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They Take Their Pleasure In Pain

Battle Cry April 1963

I could hear their screams as the red hot branding iron seared their bodies

Also featuring I Sell Sex — A White tells his own story, An internationally famed authority tells you A Dozen Ways To Better Your Love Life, The Day I Went Naked — The Uncensored story of a girl reporter’s visit to a nudist camp, and Raking Claws Of Slaughter — The bullets from my rifle were smashing its hide, still it came at me


I’m Next On The Mafia List

Real Men July 1959

Also, Lolita — her body was the prize for the man who won The Battle Of The Mechanical Monsters


The Nude Mailman Who Conquered An Island

Man To Man November 1962

Also featuring Gunmen in the Bedroom, For What Would You Sell A Woman? and What Can Accidents Do To Your Sex Life?


The Yank Who Won Over Vietnam’s “Village of Wild Brides”

Male cover, January 1963 thumbnail
Adventure Magazine Jan 1963 thumbnail
Male cover, January 1963
Adventure Magazine Jan 1963

Also includes Wild Leatherneck Air Ace Who Saved Tulagi Harbor and An Italian “Back Alley” Girl, a Partisan Dynamiter and Three Bold Yanks: They Paved the Way for the Conquest of Italy


Call-House Fräulein

The Lufftwaffe Liar, Men story illustration, March, 1960 thumbnail
Man's World, August 1962 thumbnail
The Lufftwaffe Liar, Men story illustration, March, 1960
Man's World, August 1962

Berlin’s Most Sensational Love Trap

I don’t have a clue what the guy on the right is doing.

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Nazi Ravages Of French Woman Warriors

Man's Daring July 1961

Also featuring The Cult Of The Naked Dukhobors


Damned Beauties For The Nazi Horror Museum

MEN TODAY - 1964 12 Dec - Original Norm Eastman-8x6 thumbnail
Men Today December 1964 thumbnail
MEN TODAY - 1964 12 Dec - Original Norm Eastman-8x6
Men Today December 1964

Also featuring I Sell Love Door To Door To Bored Wives and You Men Leave Me Cold: A 21 Year Old Beauty Queen Exposes Your Lousy Love Techniques

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I Was Held Prisoner On Nympho Island!

True Men Stories September 1967

Also featuring Sex Weekends — Where Frustrated Women Go!, Unlimited Love Power — How To Achieve It!, and The Naked Blonde Who Needed Blood For Passion!


Live Bait For The Nazi Eagles

Wings Summer 1940

Also featuring Wings of Finland, Messerschmitt Madness, and The Croix De Guerre Clown