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Goddess of the Moon

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The Craters Spew a Slimy Green Army Bent on Smashing The Moon Goddess and Her Earthman Protector.

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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The Last Two Alive!

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A man and a woman — survivors of chaos — alone in dead-star vastness…

Also, Cargo To Callisto and Star-Mouse. You can read this entire issue here

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Warrior-Maid of Mars


What world claimed her sword — Imperial Terra, or dying Mars?


Enchantress of Venus


She was hate and she was horror — and the Earthman had a date with her beside the brimstone sea…


The Part-Time God

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Planet Stories Summer 1955
Planet Stories Summer 1955 p31
Planet Stories Summer 1955 p39

The very last issue of Planet Stories, it includes Last Call From Sector 9G. You can read the entire issue here


Vassals of the Master-World


Torture Beyond Human Conception Rewarded The Man Or Woman Who Dared Plot Revolt Against The All-Seeing Tharkyan War-Lords.


Temptress of Planet Delight

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Planet Stories, May 1953
Temptress of Planet Delight by Frank Kelly Freas (Planet Stories, May 1953)

It was 40 years since the last G.C. spacer — plenty can happen in an off-galaxy world in that length of time!

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Valkyrie From The Void

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Planet Stories Vol. 3 #12
Planet Stories, Fall 1948

Staggering under the blasting heat of a great ringed sun, she fought only to cross her savage slimy world. the lithe Priestess Yida knew not that her goal lay, bright and shining, a thousand light-years away.

Also Citadel of the Green Death

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Black Priestess of Varda

Planet Stories, Winter 1947

Outlawed, Sentenced To The Vat, A Few Foresters Still Defied Foul Sasso’s Loveliest Witch!


Werwile of the Crystal Crypt

Planet Stories, Summer 1948

For 1,000,000 years she slept, Nuala of the Nekalad, roused at last to join the Outworlder against the Werwile of the Crystal Crypt


The Beast-Jewel of Mars

Planet Stories, Winter 1948

Could Fand, beautiful and base, bewitch the tall swordsman from Terra?

You can read the title story here, via