Dope Doll / The Bigamy Kiss

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Sex And Suspense In A Savage Setting!
Famous on two continents for his masterful novels of breezy slaughter and easy passion!
Too Many Dames Can Ruin A Guy!

Both of these stories apparently star the eye-patched man from The Queer Sisters

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An Invitation to Bullets

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Secret Agent X magazine cover, June 1938
Secret Agent X - June 1938

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The Sex War

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Galaxy Science Fiction Novel #42 The Sex War

The Silent War Had Just One Aim — To Wipe Out All Sex On Earth!

This entire novel can be downloaded here

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Spider #3: The City Destroyer

Pocket Books #77943

A reprint of this issue



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FBI Detective August 1950

That is easily the most nonchalant dynamic entry into a hostage situation I have ever seen. The FBI agent looks like he is stopping in to return a gun to his neighbor, but the door is broken so he needs to use the window.

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Tyrant & Slave-Girl On Planet Venus


This was the only issue of 10 Story Fantasy. The entire thing can be downloaded here


The Secret Of The Tong

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Exciting Detective Fall 1940
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A Complete Novel Of Oriental Intrigue

This entire issue can be downloaded here


My Old Man’s Badge

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He Was Fast With Dames And Guns

Later retitled Killer Cop

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