Bachelor Girl


“Without clothes you don’t look like a secretary,” he whispered. But he was wrong. In her circle, it was the proper “uniform” for an ambitious career girl…

This is a biting book. In its sizzling pages, every career girl will recognize herself — or someone she knows!


The Window


What Made Him Return Night After Night?
The Story Of A Peeping Tom… Told In Bold Detail… And Shedding New Light On The Strange Compulsion That Drives Men To Look Into Windows!


Burmese Days


A Saga Of Jungle Hate And Lust

via pulp fan “aintreekit”

The Country Where The “Cat” Was King

19785376-Real_Men_-_1959_03_March_-_cover_by_Vic_Prezio_-8x6[1] thumbnail
Real Men March 1959 thumbnail
Real Men March 1959

Also in this issue, Sara O’Malley’s Gun-Governed Nude Ranch and Sex Stimulants… Do They Really Work?


The Lash Of Desire


A novel of primitive emotions


Whom Gods Destroy

Gold Medal #291, 1953

He trafficked in rum and women, this modern Al Capone

I doubt Al Capone ever stood in the bushes outside a window, desperately trying to catch a peek of a woman in her under-things.


Operation Lover Boy

Man's Action November 1967

He was the wild man of the OSS and in dutch with his CO but he was the only man who could possibly succeed in this deadly dangerous mission

Also featuring Exposed: Vice In The Nude, Forbidden House Of Golden-Legged Girls, Greatest Treasure Discovery In 300 Years, The Submarine Mutiny of the She-Devil Doxie!, and Female Furies Of Sinister Estancia Moreno