Black Beret Raid On The Viet Cong Nitro-Navy

For Men Only April 1967

Also featuring The Passionate Spy, New Jersey’s Shocking Wife-Swap Murder, and Blonde With The Lucky Legs


Blue Hurricane


A fiery civil war novel of the Union Navy on the Mississippi


Drums Of Destruction

Operator #5 - July-August 1937

Civilization, already weakened by months of bloody conflict, begins to crumble — as Operator #5’s growing army of volunteer patriot at last starts to drive the Purple Invader back toward the Mississippi!


The Saga Of The Incredible Defenders Of Wolmi-Do

Man's Life (Dec., 1959). Cover by Wil Hulsey

There really was a battle on the island of Wolmi-Do, but somehow I doubt it looked like this.

Also featuring Smog City: Where Starlets and Career Girls Run Wild, When Jealous Men Go Kill-Crazy, Belle Santee and her Unique Bordello On Wheels, and Why Women Despise The American Male — Because They Ask For It!