The Borgia Blade

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The Borgia Blade. 1961 Belmont thumbnail
Gold Medal 300, 1953
The Borgia Blade. 1961 Belmont

A stableboy with a magic sword and the fame and love it won him

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Wanton Venus

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From the back:

Somewhere in Southern France was hidden a statue that had driven men mad with desire and made their blood run hot It was a statue of gorgeous nude woman inviting, abandoned, wanton — yet perfect. Young Stephane Brehange was determined find that statue and above all to find the flesh-and-blood Aphrodite who had posed for it. For the enchantment of that voluptuous figure had wrecked his lather’s life and cast, dark shadow over Stephane’s.
Stepbane’s spicy quest took him inevitably into the homes and boudoirs of some of France’s most alluring ladies — and eventually brought him to an exotic rendezvous in a secluded Mediterranean chateau. There he met four sisters, each more beautiful than the other — and one of those four held in the hidden nudity of her body the secret of the statue and Stephane’s future.

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Restless Are the Sails

Perma Books P188 1952

Her love was wild, reckless and exotic — hard to refuse and dangerous to accept

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East Side General

Perma #P218 PB 1953

A gripping, powerful drama of the men in white and the women they love

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Sword Of Fortune (Original Title: The Mohawk Ladder)

Popular Library Giant G116 1953 thumbnail
Popular Library Giant G116 1953 Back thumbnail
Popular Library Giant G116 1953
Popular Library Giant G116 1953 Back

He Defied A King To Win Her Kisses

From the back:

The sadistic spymaster, St. Roget, handed Diane the bull-whip. In the torture chamber, strung to a post, was the strong, naked body of Josh Peattie, the American. “Which do you love?” sneered St. Roget. “This raw colonial or France?”
Diane stood like a statue. “What do you want me to do?” she asked. “Open his back with this lash,” said St. Roget. “Prove your loyalty once and for all!” Diane had to decide the life of this man she loved, or the freedom of France? She took the whip. “I love you,” her eyes told Josh Peattie. Then the whip crackled toward his flesh!

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The Big Bubble (1952)

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Popular #463 1952 Back thumbnail
Popular #463 1952
Popular #463 1952 Back

She Could Make A Man Or Break Him

From the back:

Mona Otis stood close to Adm Paine and mocked him with her eyes and her magnificently nude body still wet from her plunge into the pool.
“What are you doing?” he demanded hoarsely.
Mona shook the water from her blonde curls. The action pulled every curve of her tawny body into rippling, sensuous movement. “I’m trying to drive you crazy,” she repeated softly…
Adam was an architecht building a dream city in Florida. He’d never wanted anyone but Eve, his wife, till Mona came along with the lusty challenge of her warm flesh to turn his life inside out. A sultry novel of emotional storm in boom-time Florida in the famulous Twenties!

The 1958 printing can be seen here

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