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The Evilest Place In The World

True Adventures December 1961

The Casbah You’ve Never Seen Before

Also featuring Women’s Most Closely Guarded Secret: The Lesbian, Love Slaves Of The Kremlin, and No Man’s Master — Any Man’s Mistress


You Can’t Split From Hell, Chick!

Man's Story February 1971

Also featuring The Sex Science Revolution — What It Means To You, My Wild Escape From The Sultan’s Harem Of Hate, The First Step To Doom — The Case Against Pot, and Street Corner Sex Savagery — Our Growing Menace


Escape From Hell Island

Stag Men's Adventure Magazine December 1960

Also featuring “Gimlet-Eye” Butler: America’s Greatest Marine and How Mexico Handles Sex Behind Bars


Capt. Jane Tyler: The Rebel Girl Who Stopped The Yanks

Man's Life (August, 1959)

Also featuring Just South Of The Border: The Land Of Wild And Wanton Women On The Loose, Eaten Alive In A Cave Of Gold, and The Gambling Madam And Her Strange House of Chance


Lust-Mad Empress Of Galapagos

Man's Daring Action (August, 1959).  First Issue

Also, Sex Worry Will Make You Impotent, I Found Tchambuli’s Cursed Treasure, and Terror In A Baboon Harem

This is the very first issue of Man’s Daring


Hideous Rites Of The Headhunter!

True Adventures (Dec., 1958). Cover Art by John Styga

Also featuring I was A Madam, Notes On Wolfing, and Your Unseen Danger — “The Secret Sex”


Bridge Over The River Kwai

Man's Magazine (Jan., 1958). Cover Art by Mel Crair

Also includes The Sex Habits Nobody Talks About, Men Who Are Ruining Texas, Slums Of Baseball, and What You Should Know About Weightlifting


Cockeyed Men Make Good Lovers

Peril (Nov., 1959). Cover Art by Basil Gogos

Also, Prostitution Inc. Employs 30,000 Harlots, Mad Sadist Of Dunstable, 4 Had To Die, Living Hell At Camp No. 3, and The Race For The Iron Curtain