Gold Medal 184 Paperback Original  (1951).  Cover Art is Uncredited

More violent than the storm above was the passion that engulfed them


The Wayward Bride

Brandon House 1121 1967

Two years a bride in name only — she could not deny the burning hungers of her love-starved body any longer.

I am going to assume her husband is gay.


The Love Trap

Brandon House 948 1965 thumbnail
Brandon House 948 1966 thumbnail
Brandon House 948 1965
Brandon House 948 1966

Aspiring Stars and Starlets Submit to Twisted Desires in… The Love Trap

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You Can Cure Constipation… Without Drugs!

Scuba Rescue, American Manhood magazine cover, December 1952 thumbnail
American Manhood December 1952 thumbnail
Scuba Rescue, American Manhood magazine cover, December 1952
American Manhood December 1952


Lt. Winters’ Apache

For Men Only May 1957

Also, The Castaway And His South Sea Harem and Boston’s Vice-Crazy Jail


Danger: 400 Volts of Eel

For Men Only June 1955

Also, I Cover The Sex Beat and We Struck Pay-Dirt in the Desert


No White Man Leaves Headhunter Village — Alive

Sportsman November 1964

Also, “Tex” Wells’ New Guinea Love Captive Ordeal, The Crazy Chase Of Bwana Tumbu, and “My God, The Sharks Got The Women!” 


My Life With New Guinea’s Amazon Women

Stag October 1957 thumbnail
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Stag October 1957

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Wanton Venus

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From the back:

Somewhere in Southern France was hidden a statue that had driven men mad with desire and made their blood run hot It was a statue of gorgeous nude woman inviting, abandoned, wanton — yet perfect. Young Stephane Brehange was determined find that statue and above all to find the flesh-and-blood Aphrodite who had posed for it. For the enchantment of that voluptuous figure had wrecked his lather’s life and cast, dark shadow over Stephane’s.
Stepbane’s spicy quest took him inevitably into the homes and boudoirs of some of France’s most alluring ladies — and eventually brought him to an exotic rendezvous in a secluded Mediterranean chateau. There he met four sisters, each more beautiful than the other — and one of those four held in the hidden nudity of her body the secret of the statue and Stephane’s future.

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The Wild Ones (Original Title: Dark Bridwell)

Pyramid G 57 1952 thumbnail
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Pyramid G 57 1952

A Powerful Novel Of Untamed Emotions

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Thy Name Is Woman

Red Seal Books 25, 1952 thumbnail
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Red Seal Books 25, 1952

The tropical heat reached a crescendo when he brought his new wife to camp

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