The Veils Of Salome

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Victimized by her selfish, lustful mother… Torn by her lost and hopeless love, the beautiful Judean princess became the most infamous woman in history.

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The Bump And Grind Murders


A spicy thriller starring the sensational blonde detective, Mavis Siedlitz, who turns stripper — to catch a killer

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The G-String Murders (1958)


The strip-tease queen was strangled with her own G-String!


Strip Artist

Playtime #681

Like the lustful female animal she was, the less she had on, the more natural she looked.


Mother Finds A Body

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A Stripper With Nothing To Hide – But Murder

From the back:

Gee Gee Graham was red-haired, red hot and ready for anything except the body that someone left in her bathtub. Not that Gee Gee or her roommate, Dimples Darling, Queen of Quiver, had anything against men — so long as they were alive and kicking… But finding corpses gets to be a specialty for these burlesque babes, and when two more turn up in slam-bang succession you’re off on another murder-a- minute thriller that lets you peek behind the scenes in the strip business and leaves you as limp as a discarded G-string!