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The Evilest Place In The World

True Adventures December 1961

The Casbah You’ve Never Seen Before

Also featuring Women’s Most Closely Guarded Secret: The Lesbian, Love Slaves Of The Kremlin, and No Man’s Master — Any Man’s Mistress


You Can’t Split From Hell, Chick!

Man's Story February 1971

Also featuring The Sex Science Revolution — What It Means To You, My Wild Escape From The Sultan’s Harem Of Hate, The First Step To Doom — The Case Against Pot, and Street Corner Sex Savagery — Our Growing Menace


Escape From Hell Island

Stag Men's Adventure Magazine December 1960

Also featuring “Gimlet-Eye” Butler: America’s Greatest Marine and How Mexico Handles Sex Behind Bars


The Ninth Life (1939)

Argosy August 5, 1939

She — Siren of the Centuries — Cast Her Spell of Ancient Evil On Tomorrow’s World