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Island at the End of the World

Berkley #G437 1960

One Man — Three Beautiful Women — On A Deserted — Island at the End of the World


Stud Service

Playtime #698-S

His bedroom talents were for sale, and the lush sun and sand sinpads offered plenty of buyers


Thy Name Is Woman


The tropical heat reached a crescendo when he brought his new wife to camp


Tarzan and the Lost Empire (1951)

7852682280_4317e6b4c3_h thumbnail
Dell #536, 1951 Back thumbnail
Dell #536, 1951 Back

The ape-man looked up as the roar of the crowd signaled the entry of new and terrible opponents…

From the back:

Tarzan of the Apes and a young scientist face death on the sands of the arena in a lost Roman province in the heart of Africa