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Blood, Sand And Seven Silk Veils

Man's Conquest April 1959

Also featuring Madame Moon’s School Of Love: Red China’s Hottest Cold War Weapon and 86 Wives For 36 Husbands


The Virgin of Valkarion

Planet Stories July 1951 thumbnail
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0058 thumbnail
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0068 thumbnail
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0072 thumbnail
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0074 thumbnail
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0085 thumbnail
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0086 thumbnail
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Planet Stories July 1951
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0058
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0068
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0072
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0074
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0085
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0086
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0005
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0006
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0024
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0028
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0037
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0038
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0050

The 39th Dynasty shall fall with the Meeting of the Moons. An Outlander shall seize the Queen–” So ran the Prophecy

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Young Titan



World Without Women (1960)

Gold Medal S-975 Paperback Original (Feb., 1960). Cover by Robert McGinnis

The Scourge Had Spread All Over Earth — Killing All But A Few Women, For Whose Favors The Price Was Death

France: For the protection of female survivors, any male found on the streets after six o’clock will be shot and killed.

Russia: Every surviving female between the ages of 14 and 35 must marry and live with as many men as the state shall designate.

United States: Any male of any age who molests or lays hand on any surviving female of any age, against her will, will be summarily shot.



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Scandal Was No Stranger To Sangaree’s Mistress

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Rogue Roman (1977)

Rogue Roman by Lance Horner. Pan 1975 thumbnail
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Rogue Roman by Lance Horner. Pan 1975

From the back:

Imperial Rome — centre of the world — throbbing with the white heat of violence, bloodshed and uninhibited sexuality…
Bought as an actor, kidnapped by pirates, sold as a gladiator, young Clean’s beauty and flagrant masculinity made every woman – harlots and Vestal Virgins alike – desire him.
And passion drives Clean to help destroy a Caesar who combined the vices of his predecessors with his own special perversions — the Emperor Nero…

Frank Frazetta also did a cover for this book.

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El Cid

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Eerie #66 (June 1975) thumbnail
Eerie #66 (June 1975)

He Was Brave. He Was Bold. He Was Legend!
The Hero-Lord Battles A Mad Magician’s Seven Trials!

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