The Coffin Dwellers

Thrilling Mystery September 1937

Also featuring Four Frightful Men, The Sea Of Fear and Death Plays Dolls


Johnny Come Lately

Dell 4243 _ Ron Lesser

She was just a country girl — but she knew how to use her assets


Death Hits The Jackpot

Ace H 107 _ 1957

The wheel spins… The number falls.. When Death Hits The Jackpot


Esprit De Corpse

Dell Books 2409 - Frank Kane - Esprit de Corpse

“I think I just signed my own death warrant,” Liddell told her. “Am I entitled to a last wish?”


Cut Me In


When his partner stopped a bullet, he came to her for answers. He got more than he bargained for…

via Hard Case Crime

One For The Road (Bantam)

Fredric Brown - One for the Road

Murder, adultery and hidden lust — the story of a beautiful girl who knew too much about the wrong men

Corgi Books’ printing of this book can be seen here.


Nudists Die Naked


Shell Scott didn’t mind the killers or con-men. What bothered him was that fantastic nudist camp

One of the greatest titles ever. This looks like Robert Maguire’s work, but I can’t be certain. [Update: Lynn Maguire confirmed it is his work]