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Assignment: Peking

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They gave him another man’s face and sent him on the most terrifying mission of his life. The one and only Sam Durell was now somebody else… his own worst enemy.

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Soft Touch (1962)


A burst of passion on a lazy afternoon — leaving violence in its wake

The 1966 cover can be seen here


Dig That Crazy Grave (1971)

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Man, she had a shape to make corpses kick open caskets — and she was dead set on giving me rigor mortis

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The Passionate (1964)


An Al Wheeler thriller… Twin temptresses out for kicks any way they come — including shrunken heads, corpses, and lady killers

Not related to The Passionate PrudeThe Passionate PilgrimThe Passionate CityThe Passionate Virgin, or Passionate Peril At Fort Tomahawk. Also not related to The Passion HuntersPassion Priestess, or The Passion Murders (Original Title: Farewell To Passion)

It is related to this edition with a Baryé Phillips cover.




A wild new spy adventure featuring Modesty Blaise — world’s most famous and fabulous female secret agent 
You are looking at The Nailer — most sensational diversionary tactic ever invented. Topless, terrifying… A Modesty Blaise original!


Beebo Brinker

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Gold Medal #d1224 1962

Lost, lonely, boyishly appealing — this is Beebo Brinker — who never really knew what she wanted — until she came to Greenwich Village and found the love that smoulders in the shadows of the twilight world

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Terror Comes Creeping

Signet Publishing Signet D2934 1959

The Beautiful Brunette’s Mother Had Made Her A Millionaire. Now Her Father Wants To Make Her A Corpse.


The Black Lace Hangover

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Signet D2945 1966

When Danny Boyd throws a party, it’s a blast — but the morning after is murder!

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Harry and the Bikini Bandits

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Harry and the Bikini Bandits

A wildly erotic novel of intrigue, suspense, and adventure

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