Bad Girl’s Club (Original Title: Dead-End Gal)

Croydon Book #71 - 1954

A Revealing Story Of Wild Youth


Farm Girl (Original Title: Rush to the Sun)

Pyramid Book #37 1952 thumbnail
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Pyramid Book #37 1952

In the city they’d call her Jailbait

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Alexander and the Camp Follower (Original Title: Alexander the God)


Is it just me, or does it look like he just caught these two ladies in the middle of something?


The Sleeper / For Love Or Money

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He alone knew the secret — and he had to die to reveal it

Another cover to The Sleeper can be seen here.

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The Power Gods

Pyramid Books G410

A gang of young punks with a mania for speed and sex


Shadow Of The Mafia (Original Title: Horns For The Devil)

Shadow of the Mafia, paperback cover, 1958 thumbnail
Monarch #105, 1958 thumbnail
Digit Books R356 thumbnail
Shadow of the Mafia, paperback cover, 1958
Monarch #105, 1958
Digit Books R356