The Sharp Edge


They were lost when they tried the dangerous bypaths of love.


Fires of Youth

Magnet Book # 309 1960

A poignantly tender novel of the newly awakened passions and desires in the heart of a sensitive and perceptive teen-ager!



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The Shockingly Erotic Novel Of A Woman In Love…

with a bear. Not a metaphorically bear-like man, or a werebear. A literal bear.


His Majesty’s Highwayman

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Perma Book M 4129, 1959

His daring masquerade led him to a beautiful woman and a treacherous trap

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They Move with the Sun

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Popular Library 274, 1950

He Had What Women Wanted

The sensational novel of a young medical student and the three women who loved him

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A Tiger In The Night

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A Tiger in the Night

A seething novel of India, and of two people who defied the oldest taboos

From the back:

Here is a sweeping story of the sensual and barbaric Orient in collision with a hostile West, and of a man and woman whose common hunger pushed them beyond the barriers of race… and into the quicksand of ageless taboos.

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Girl-Hungry (Original Title: The Transgressor)

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Carnival Books 935 - William E. Gordon - Girl-Hungry

The Story Of A Boy Who Learned About Life From Women…

Find Aileen and save a boy’s soul, perhaps his life. Herb loved her. She was the only one of the many girls he knew who really stirred his deepest emotions. Because he loved her, because he knew he was unworthy, he ran away from her, and lived to regret it every hour, every waking minute. Being without her was torment. Being with other girls was a mockery. Only finding Aileen again could save him, but when he did, he found that it was too late!

Unrelated to Boy Hungry

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Beau Ideal

Beau Ideal 1931


Virgin’s Summer

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Midwood #36 1960
Midwood Books 36 - Alan Marshall - Virgin's Summer

She Dreamed of Her First Love Affair — And Then It Was No Longer A Dream

The Shocking Story of What Goes On Behind The Locked Doors Of A Motel

From the back:

Behind the scenes of a motel, typical of thousands on America’s highways. Behind the locked doors, behind the drawn curtains, behind the secret souls of a cross-section of humanity: married and single, young and old, virgins and nymphomaniacs, lovers and lesbians, drunks and diseased, the pure and the passionate…
With his usual skill, Alan Marshall takes a scalpel and lays bare the secret lives of his characters: their hungers, their desires, their hopes and dreams — all woven into the story of the virginal Angela, who wants the lush fruit of her ripening body to be plucked…

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Woman’s Doctor (1956)

Ace D-163 1956

He Knew The Intimate Secrets Of A Thousand Women!

An earlier edition of this book, but not related either Woman’s Doctor (1962) or Woman’s Doctor (1964), nor either book entitled Woman Doctor, nor The Doctor’s Woman.