Wicked Woman (Original Title: End Of The Road)

Berkley Book # G-185 1958 thumbnail
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Berkley Book # G-185 1958

A vivid, uninhibited, frank-spoken novel about a modern wife who defied all conventions.

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School For Love

Harlequin #243 1953 thumbnail
Harlequin #243 1953 back thumbnail
Harlequin #243 1953
Harlequin #243 1953 back

What was the secret to “The Beast’s” success? 


Swords Across The Alimane

Nestor Redondo Savage Sword of Conan #50 thumbnail
Savage Sword of Conan #50 thumbnail
Nestor Redondo Savage Sword of Conan #50
Savage Sword of Conan #50

Someone, probably not the original artist, clearly went back and painted out the girl’s top on this piece, probably in an attempt to boost resale value.


Valley of the Shadow

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A Stark and Savage Story of the U.S. Cavalry in the Apache Wars

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The Carnal God

Weird Tales - June 1937

A compelling weird story about a golden image that was instinct with evil life


The Love Kick (Original Title: Ask For Linda)

The Love Kick, by Fan Nichols Macfadden 75-328, 1970

Sex, men and money were the signposts on the road to the ultimate kick


The River Of Crawling Death

Man's Life July 1958

Also featuring Why Foreign Girls Make Better Wives And Lovers, The First Gunman With An Iron Fist, and Miami Beach: The Paradise For Love-Starved Vacationists


The Wife Next Door / Call-Girl Love

Midwood #31 1960 thumbnail
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Midwood #31 1960

She Tried To Be Faithful To Her Husband — But Failed

A Bold And Shocking Tale Of Switch Parties In The Suburbs

A different book from this one of the same title. Artwork was reused for Call-Girl Love

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Passion’s Playthings

Bedside Book #1208 1961

The sex movie racket, with every loose girl a sin-star and every show a winner!


Sister For Sale

Brandon House 744 1965

She came to New York to sell trade virgin beauty for wealth, only to lose herself in illicit passions.