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$50 A Night

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Her love was for sale — at the right price…

From the back:

Life was suddenly very complicated for Ann Freeman. Too many people were making demands of her!
Cal Marker wanted her for his stable, to help pay for his daily quota of heroin.
Clara Lundy needed Ann to satisfy her craving for abnormal “love.”
Casey Shean, sweet, “square” and very much in love, wanted Ann for his wife.
As if all this wasn’t enough, there was Crowley, the vice cop, who was out to “get” Ann, in more ways than one.

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Inspector Maigret and the Strangled Stripper


The World-Famous Detective Stalks a Murderer Through Paris Dives


Again and Again


She offered her love — He took her body…


The Joy Zone

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The Joy Zone by Anthony Dare, All Star Books AS 85 variant, 1966 thumbnail
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The Joy Zone, paperback cover, 1966
The Joy Zone by Anthony Dare, All Star Books AS 85 variant, 1966
Joy Zone contact sheet

She Rented Her Body To Any Man — Any Woman –

I am not really sure what is going on here. The painting and the cover are clearly both by Maguire, and both are based on the set of reference photos, and Heritage Auctions is selling them as a set, but the painting is clearly not the same as the image on the cover. Even if the hair  and the sheet had been retouched for the cover (which is the kind of thing that happened) the whole pose of the body is slightly different, and the head is looking a different way.

I suspect this is an early draft that was rejected by the publisher, or simply a different scene painted from the same set of reference photos. Either way, a lovely set.


The Golden Rooms

The Golden Rooms by Vardis Fisher, Pyramid R472, 1960 thumbnail
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The Golden Rooms by Vardis Fisher, Pyramid R472, 1960

A magnificent novel of blood lusts and animal passions in a primitive society

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How Like A God (1961)

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Pyramid R588, 1961 thumbnail
How Like a God, paperback cover, 1961
Pyramid R588, 1961

An Extraordinarily Brilliant Novel About A Sexual Psychotic — His Strange Marriage, Abnormal Obsessions And Dark Desires


This Naked Love (Original Title: Untamed)

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Their Unbridled Passion Defied All Laws

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Passionate Playmates


The hunter becomes the prey in a deadly game of international hide-and-seek with Red nymphs whose secret weapon was sex!


An End to Fury


Don’t Read It If You Are Easily Shocked


King Of The Free Lovers

Monarch Book #325

The Amazing True Story Of A Daring Charlatan Who Had A Penchant For Teen-Age “Brides”