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Tonight We Hit The Nazis’ Torture Train 3695

New Man March 1966

Also featuring Sex Fears — How To Deal With Them, Teens On A Tear – The Wild Record Of Sex And Savagery, I Smashed The Viet Cong’s Flesh Palace Of Espionage, and Revealed: The True Horror Of Rape As I Lived It


Jake Macon’s Suicide Dive Off Omaha Beach

Battle at Sea, men's adventure magazine story illustration thumbnail
Man's Action September 1965 thumbnail
Battle at Sea, men's adventure magazine story illustration
Man's Action September 1965

Also featuring Can Head And Sunburn Ruin Your Virility?Beatnik Joygirls Of Red Square and Just Found! $10 Million Pirate Treasure, Millions Still Untouched! Map Inside!

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They Shaved And Stripped France’s Girl Traitors

John Duillo, True Danger November 1964 thumbnail
True Danger November 1964 thumbnail
John Duillo, True Danger November 1964
True Danger November 1964

This may be the most mild Torture cover I have ever shared

Also featuring Sex Slaves In Saris, The Willing Witches Of Stud Island and 7 Ways You Can Be A Better Lover

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Hell In A Blue Bikini

True Danger June 1965

Revenge Raid Of The Ravaged Assault Girls

Also featuring The Secret Sex Lives Of Women, I Was A Playgirl’s Bodyguard and Blood Bath On The Riviera


You Are Invited To A Stag Show — Please Bring Your Wife!

All Man March 1967

Also featuring Sex Improvments… The Easy Way!, I Had A Ringside Seat At A Nazi Torture Session!, and Breakout From A Siberian Slave Labor Camp!


The Nympho Killers Of The Reich

Man's Best March 1963

Also featuring You Can Be An Expert On Sex, Treasure Of The Damned, The Mad Surgeon Of Jackass Hill, and 100,000 Vice Girls For Hire


Swinging Resorts Where Studs And Nymphs Work To Wear Each Other Down!

Real Men September 1973

Also featuring Super-Sex: American Men With Two “Wives” To Bed Down! and Girls, Kidnaped In Europe, Sold As Slaves To The Brothels Of The East


Masters Of Murder

Real Men February 1961

Also featuring Call Girl Traitors Of Berlin and Sex For Sale


Miss Floating Love

21095145-Miss_Floating_Love,_For_Men_Only_illustration,_November_c._1965 thumbnail
21172645-kunstler_men59nov[1] thumbnail
For Men Only November 1965 thumbnail
For Men Only November 1965

For Men Only illustration, November 1965 

Also featuring The Passionate Belly Dancer, My Beat: The World’s Most Wide-Open Sin Capital, “Mad Marty’s” Legion-of-The-Damned Rangers, Night School Nude, and Yank Airman Who Helped Save The Saipan Invasion

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