The Nude Prostitutes Who Destroyed The Nazi Command!

Man's Life August 1967

Also featuring Scientists Report On Sex Experiments: How You Are Involved!, Stag Movies Personalized Just For You!, The Love Lives Of Carnival Freaks, and Are We Importing New Diseases From Space?


Scourge Of The Desert (1959)

Savage May 1959

Master of 30 Pirate Ships, 12,000 Fierce Tribesmen and 1,000 Harem Slaves

Not related to the 1936 Mystery Adventure story of the same name


I Fought My Way Into The Mountain Of Torture

Battle Cry June 1964

Also featuring I Watched Them Eat My Flesh!, High School Sex Clubs — The Scandal of America, and Nude Love Dolls Of Nympho Ranch


Soft Flesh for the Dungeon of the Damned

Men Today August 1965

Also featuring Sex-Starved Women Who Pay $$$ For Their Kicks, The Tragedy Of Our Teen-Age Nymphos, and I Was A Slave Of The Stag Movie Syndicate


The Screaming Killer Who Lived For Pain!

Man's Adventure June 1967

Also featuring, Swapping: Why Women Think It’s WonderfulSex! How Much Do You Spend A Year To Satisfy Your Needs?,  and The Prostitute Traitor Who Led Me Into A Trap Of Blood!


Crushed by 30 Feet of Writhing Hell

Man's Life November 1959

Also featuring Bashful Brides Have Ruined The American Male


The River Of Crawling Death

Man's Life July 1958

Also featuring Why Foreign Girls Make Better Wives And Lovers, The First Gunman With An Iron Fist, and Miami Beach: The Paradise For Love-Starved Vacationists