Lesbian In Retreat

1965 SA-93

Diane had gone there to lead Kathy on, to be possessed by a woman known to her as a Lesbian…


This Can’t Be Love

1966 Private Edition PE 380

Was She A Depraved Animal — Or A Confused Woman Yearning For Experience?
The Exciting, Suspenseful Story Of A Woman Trapped By Her Own Untamed Emotions!


Gay Interlude

1961 Midwood No. F-95 thumbnail
37926779-LPF-Gay_Interlude-Front thumbnail
1961 Midwood No. F-95

The Nether World Of Women Without Men

The frank and revealing story of a girl with a woman’s body and a man’s desires… a girl forced beyond the pale of public acceptance.

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Executive Lesbian / The Elevator Girl

1965 Brandon House #733 thumbnail
CASINO BOOKS 120 thumbnail
1965 Brandon House #733

She burned for the forbidden touches of other women’s bodies, for their tender caresses, for the soaring delights of the gay world — and as madam of the top call-girl ring, she took her pick of the very choicest dolls!

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Two Way Beach Girl

Brandon House 949, 1965

A passion-mad woman lusting for sex conquests weaves a web of sensuous seduction


His Lesbian Love

Brandon House 1965

He Was Innocent, Inexperienced, And Eager For His First Affair — Even If She Was A Gay Call Girl!




The Story Of A Strange Love

Diana by Diana Fredericks. Probably not autobiographical.


The Fear and The Guilt

Ace Books S-80, 1954

They stirred the dark waters of desire

From the back:

There mightn’t have been trouble if Ruby had continued to see Christy in secret. But when she dared bring the attractive blond girl back to Pa Anderson’s farm, storm clouds quickly gathered on the horizon. For Pa had been too long alone and he hungered for the closeness of a woman other than his daughter. All too soon Ruby found herself pitted against her own father—seeking to recapture a love that was against law and nature.


The Girls At Wendy’s

Brandon House 707, 1964

Their Young Bodies Burn With Desire For The Thrills That Only A Woman Can Offer!


Mademoiselle Lesbian

Brandon House 735 1964

From the back:

Paris is filled with beautiful women who know the full meaning and value of love. Some of them seek their pleasure with men; but others prefer the caresses of a Mademoiselle Lesbian

Is this a Fred Fixler cover?


Jenny’s Games

Brandon House 736 1965

An innocent game with her sister’s husband became a nightmare of sin!