Sadisto Royale

Ember Library #EL-325 1966 thumbnail
1966 Leisure EL 325 thumbnail
Ember Library #EL-325 1966
1966 Leisure EL 325

Killer-Agent 0008 Faces Ecstasy And Peril In The Diabolical Sin-Game Of Sensovision

From the back:

SENSOVISION — Mankind’s greatest boon, the ultimate in entertainment, or… the end of everything. Its mad exploiter had no scruples; the profits would make him the richest man alive. Secret agent 0008 was the only barrier, and he was already strapped in place, the electrodes applied to his brain as the mad-man recorded every moment of — Sadisto Royale


Our Girl From Mephisto

Ember Library #EL-305 1965

Lover And Killer, 0008 Faced The Sin And Terror Of TATU In The Arms Of — Our Girl From Mephisto

From the back:

TATU was a teen-age plot to toke over
the world. To stop this sin rampage,
secret agent 0008 teamed up with the
most beautiful female killer the Soviets
could find. For this was a crisis more
lethal than a hot war. Thus did 0008 —
peerless lover, fearless killer — welcome
the body and the bullets of Galina — Our Girl From Mephisto


Go-Go Sadisto

Ember Library #EL-313 1966

Love-Killer Agent 0008 Faces The Botulism Peril Of — Go-Go Sadisto


Queen Bee


She wondered if he’d be shocked when he found out exactly how she expected her male employees to earn their salaries

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The Wicked Streets

Gold Medal Book #640 1957

Depravity in neon was the world she entered — wild with innocence, hungry for thrills


Temporary Secretary


She worked in a different office and for a different man every day… but her routine was always the same!

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Mission for Vengeance

Gold Medal Book #s773 1958 thumbnail
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Gold Medal Book #s773 1958

He left behind a bloody trail of torture and death

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Pure Sweet Hell

Gold Medal Book #654 1957 thumbnail
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Gold Medal Book #654 1957

For a dame like this I’d sell out to Satan — but the devil himself was ahead of me in line

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