The Mystery of the Bouncing Bullets

Male June 1953

Also featuring The Sheriff and Waco’s “Motel Girls”


A Rope For Danny Wyatt

Peril December 1957

Also, Castration: Man’s Greatest Fear, The Whip-Crazy Killer of St Paul, and Radiation — And The Freaks Of Tomorrow


The Blonde Photographer’s 7 Days Of Hell In The Congo

Escape To Adventure July 1964

Also featuring The Grapevine Rips The Lid Off Hollywood Lesbians and Why They Banned Sex At The World’s Fair


Depraved, Last-Day-Of-The-War Orgy Mission Of U-Boat #213 To Rocket Bomb New Orleans!

True Men - June 1964


Operation Zero

Man's Action - December 1966

Also featuring 6 New Love Techniques That Make You A Super Lover!, Vice Game Want Ad, The Mafia’s Golden Bird in the Typhoon Club, Warrior Maiden Decoys, and Love Starved Island Of The Damned!


Are You Afraid To Love?

True Adventures - January 1956

Because gorillas can smell fear! Also featuring The Beasts That Fought Like Men, City Of Shameless Girls, and I’ll Never Die In Bed!


Food That Can Change Your Love Life

True Adventures - May 1956

In addition to the info on the new “All-Suba-Diver Diet”, this issue also features I Killed My Lovely Mistress and The City Where Sin Is King


Crushed By Eight Giant Arms Of Hell

True Men April 1959

Also featuring Rugged Working Men Make Inadequate Lovers


The Mystery French Street Girl Who Dishonored Herself To Save A Yank Division

Man's Life November 1962


Special: The Sex Orgies Of Sarawak

Exotic Adventures 1959

Also, France’s Nude Model Ball

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