Sex In Our Schools

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Monarch MB521 1962
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A Revealing Report On The Emotional Conflicts That Beset Our Younger Generation

From the back:

There is a sickness in our society today. Parents neglect their children, or else order them about so sternly that they rebel. Sexual and social mores are changing. “Everything for kicks” is the motto of our younger generation as they ignore self-discipline and flout recognized authority.
Sexual liberty is a natural outgrowth of such rebellion. Girls who have had several lovers before they are Sweet Sixteen, boys who could give many older people lessons in love—these are the children we see so frequently today.
There is no simple solution BUT unless we want to be over-whelmed by a rising tide of illegitimate children and emotional cripples, we will have to start finding some answers, says Dr. Woodward in this penetrating study of what makes our young people tick.


Don’t Bet On Blondes


They changed partners as easily as they changed their clothes. Danny’s first partner was a stunning blonde – his boss’s wife

From the back:

There was one thing Danny liked better than gambling — women. From the moment Jeanine picked him up and took him to the hotel Danny began to learn not to bet on blondes. First came Jeanine, then Robin, then a whole dancing chorus; but there was one little oriental dancer who had a way of making Danny forget all the others.
They chose partners with a tape measure at the hotel with built-in sin.




The Bloodlust and Passion of Ancient Africa

This artwork was later reused for The Big Make


The Five Faces Of Murder

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The key to the puzzle was the man with five faces — and the beautiful, mysterious blond.

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Rogue Royal


The Saga Of A Vagabond Blade
His was the blood of kings — yet Alan Fane consorted with thieves, beggars, and a girl stolen from Wylde under the very nose of Buckingham. Then the day came when his ruffions stormed Wylde Castle, marched on London itself… For Alan feared not even the devil, so long as he could win a maid’s kiss — or strike a blow for justice!

Spider #3: The City Destroyer

Pocket Books #77943

A reprint of this issue


Ladies Of The Dark

Monarch 224 1961

A high-voltage tale of famous female spies — their loves, their lives and their daring exploits


The Dream and the Flesh (Original Title: The Peacock Is A Gentleman)


Paris was his — and so were its women!

Not related to Flesh And The Dream


Scandal (1962)


The Explosive Collision Of A Stag Show And Small Town Morality

From the back:

For The Tired Business Man
And there were plenty in the town,, humdrum, ordinary… Who would suspect that they played around? No wonder they were tired! It was the last place in the world anyone would expect to run a stag show, too. The whole town buzzed about it, and about the girls who performed for the male population. What they did involved everybody from the top banker to the lowly librarian, exposing a seething mass of sex and sin