Louisville Saturday

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The famous novel of soldiers and lonely women. Love, quick ecstasy and heartbreak — the whole violent impact of an Army camp on an American town.

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The Gay Nurses

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Brandon House #913, 1965
Brandon House #913, 1965 Back

Their white caps and starched uniforms concealed smoldering bodies that ached for forbidden love!



Midwood Books F207 - Jason Hytes - Over-Exposed

She was forced to commit the lowest acts, because a hidden camera saw too much.

From the back:

These girls were the cream of the city’s beauties and Linda was the most beautiful of all. But each of them, including Linda, was blackmailed into selling her body because an unscrupulous gang used a hidden camera as a trap. 
If it weren’t for Danny, Linda might still be submitting her body to such degrading acts as happened one afternoon on her living room floor. 
No Girl Was Safe From the Evil Camera Eye that Could Reveal Her most Intimate Secrets


Sinner’s Paradise (1968)

#SA-124 1968

Desire mounted as Jubal looked at his stepmother — and now he was going to have her!


Swamp Girl / Ellie’s Shack

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Swamp Girl, paperback cover, 1950
Swamp Girl (Intimate Novel No. 11) 1950
Beacon #159 1958

Hers Was A Wild, Untutored Love…

Who would win this untamed child? The wealthy stranger she passionately craved, or the backwoods lout who meant to have her — at any cost?

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Cuban Heel

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1953 Uni-Book #64

Harragan’s in Havana with another hair-raising honey

A torrid tale of Cuban intrigue — Cuban cuties and Cuban Sin.

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Side-Show Girl

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1952 Uni-Book #42

Men Loved Her At Their Peril!

A lusty novel of carnival folk — packed with raw love and lurid adventure

Eye Patch Man returns!

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