Hell Raft

For Men Only July 1959

149 Started Out — Only 15 Survived

Also featuring The P.O.W.’s Who Took Over A Geisha Compound


Blonde Captives of the Cavemen

Man's Adventure April 1959

Out of the four captives shown, only one can be described as blonde.

Also featuring Call-Girl Queen of the Underworld, Twelve Things You Should Know About Women, and The True Facts About America’s Trailer Camps


The Women Guards Of Stalag 199

True Men October 1958

Also featuring The Texas Harem Of Sam Black, The Sudden Death Of The USS Indianapolis, and The Secret Of Madam Gordon’s Bawdy House


Night of the Hyenas

Night of the Hyenas, Male magazine cover, March 1969 thumbnail
Male March 1969 thumbnail
Night of the Hyenas, Male magazine cover, March 1969
Male March 1969

I Survived the Attack of Africa’s Flesh Slashers

Yes, I know the cover actually says “Night Of The Jackals,” but those are so clearly hyenas I couldn’t leave it. Besides, Mort Künstler said “This painting was very popular and was used a number of times on various magazines during the 1960s,” so I doubt that is the original story it was associated with.


Cuba’s Call Girl Guerilla

Adventure December 1963

Any Man I Love — Dies!

Also featuring Don’t Let Love Destroy You! (A Doctor Looks At Sex), The Gringo Who Slayed ‘Em — Both Ways (Any Man’s Way — Any Girl’s Bed), and Mau Mau! (Why Kenya’s Terror Flames Again)


Rescued By The Queen Of Pearls

Adventure August 1965

Also Hitler Is Alive! and Treasure In Israel!


Trapped by Santo Domingo’s Kill-and-Loot Rebels

For Men Only cover, October 1965 thumbnail
21172462-for_men_only_196510[1] thumbnail
True Action September 1968 thumbnail
For Men Only cover, October 1965
True Action September 1968

Also, Night Flight With a Sure-Thing Redhead, LBJ’s No. 1 Trouble Shooter, and Nude of the China Sea

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