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The Living End


The superheated world of the music makers… a young man in a hurry… and the girl who got in his way


Witch With Blue Eyes


She was easy to possess but hard to hold!
A Novel That Takes You Behind The Doors Of The New American Phenomenon — The Plush Roadside Motel

This cover was later used for half of the The Bigamist cover


The Bigamist

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About to be elected to high office, he learned he had two wives. Both were beautiful… both were faithless… both surfeited him with voluptuous delights…
Ruin Threatened Handsome Todd Amhurst. Could He Love His Way Out Of This Sex-Sick Dilemma?

From the back:

Politics And Passion Make Poor Bed-Partners! A Sex-Filled Novel About Smoke-Filed Rooms!

Black-haired Julie Kane had needed men badly — ever since her swelling breasts and hips had first drawn whistles. She married while little more than a child, but when her virile young husband, Todd Amhurst, shipped off to the Pacific there were many hot-blooded males eager to fill in for him…
Julie disappeared before Todd’s return and under the astute guidance of her new-found lover, Matt Johnson, she saw the insides of more hotel rooms than a chambermaid. Years later, Julie learned from the newspapers that Todd was about to be nominated for Governor and that he had acquired a second wife.
Here was an opportunity for big-time extortion if she ever saw one! What followed in the passionate weeks after Julie and Todd renewed their early love-making can be explained only by the strange inconsistencies of women.

This left side of this cover art was used for Witch With Blue Eyes

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Group Sex

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Was he selling group therapy or — Group Sex

Suburban women were intrigued by his unusual prescription for their failing marriages!

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The Young Duke


The driving story of a wild young teenager neider schoolgirls nor older women could stay away from — The Young Duke




An exciting novel about a tempestuous beauty who helped convince Sherman that war is hell!


Fly Girl / The Club

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Fly Girl thumbnail
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Fly Girl

Are Airline Hostesses Hard To Get? Cynthia Westland WASN’T!

When a jet-powered hostess and a hot pilot lock horns, no holds are barred and the sky’s the limit…

Here Is The Frankly Told Story Of The Girls Who Live Dangerously — And Love Recklessly!


Four restless husbands, four willing wives… and sixteen scandalous reasons why they rode a merry-go-round of wild switch and swap!

Fly Girl was also published with a more explicitly flight-oriented cover.

The Club was also published with an unusual horizontal cover painted by Victor Olson

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The Sin Underneath (Original Title: Into The Labyrinth) (1960)

The Sin Underneath by Bentz Plagemann, Pyramid Books, 1960 thumbnail
Pyramid Books, 1960 thumbnail
The Sin Underneath by Bentz Plagemann, Pyramid Books, 1960
Pyramid Books, 1960

What she did was unforgivable

The 1956 cover is here


Whispering Smith

Popular Library #185, 1949

Steel Rails Buck The Outlaw West


Seduction By Appointment


A Shocking Story About The Phony Adultery Racket
Sandi was the bait that men never quite get — until that eventful night in a bathtub-for-two