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The Hot Kiss of Youth

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Sophisticated, 42 year old Sylvia Meredith did not ask for… she demanded…

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A Need For Love

MIDWOOD 100 1961

Her Name Was In The Social Register And She Could Have Anything She Wanted… But What She Really Wanted Was The Girl Named Maxine Black!

From the back:

Her Curiosity Threatened To Destroy Her

Julie Stewart had everything … beauty, social position and money… but there was something lacking, and she did not know what it was until she saw Maxine Black.
She knew, then, that all the men in the world could mean nothing to her… she had to have that voluptuous temptress!
Risking everything, she plunged into an affair with the girl… caring not that this was immoral and unnatural… she had to satisfy her… need for love.


The Fires Within

The Fires Within

Suburbia U.S.A. The story of a wife who loved too much… and too many



Lover by Hank Janson

The Trade Was Unfair. Hank Janson Had Paid $500,000 For A Movie Star, But Received A Mutilated Corpse Instead



Gold Star Books., # 17

Just because the sexy nympho asked Hank to locate her uncle, he decided to become her sugar daddy…


Dixie Doctor

Monarch Books No. 277

He Faced A Doctor’s Hardest Decision: To Risk His Own Happiness In Order To Save A Live