Cuban Heel

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1953 Uni-Book #64

Harragan’s in Havana with another hair-raising honey

A torrid tale of Cuban intrigue — Cuban cuties and Cuban Sin.

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Sky Bride

SKY BRIDE by Bogart Rogers - 1932


Naked In The Night

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Soldiers On Leave — And Their Women

From the back:

Tough Sergeant Savanna didn’t trust women after the brutal infidelity he’d witnessed in his own home. Then on leave in Australia, he met gorgeous Silver Bendixter, and pegged her as a spoiled heiress out for all she could get. But the night he took her to a borrowed apartment, Jack knew he’d found what most men would sell their souls for.

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Dell #318, 1949.

She loved him. She knew that he was the man she had been waiting for — that he was the man she had kept herself for. He was honest and decent and strong. And he loved her. But she wondered if the happiness she could bring him would be enough. Because she could never forget that he had known another happiness with another woman who had been his wife.