Swamp Girl

Swamp Girl, paperback cover, 1950 thumbnail
Swamp Girl (Intimate Novel No. 11) 1950 thumbnail
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Swamp Girl, paperback cover, 1950
Swamp Girl (Intimate Novel No. 11) 1950

Hers Was A Wild, Untutored Love…

Who would win this untamed child? The wealthy stranger she passionately craved, or the backwoods lout who meant to have her — at any cost?

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Cuban Heel

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1953 Uni-Book #64

Harragan’s in Havana with another hair-raising honey

A torrid tale of Cuban intrigue — Cuban cuties and Cuban Sin.

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Side-Show Girl

1952 Uni-Book #42 thumbnail
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1952 Uni-Book #42

Men Loved Her At Their Peril!

A lusty novel of carnival folk — packed with raw love and lurid adventure

Eye Patch Man returns!

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Bachelor Girl


“Without clothes you don’t look like a secretary,” he whispered. But he was wrong. In her circle, it was the proper “uniform” for an ambitious career girl…

This is a biting book. In its sizzling pages, every career girl will recognize herself — or someone she knows!


The Window


What Made Him Return Night After Night?
The Story Of A Peeping Tom… Told In Bold Detail… And Shedding New Light On The Strange Compulsion That Drives Men To Look Into Windows!


Burmese Days


A Saga Of Jungle Hate And Lust

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The Country Where The “Cat” Was King

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Real Men March 1959 thumbnail
Real Men March 1959

Also in this issue, Sara O’Malley’s Gun-Governed Nude Ranch and Sex Stimulants… Do They Really Work?


The Lash Of Desire


A novel of primitive emotions