Wanton Venus

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From the back:

Somewhere in Southern France was hidden a statue that had driven men mad with desire and made their blood run hot It was a statue of gorgeous nude woman inviting, abandoned, wanton — yet perfect. Young Stephane Brehange was determined find that statue and above all to find the flesh-and-blood Aphrodite who had posed for it. For the enchantment of that voluptuous figure had wrecked his lather’s life and cast, dark shadow over Stephane’s.
Stepbane’s spicy quest took him inevitably into the homes and boudoirs of some of France’s most alluring ladies — and eventually brought him to an exotic rendezvous in a secluded Mediterranean chateau. There he met four sisters, each more beautiful than the other — and one of those four held in the hidden nudity of her body the secret of the statue and Stephane’s future.

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The Wild Ones (Original Title: Dark Bridwell)

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Pyramid G 57 1952

A Powerful Novel Of Untamed Emotions

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Thy Name Is Woman

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Red Seal Books 25, 1952

The tropical heat reached a crescendo when he brought his new wife to camp

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The African Queen

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They Defied Death… And Knew Weeks Of Intimacy… On A Jungle Boat

All those ellipses make me wonder what they cut out.

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Conan The Barbarian (1982)

Conan The Barbarian 1988 Sphere Books

This film novelization was written in 1982, but the British edition from Sphere Books is dated 1988. All editions reused Renato Casaro’s iconic poster art.

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“Wet Plate” Wallace and the Belles of Tapirape

Sir January 1960


Island Of No Return


Also, The Wife-Swappers: The New Way Out For Misfit Mates, Love Cults, USA, and 20 China Dolls and Me

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A. Conan Doyle’s Tiger Shark Hunt

ADVENTURE October 1961 138-1

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The Pleasure Salesman

1965 Brandon House #742

He offered his services to love-starved young girls.

Because if there is one demographic known both for having money and for not having any opportunities for pleasure, it is young girls.


The Passion Hunters

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1966 Brandon House 961
33250774-The Passion Hunters - illus Fred Fixler

Marriage Was Only A Loose Word For The Sex-Mad Couples Who Yearned For Wilder Thrills!

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Warrior Of The Dawn

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Amazing Stories, December 1942
Amazing Stories, December 1942 Back Cover

Back cover by James B. Settles illustrates Glider of Ganymede

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Marine Cpl. Ford Whitlaw’s 15 Month Makin Island Shack-Up!