King Of The South Sea Cannibals

Male January 1957

Also featuring House Of Captive Women and Jailbait Jungle


Village Of Amazon Man-Snatchers

Male magazine cover, October 1967 thumbnail
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Male magazine cover, October 1967

Also, I Need ‘Freak-Out’ Love, and Dynamite Duel on Ia Dang Bridge

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Night of the Hyenas

Night of the Hyenas, Male magazine cover, March 1969 thumbnail
Male March 1969 thumbnail
Night of the Hyenas, Male magazine cover, March 1969
Male March 1969

I Survived the Attack of Africa’s Flesh Slashers

Yes, I know the cover actually says “Night Of The Jackals,” but those are so clearly hyenas I couldn’t leave it. Besides, Mort Künstler said “This painting was very popular and was used a number of times on various magazines during the 1960s,” so I doubt that is the original story it was associated with.


Reckless Commando Raid On Tobruk: We’re Bringing Back A German General

35925000-Reckless_Commando_Raid,_Male_cover,_c._1958 thumbnail
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35925002-The_Surprise_Allied_Raid_that_Captured_a_Top_Afrika_Corps_General thumbnail

This scene was originally based on the feature Reckless Commando Raid on Tobruk: We’re Bringing Back a German General. It later appeared on the cover of True Action magazine, May 1962, for the feature The Surprise Allied Raid that Captured a Top Afrika Corps General.

These issues also feature WWII Yank And Five Nudist Girls Who Liberated A Danish Village, The Paris Party girl And Her Strange Love Balloon, The Hell-Raising Yank Who Led A Mongol Army, and The Sea Nymph

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Legion of Madness

32374583-Legion_of_Madness,_Male_magazine_cover,_August_1958 thumbnail
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Dunes, Dames And Desert Brawls Of An Ex-GI Who Became A Legend

Also includes Trapped In A Bankok Love House and The Brooklyn Junkman And His 19 Island Brides

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… A Madman Has Taken Control Of The S.S. Aafje…

38680306-I'm_Taking_Over_the_Boat,_Male_story_illustration,_April,_1959 thumbnail
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April 1959 thumbnail
April 1959

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The Yank Who Won Over Vietnam’s “Village of Wild Brides”

Male cover, January 1963 thumbnail
Adventure Magazine Jan 1963 thumbnail
Male cover, January 1963
Adventure Magazine Jan 1963

Also includes Wild Leatherneck Air Ace Who Saved Tulagi Harbor and An Italian “Back Alley” Girl, a Partisan Dynamiter and Three Bold Yanks: They Paved the Way for the Conquest of Italy


The Hunted American Who Ran a ‘Sex Subway’ Out of Wartime Berlin

Sex Subway from Berlin MALE October 1963 thumbnail
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MALE magazine October 1963 thumbnail
Sex Subway from Berlin MALE October 1963
MALE magazine October 1963

Cover by Mort Künstler, interior illustration by Charles Copeland

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The Ravishers

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A Blonde Passion Slave, a Vicious Gunman — and $2 Million Blood Money…

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Is He The Real James Bond?


Also featuring Escape Across Red Berlin’s “Death Strip”, Intimate Life Of The Key Club Girls, and Countdown At The House Promiscuous Sisters