Ape Rape

Ape Rape - Rapture Book RB 202 1964

From the back:

Lila Gibson was on vacation below the border and looking for the excitement and adventure. The cock fights just turned her on, now she was looking for real big entertainment… Like the rape of a woman by a large shaggy ape. Jeff Maynard was out to earn a big fee by setting it up, but he wasn’t prepared for the reception he got from local bad-man Kerry Blaisdell. Who was out for blood, money and his own perverted kicks… Not to mention the perverted appetites of Lila’s friends in bungalow “69”, all of which play a big part in the nightmare that captures Jeff and almost proves too much for him…


The “King Kong” Gorilla That Terrorized A Town

For Men Only August 1971 thumbnail
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For Men Only August 1971

Having nothing better to do, a local drunk thought it would be fun to play Tarzan of the Apes with the great animal. But what followed was a bloody nightmare of horror that terrorized an entire county.

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Congo Song

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White Circle #532, 1952

An amoral woman, an outpost in the Congo, the imminence of war and a captive gorilla

From the back:

Alone in a society of men, Olga le Blanc is occupied by her lovers, her tame gorilla, and her own good looks; around her nine men revolve — husband or ]overs, friend or enemy. The scene is the Congo, where, above the steaming jungles, rise great mountains, volcanic snow-capped. Against this fantastic background, there is played a drama of life and death, of sex, of war, of spy and counterspy, and of love. The sophistication of the over-civilized is set in sharp counterpoint to tropic lust and savagery, as men, stripped to essentials, are flung together in conflict by the outbreak of war thousands of miles away. Congo Song is Olga’s story. You’ll never forget her — she is the women all woman hate and all women want to be.

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