The Columnist Murder Case

Thrilling Detective - February 1935

Also featuring The Murder Bridge and The Voice From Center Street


Dead In Bed

Dead in Bed, paperback cover, 1959 thumbnail
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Pyramid books, G448, 1959 thumbnail
Dead in Bed, paperback cover, 1959
Pyramid books, G448, 1959

A Hawaiian private eye — a 40 million dollar heiress — murder!

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The Big Midget Murders

Pocket Books #528, 1948 thumbnail
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Pocket Books #528, 1948

Jake and Helene Justus and the famous criminal lawyer John J. Malone solve a weird night club murder.

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Cry Me A Killer


I loved her enough to die for her. It didn’t matter that I was a cop — or that the man I had to murder was a gangland titan…