl / Three Women

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Beacon B190 1958 thumbnail
Beacon B190 1958

She searched for love — and found forbidden ecstasy!

A frank novel of people who live in the shadow world of twisted emotions

An Intimate Picture Of Women In Love — With Each Other!

These are some of the most bored-looking lesbians ever published on a salacious cover, let alone twice. This Bachelor Girl  is a different book from the one here with the same name.

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The Unashamed

37994249-LPF-The_Unashamed-Front thumbnail
Midwood #53 1960 thumbnail
37994240-LPF-The_Unashamed-Back thumbnail
Midwood #53 1960

After what men did to her, she found it easy to turn to a woman for love

Warped Desires Of Women Who Need No Men

A Gripping Story Of Love In The Shadows And Outcast Lovers Proud Of Their Forbidden Passions

From the back:

There is at least one man in every Lesbian’s life — the man who drove her to that shadow world where no men are welcome.

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