Revenge of the Nazi Love Doll

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Battle Cry February 1964
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This entire issue can be downloaded here


The $100 Million Snatch

Male August 1964

Also featuring Luxury Cruise Playgirl, The Infamous House Of Detention — Caged Women Of New York, and The Hoodlum Stranglehold On America’s Unions


Two Zany Yanks Who Stole Hitler’s Mystery Jet From The Luftwaffe

Male September 1962


Love Failure Can Be Cured

25971964-REAL_MEN_-_1965_05_May_-_original_painting_by_Vic_Prezio-8x6 thumbnail
Real Men May 1965 thumbnail
25971963-REAL_MEN_-_1965_05_May_-_cover_by_Vic_Prezio-8x6 thumbnail
Real Men May 1965

… by throwing the witness out of an airplane over Nazi Germany.

Also includes The Jap Side Of Guadalcanal: Slaughterhouse in the South Pacific, Sex Pills To Make You Twice The Man You Are!, and Warning To Every Man In America: Never Trick A Vice Girl


Vice Girl For The Killer

MEN IN CONFLICT February 1963

She Matched Her Greed Against The Panic Of A Hunted Outlaw

Also featuring Sex And The Commuter, Accident: Don’t Touch, Beware These Love Traps and The Jungle Nympho Of Elephant Pass


Tomb Of The Friendly Enemies

TRUE MEN STORIES September 1963

Buried Alive — WWII’s Strangest Allies: 1 Yank Paratrooper, 2 Italian Street-Girls, 1 Nazi Lieutenant…

Also, The Great Sin-On-Wheels Pullman Train That Drove Our Railroads Wild! and On-The-Job Orgies! The Hushed-Up Scandal Of Our Defense Plant “Love Lotteries!”


Helpless Maidens Of The Nazi’s Timeless Castle Of Madness And Torture

Man's Story June 1967

It must have been timeless because they were still torturing helpless maidens well into the 1960’s. Also featuring Hideous Rites Of The Virgin Haters, How To Master Today’s Sex Obsessed Woman, My Wild Escape From The Mafia’s Orgy Island Paradise and Behind The Scenes With A Sexploitation Cameraman


The Prostitute Traitor Who Led Me Into A Trap Of Blood

Man's Adventure June 1967

Also, Swapping — Why Women Think It’s Wonderful! and Sex! How Much Do You Spend A Year To Satisfy Your Needs?


Secrets of the Africa Corps Torture Palace

Man’s Epic, August 1964

Also featuring Love Slaves Of France’s Army, I Was A Teenage Nympho, and 10 to 1 You Flunk As A Lover


Sgt. Barnett’s Lone-Wolf Escape From The Nazi Horror Cages Of St. Die

True Men August 1963

Also featuring Male-Order Callboys For Kicks-Hungry Wives, and Khrushcev’s New Bedroom Commandos — 10 Below-the-Belt Punches Reds Use To Trick Americans Into Treason


The Amazing Escape of the All Girl Gang from Paris

Man's Life June 1960

This artwork was later reused for the September 1962 issue


Captive Beauties For The Monster Baron

Man's Epic June 1964

Also, Love Slave Of T.V.’s Casting Directors, Terror Of The Walking Dead and I Was A Captive Of A Teenage Lust Club


Vidkun Quisling: He Even Failed At Treason

All Man April 1965

Also featuring Where You Can Take A Vacation With Sex, Free Love vs Organized Vice, and We’re Glad We Tried Wife Swapping