Suspense Comics #3

Suspense Comics #3 1944

Because of the controversial cover, this issue was not displayed on may newsstands, and so did not sell very well. Which resulted in this particular issue recently selling at auction for $173,275.


How They Get Their Kicks Out Of Pain

All Man March 1966

Also featuring Take a Chance on Sex!, I Found the $46,000,000 Treasure of the Jungles of Panama, and A Knife For A Naked Spy (Twenty Nude Women Ready For Him If He’d Turn Traitor)


Trapped In The House Of Nazi Dagger Girls

Man's Life April 1960

Also featuring National Scandal: Men For Hire For Love And Money!


Bring Out The Lust Slaves Of The Nazis’ Treasure Cave

World of Men October 1966


Goering — King Of Evil

War Criminals October 1963 thumbnail
War Criminals January 1966 thumbnail
War Criminals October 1963
War Criminals January 1966

The only surviving member of his personal torture staff reports

Also, The Dirty Dame Of Dachau, The Blood-Stained Stones Of Paris, Diary Of A Nazi Pilot, and Jungle Lord Of Torture

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Blast Into Hell To Get Hitler’s Knife-Wielding Sadist



Hideous Vengeance Rites Of The Nazi’s Cages Of Agony



The Soft One’s Shrieks Will Trap You, Amerikaner Swine!


Also featuring Easy Sex: The Scourge Of The 60’s and Helpless Nudes In The Madman’s Pit Of Horrors


Roast In Hell, My Sweet!


Possibly related to this story in Man’s Epic, June 1964


Revenge of the Nazi Love Doll

Battle Cry February 1964 thumbnail
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-016 thumbnail
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-017 thumbnail
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-019 thumbnail
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-020 thumbnail
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-028 thumbnail
Battle Cry February 1964
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-016
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-017
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-019
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-020
Battle Cry v7#001(1964).pdf-028

This entire issue can be downloaded here


The $100 Million Snatch

Male August 1964

Also featuring Luxury Cruise Playgirl, The Infamous House Of Detention — Caged Women Of New York, and The Hoodlum Stranglehold On America’s Unions


Two Zany Yanks Who Stole Hitler’s Mystery Jet From The Luftwaffe

Male September 1962


Love Failure Can Be Cured

25971964-REAL_MEN_-_1965_05_May_-_original_painting_by_Vic_Prezio-8x6 thumbnail
Real Men May 1965 thumbnail
25971963-REAL_MEN_-_1965_05_May_-_cover_by_Vic_Prezio-8x6 thumbnail
Real Men May 1965

… by throwing the witness out of an airplane over Nazi Germany.

Also includes The Jap Side Of Guadalcanal: Slaughterhouse in the South Pacific, Sex Pills To Make You Twice The Man You Are!, and Warning To Every Man In America: Never Trick A Vice Girl


Vice Girl For The Killer

MEN IN CONFLICT February 1963

She Matched Her Greed Against The Panic Of A Hunted Outlaw

Also featuring Sex And The Commuter, Accident: Don’t Touch, Beware These Love Traps and The Jungle Nympho Of Elephant Pass