No-Limit Girls of Lake Country

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Male December 1955 thumbnail
Male December 1955

Also, I Saw Them Eat Muňoz and I Spoored The Temple Tiger

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The Charmer

Greenleaf Classic #GC224 1967 thumbnail
Greenleaf Classic #GC224 1967 Back thumbnail
Greenleaf Classic #GC224 1967
Greenleaf Classic #GC224 1967 Back

Hero… Hypocrite… Maniac… Monster! Whatever Else He Was, He Was — The Charmer


Only Suckers Want To Be Lovers

Real For Men May 1956

Also featuring Custer’s Folly, Queer Company, and I Don’t Give A Damn For Anybody!


The People of the Black Circle (1977)

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The People of the Black Circle. New York Berkley, [1977] thumbnail
The People of the Black Circle. New York Berkley, [1977]

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Tyrant & Slave-Girl On Planet Venus


This was the only issue of 10 Story Fantasy. The entire thing can be downloaded here


The Eagle King


A Powerful Epic Of A Barbaric Age — A Novel Of Adventure And Ill-Omened Love Based On The Legend Of Oedipus, King Of Thebes


The Stranger

1949 Bantam 426

Could He Tame This Amazing Woman?
He sent for a mail-order wife… and got a keg of dynamite!


Conan and the Manhunters

Conan and the Manhunters.Tor, 1994

Only Conan Would Dare To Defy The Evil Of Ahriman!


Wicked Woman (Original Title: End Of The Road)

Berkley Book # G-185 1958 thumbnail
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Berkley Book # G-185 1958

A vivid, uninhibited, frank-spoken novel about a modern wife who defied all conventions.

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