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Crows Can’t Count

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Fiery Bertha Cool keeps Donald Lam busy with emeralds, blondes, and… murder

via Steve and Greg McCambley

Date With Darkness


I wanted to tag this cover with “Helpless Women” but she doesn’t actually look that helpless. She looks more like Black Widow getting ready to kick that guys ass just as soon as he finishes gloating about the details of his evil plans.


Flight of an Angel


A man without a past trails a burlesque queen’s killer…

Not related to Angel’s Flight


Tarzan and the Lost Empire (1951)

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Dell #536, 1951 Back thumbnail
Dell #536, 1951 Back

The ape-man looked up as the roar of the crowd signaled the entry of new and terrible opponents…

From the back:

Tarzan of the Apes and a young scientist face death on the sands of the arena in a lost Roman province in the heart of Africa


The Deviates (Original Title: The Secret People)

The Deviates, Beacon #242, 1959

One man alone had any woman — every woman — in his power!