Trouble Valley


Gun-blazing range war – and the Double-D riders take a six-gun detour past crooked courts and a bribed sheriff


White Cap Lesbian

Brandon House 723 1965

Jackie Tried To Be A Cool, Efficient Nurse — But She Couldn’t Control Her Lust!


Tower of Desire

Tower of Desire 1967

On the surface he was the perfect all-American boy. But beneath lurked dark and unnatural urges that were soon to explode


Coming of the Giant Germs

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Uncanny Stories v01 n01 April 1941

This was the first and only issue. It also included Beyond HellThe Earth-Stealers, and Speed Will Be My Bride, and included interior art by Jack Kirby, Joe Simon and Alex Schomburg.

The cover itself is a bit of a mystery. The ISFDB and Wikipedia lists it as a Norman Saunders, but disagrees, and to me it looks nothing like Saunders’ work. ComicsBookStories has it tagged as H.J. Ward, which looks slightly more plausible, but still seems unlikely.

The entire issue can be downloaded here


The Last Princess

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Sister Of An Emperor — Mistress Of An Outcast

From the back:

This is the saga of Atahualpa, the last Inca, whose madness and lust was his doom… Of Princess Tacara-mi, who, by the law of the land, could experiment with all men before marriage, but found the one man she wanted in Taclos, the Emperor’s minister… And Pizzaro, the Spaniard, whose gleaming cannons bought an exotic empire to its knees!

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