The Dream and the Flesh (Original Title: The Peacock Is A Gentleman)


Paris was his — and so were its women!

Not related to Flesh And The Dream


Scandal (1962)


The Explosive Collision Of A Stag Show And Small Town Morality

From the back:

For The Tired Business Man
And there were plenty in the town,, humdrum, ordinary… Who would suspect that they played around? No wonder they were tired! It was the last place in the world anyone would expect to run a stag show, too. The whole town buzzed about it, and about the girls who performed for the male population. What they did involved everybody from the top banker to the lowly librarian, exposing a seething mass of sex and sin


Counter Girl

Midwood Books F215 - Amy Harris - Counter Girl thumbnail
Midwood Books F215 - Amy Harris - Counter Girl (back) thumbnail
Midwood Books F215 - Amy Harris - Counter Girl
Midwood Books F215 - Amy Harris - Counter Girl (back)

Men couldn’t keep their eyes on the menu, nor their thoughts on food when Carrie leaned over and innocently asked, “Would you like something else?”


Aphrodite: Pagan Goddess Of Love

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Avon Books 113 - Pierre Louys - Aphrodite thumbnail
Avon Books 113 - Pierre Louys - Aphrodite

Life And Love In Pagan Greece

This story is included in The Collected Works of Pierre Louÿs

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Love Me – And Die (1962)

Paperback Library 51-156 - Day Keene - Love Me – And Die

She was sin in satin, fire in the flesh, her body was an invitation to murder


Female Convict (1952/1956)

Pyramid Book #58 1952 thumbnail
Pyramid 191 (1956). Cover Art by Robert Maguire thumbnail
Pyramid Book #58 1952
Pyramid 191 (1956). Cover Art by Robert Maguire

The Inside Story of a Woman’s Prison

Nice, but not as good as Maguire’s 1960 cover.

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Nudists Die Naked


Shell Scott didn’t mind the killers or con-men. What bothered him was that fantastic nudist camp

One of the greatest titles ever. This looks like Robert Maguire’s work, but I can’t be certain. [Update: Lynn Maguire confirmed it is his work]


The Wife Next Door / Call-Girl Love

Midwood #31 1960 thumbnail
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Midwood #31 1960

She Tried To Be Faithful To Her Husband — But Failed

A Bold And Shocking Tale Of Switch Parties In The Suburbs

A different book from this one of the same title. Artwork was reused for Call-Girl Love

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The Big Make (Original Title: Little Killer)

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A High-Priced Dame — A Guy With A Gun — An Explosive Novel Of Big-City Vice

From the back:

When she sang, it was different from anything Nicky Palermo had ever heard, a throaty sound that was part invitation and part threat, a sound which promised all the things which the shoddy other women in Nicky’s life had never been able to offer…

This was a woman — beautiful, sophisticated, glamorous — and too good for Nicky Palermo…

But Nicky was going to have her, whatever she thought. The cold, hard .38 in his pocket would take care of any minor differences of opinion…

This artwork also appears on Salambo

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Big City Nurse (1963)


Love and hatred confront a young nurse on her first private duty case. One would win out…


Leota Foreman, R.N.


When a lovely New York nurse takes a job in a small town… she finds other entanglements besides romantic ones!


Passionate Playmates


The hunter becomes the prey in a deadly game of international hide-and-seek with Red nymphs whose secret weapon was sex!


Stop for Murder


Fall Guy… in a Million Dollar Murder!

You have to Stop For Murder because Murder Can’t Stop