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Tight Squeeze


Brad Dolan didn’t know which was more trouble — the strongboys who were after him or the honey-haired blonde named Sheila


Courtship Of Nurse Genie Hayes (Original Title: Island Nurse)


One man needed her skilled hands, the other her understanding love. How was she to decide?


This Naked Love (Original Title: Untamed) / The District Officer

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Their Unbridled Passion Defied All Laws

Illicit Love and Racial Hatred in the Depths of Africa

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Runaway Lovers

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Their Flaming Love Defied the Man-Made Rules!


Crack in The Mirror

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They murdered to belong to each other — but killed their love with the deed

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Love Thief / Traded Wives

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Softcover Library #SCS95157

The Shattering Novel Of A Nymphomaniac … A woman on the loose!

You’ve wondered about this kind of woman… the pig-farm girl who became a glamorous actress by having a special talent… for using men — and sex!

The men were panting for hot, new thrills. The women gleefully arranged to be switched and swapped…

From the back of Traded Wives:

Sex, anyone?
These swapping couples become entangled in each other’s beds by strange mischance. The husbands think they are responsible. But their wives are the guilty ones, really…
CHERYL, unsatisfied by her legal mate, longs to be raped by another man — and gets her wish.
BARBARA LEE tries two husbands, neither her own, before finding the right private tutor in au naturel studies.
DEBBIE and her husband agree on a new code; Other people’s spouses are more fun.
There is also APRIL, ripe for anybody — including the TV repairman.
Take these wives — and their husbands — and roll the dice. For wife-swapping is the new vogue these days! This unblushingly frank novel gives you all the spicy details and weird, twisted rules.

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Doctor On Test


Dr. Ben Grady was reluctant to diagnose the danger of a woman’s love


Virgin’s Summer

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Midwood Books #36 1960

She Dreamed of Her First Love Affair — And Then It Was No Longer A Dream

The Shocking Story of What Goes On Behind The Locked Doors Of A Motel

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Frisco Flat

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Monarch #153 - 1960 thumbnail
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Monarch #153 - 1960
Monarch #153 - 1960 Back

Any Man Could Take Her But No Man Could Possess Her

From the back:

• To voluptuous TOSCA, Frankie Cargo was a man to make her forget her sordid past and provide her with a love-filled future.
• To wanton ARLENE, he was an instrument of pleasure, to be used at her convenience.
• To SAM BARLOW, he was a danger someone to be run out of town.
• To SHERIFF SPRINGER, he was a handy victim marked for early oblivion.
• To the townspeople, he was the hero who would take Springer and Barlow off their necks.
• Only time could tell who was right and who was wrong — and time was running out for FRANKIE CARGO…

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