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Sooner or Later

Midwood 32-520, 1965

… she was going to prove to her sister’s husband what she’d already proven to most of the teenage boys in town!


Bedroom Eyes

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Maurice Dekobra. Bedroom Eyes 1951 thumbnail
Maurice Dekobra. Bedroom Eyes 1951

A Ladies Man… A Naughty Wife, A Wicked Mistress

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She Learned The Hard Way


The Private Life Of A Very Warm-Blooded Girl!

Joanne could handle the men. The trouble came from other women — jealous Marge Bender, redheaded Molly Evans, and lovely, yielding Carly Kendrick


Behind Respectable Doors

Beacon B481F, ©1962

They turned a seaside paradise into a jungle for prowling women…
The explosive novel about four women who hid their night-time sins behind day time respectability


The Education of Lydia

The Education of Lydia, paperback cover, 1963 thumbnail
Beacon B672X, 1963 thumbnail
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The Education of Lydia, paperback cover, 1963
Beacon B672X, 1963

She Was Sweet And Shy – Until They Gave Her Special Courses
A novel dealing with the kind of campus activity that never appears on a report card

Her unusual upbringing had made her too vulnerable
A Frankly Different Novel About The Social And Sexual Problems Of College Girls


Lust For Youth (1965)

Softcover Library B798X, 1965

A Mature Woman’s Affair With A Boy!
Even Years Of Experience Could Not Prepare Her For Such Love…

Different from, but oddly similar to, this book of the same name:

She vied with her daughter in a tantalizing game of seduction!


The Delicate Ape

Pocket Books #422, 1946

I have no words.


Assignment: Cong Hai Kill


Caught in a seething guerrilla war, Sam Durell pursues a deadly and traitorous double agent — with strict orders to bring him back alive


The Velvet Knife


The world of the flesh merchants — and a starlet who’d do anything if the part was right