The Innocent One

Popular Library 598, 1954

She Fell For The Wrong Man
“Really believable study of a sex murderer”


Woman’s Doctor (1963)

Dell Books, 9642, 1963


Sky Bride

SKY BRIDE by Bogart Rogers - 1932


College for Sinners

Nightstand Book # NB1534, 1960 thumbnail
Book NB-1534 1960 thumbnail
Nightstand Book # NB1534, 1960
Book NB-1534 1960

Meet The Depraved Ones — Students Of Sin!
The shocking passion game of big-city collegians in a secret lust club…

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Off Limits

Bedside Book #1202, 1961

They were the most talented bad girls who ever ruined a man!


Trailer Trollop

Nightstand Books NB1703 - Trailer Trollop (1964) thumbnail
Nightstand Book # NB1553, 1961 thumbnail
Nightstand Books NB1703 - Trailer Trollop (1964)
Nightstand Book # NB1553, 1961

Four Wild Girls — Out To Ruin Men!
They Lived In A House Of Sin — On Wheels!

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A Girl Called Honey

Midwood Book #41, 1960

When Honey Loved, She Held Nothing Back A Most Unusual Story About A Most Unusual Harlot


Brother and Sister

Monarch Books #199, 1961

A Tender, Compassionate Novel Of Incestuous Love


The Secret of Sinharat


Behind the banner of eternal life lies eternal horror


World Without Women (1965)


The Scourge Had Spread All Over Earth — Killing All But A Few Women, For Whose Favors The Price Was Death