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A Scream For A Whip-Mad Woman

Real Action, June 1963 thumbnail
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Real Action, June 1963
Real Action, June 1963 (2)
Real Action, June 1963 (3)

Also, Medical Statistics Prove That Sex Can Prevent Cancer and The Village of Headless Virgins


I Fought Hitler’s Special Maiden-Torturing Kommandos

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World of Men magazine cover, April 1966

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Prison Of Time

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This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Kayo The German Lighthouse And Save The Anzio Landing

Bluebook August 1963

Also featuring Sinful Madam Elva: World’s Wealthiest Call Girl, Our New Underwater Air Force (Fighter-bombers launched from 100 feet below the ocean), American Agent Murdoch’s Escape From Russia’s Dragnet, and After 29 Days The Crew Ate Pilot Malmgren


The Madman Of Mars

Space Western #44

Now It Can Be Told!

This #44 was the fourth and final issue of Space Western. You can download the entire issue here.

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The Killer-Dog Carnival Girls Who Suckered A Nazi Blitzkrieg


Also includes The Secret U.S. Horror Weapon That Keeps The Kremlin In Check, and Shocking Scandal of Highschool Teacher-Student “Free Love” Orgies



Grisly Rites of Hitler’s Monster Flesh Stripper


Take “Monster Flesh Stripper” as you will, but they are apparently unrelated to the Strange Rites Of Hitler’s Mad Flesh Stripper

 Also look for Can You Survive America’s Sex War? and A Honeymoon in Hell for Satan’s Brides


Soft Maidens for the Monster’s Devil Fish


This action-packed issue also includes, One Tick to Doom, Brides of Agony in the Caves of Horror, and Love Captive of Castro’s Execution Squad Harlots