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Country Girl


She Was Too Lonesome For Her Own Good

She looks like she would rather be a little more lonesome, not less.


King Of The Khyber Rifles / Sinful Virgin

39317969-King_of_the_Khyber_Rifles_-_Sinful_Virgin,_paperback_cover,_c._1954 thumbnail
Beacon B-105 (1954) thumbnail
39317971-Sinful_Virgin,_paperback_cover,_c._1954 thumbnail
Beacon B-105 (1954)

She ruled a wild empire — and a savage lust ruled her!

This illustration appeared on the cover of King of the Khyber Rifles in 1954, and a slightly altered version of the same scene was used for Sinful Virgin in 1961

Young — Fair — And RIpe For Anything!

The Daring Novel Of A Girl Too Seductive To Be Safe, Even From Her Own Flesh And Blood!

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Campus Nurse

Ace #D-558 1962

Could love bridge their separate lives?


We Are Not Alone

Avon 301, 1951 thumbnail
25083790-5638128517_dd0f5215f1_o[1] thumbnail
Avon 301, 1951

The story of a doctor who dared to defy the conventions of small-town morality

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Drum & Bugle

1962 Permabooks M5054


The Master Of Badger’s Hall


A fiery novel of Regency England — and the tempestuous affair of a beauty from the dissolute nobility and a virile pugilist from the criminal sporting world


Escape To Love

Gold Medal #258, 1952

So much to live, so little time