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Naked Talent


He was the world’s greatest ladies’ man until he too became ensnarled in the web of lust


A Rage Of Desire

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From the back:

You’re Mitch Sutton, a respectable guy whose life has suddenly gone stale. You Love your wife but somehow the spark is gone. You drop in for a beer and spot a hot-eyed dame at the bar. You think of picking her up but she beats you to it. You switch from beer to Scotch, from weariness to wantonness. Not until days later do you find that your free-loving pickup is Jane Worth, your boss’ bride. You’re really living it up – untill the boss and your wife find out what’s going on. To make things worse, Jane has her hooks in you and refuses to let go….

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The Golden Rooms

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The Golden Rooms by Vardis Fisher, Pyramid R472, 1960

A magnificent novel of blood lusts and animal passions in a primitive society

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Easy Come, Easy Love

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A Realistic Novel About A DeeJay Who Went All Out For Dames And Dollars

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Gateway To Oblivion

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Satan of the South Sea Spreads Evil Tentacles to Guard the Treasures of the Deep

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The Damned

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Ruthless terror ripped away the mask that hid cold fear

What does that even mean?

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Tonight, She’s Yours


Danny’s Girls Couldn’t Be Beat! Buy Them, Sell Them, Win Them… Even Take Them For Nothing… Just Keep Them Satisfied!


Blood, Sand And Seven Silk Veils

Man's Conquest April 1959

Also featuring Madame Moon’s School Of Love: Red China’s Hottest Cold War Weapon and 86 Wives For 36 Husbands


The Virgin of Valkarion

Planet Stories July 1951 thumbnail
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Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0068 thumbnail
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0072 thumbnail
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0074 thumbnail
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0085 thumbnail
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0086 thumbnail
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0005 thumbnail
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0006 thumbnail
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Planet Stories July 1951
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0058
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0068
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0072
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0074
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0085
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0086
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0005
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0006
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0024
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0028
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0037
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0038
Planet Stories v05n01 (1951-07.Fiction House)(Oak)_0050

The 39th Dynasty shall fall with the Meeting of the Moons. An Outlander shall seize the Queen–” So ran the Prophecy

This entire issue can be downloaded here