Secrets Of The East Berlin Torture Palace

Men Today February 1962

Also featuring Nude Virgins For The Chamber Of Evil, The Scandal Of Draft Deferment, I Book Passion Parties, Trapped In A Caribbean Cave Of Lust, and Schmiesser Slugs Are Tearing My Guts


How They Get Their Kicks Out Of Pain

All Man March 1966

Also featuring Take a Chance on Sex!, I Found the $46,000,000 Treasure of the Jungles of Panama, and A Knife For A Naked Spy (Twenty Nude Women Ready For Him If He’d Turn Traitor)


The Night The Mob Took Over “Thrill Park”

Cover of  FOR MEN ONLY, November 1967. thumbnail
FOR MEN ONLY, November 1967. thumbnail
Cover of  FOR MEN ONLY, November 1967.
FOR MEN ONLY, November 1967.

Also featuring The Nude Castaways (A lifeboat packed with seven desperate men and a man-hungry blonde who knew how to survive), Free Love “Angels”, We Survived Africa’s 10,000 Corpse Massacre, and America’s Divebombing, Cong-Blasting Commandos


I Found a Jungle Temptress

Adventure Magazine December 1965 thumbnail
Adventure December 1965 thumbnail
Adventure Magazine December 1965
Adventure December 1965

Also, Where to Go Bikini Watching in Spain, Fidel Castro’s Sex Secret, and India’s Ancient Love Manual: Translated Into Plain English

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Trapped By An Octopus

PERIL #1 -OCT 1956

Also, Teach Your Wife To Fight Dirty, Sex Slaves For Sale, and Killers In The Brush


The Willing Women of Samoa

Man's Daring September 1961

Also, Sweden’s Love Morals Exposed!, The Call Boy Scandal, and The Nude Floradoras


General Patton’s Terrible Blunder

Male December 1959

Also, The Fabulous Renegade And His Island Nymph


Trapped In The House Of Nazi Dagger Girls

Man's Life April 1960

Also featuring National Scandal: Men For Hire For Love And Money!


An American’s Border Crash-Out with a Communist Call-Girl

Blue Book May 1964 thumbnail
u14-48--004 thumbnail
Blue Book May 1964

If the turncoat female was loyal, Arthur Burford’s 1500-mile escape would dead-end at a firing squad.


War And Women For “The Tiger”!


Sadist, Rapist, He Ruled By Terror And Violence!

Also, Just About Everyone In Mexico Can Afford A Mistress!


Marine Cpl. Ford Whitlaw’s 15 Month Makin Island Shack-Up!