Lucky Laycock’s Raid That Won Salerno / Moscow’s “Dravkar” Hell Train

Male cover, March, 1963 thumbnail
Male  March 1963 thumbnail
True Action December 1965 thumbnail
Male cover, March, 1963
Male  March 1963
True Action December 1965

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I Crashed The Matto Grosso’s Stockade Of Captive Blondes

True Action March 1967

Also, A Doctor’s Frank Guide To Winning Women: 25 Keys To Female Passion


“Anything Goes” Girls of San Juan’s Pink Garden District

True Action March 1966


The Man-Killing Girls Of Lepu

True Adventures June 1961

Also featuring Roadside Sex Traps, Natal’s Girl-Mad Monster and The Red’s Next Conquest — The Moon? 


Plane Crash In Alaska

True Adventures August 1965 thumbnail
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True Adventures August 1965

Also featuring Secrets Of Levant — France’s Sexiest Island, Wildest Bar In The World, Beautiful Girls Of Baja, and Confessions Of A Harem Eunuch

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Border Girl

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True Adventures April 1964 thumbnail
True Adventures April 1964

Where The Chicks Come A Peso A Parcel And A Leer Means More Than A Lira

Also featuring Benito’s Mistress

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Passion Colony At Togo Karu

True Action July 1966

Also featuring Wipe Out Gestapo HQ At Schloss Kronfeld and “Love Cheat” Parties


Charlie Wiley’s Kingdom Of Stolen Women

True Action February 1961

With a Polynesian army, he fought the Russians — and took girls as his prize…

Also featuring The Playboy Spies Who Deserted To Moscow and Yankee Captive Of Algeria’s “Dirty Gertie” Girls

For six months he was the plaything of a tribe of Yank-hating bandit women


Are You A Woman’s Man?

True Adventures May 1957

Also featuring The Truth About Virility Drugs and The Girl Who Seduced A City


Treasure of the Nude Goddess

Man's World December 1967

They invaded Chicom Waters to Snatch a Forbidden Fortune…

Also featuring King of the Open-Throttle Road Demons, Trapped on a Floating Ice-Hell, The Nymph On Seduction Highway, Shrapnel Charge Up The Cong’s Razor-Edge Ridge and State Fair Vice Kitten


The Commie Nude Who Plotted To Blow Up Saigon’s Oil Pipeline

Man's Life May 1970

Also featuring 12 Signals A Woman Gives To Indicate Her Secret Cravings, The Sure-Fire System To Triple Your Take, and God, Help Me — I’m Being Eaten Alive!