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The Ideal

Wonder Stories, September 1935 thumbnail
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Wonder Stories v07 04 Sep 1935 thumbnail
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Wonder Stories, September 1935
Wonder Stories v07 04 Sep 1935

Through the metal throat of its victim crash steel teeth; the blood of its prey — the gasoline, that is — is drained into its stomach, its gas tank

This Frank R. Paul cover painting (along with the interior illustrations which he also created) marks 12,000 posts here at Pulp Covers. Thanks for sticking around!

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Thunder Ring

The Shadow June 1941

This key war-time issue features the first pulp appearance of Margo Lane, a character formerly exclusive to The Shadow radio program.


Death About Town

The Shadow - July 15, 1942

It stalks rich and poor alike


The Man From The Atom

Science and Invention August 1923

Published in August 1923, this “Scientific Fiction Number” is considered to be the first American science fiction magazine. The success of this issue, and the one the following year, led Gernsback to publish a specialized fiction magazine, Amazing Stories, beginning in 1926.