Bury ‘Em Alive — And Get Away With It! A True Story!

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Black Book Detective April 1937

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Model For Inside Detective Is Murdered!


The cover story is the sad and (mostly) true story of the murder of 20 year old model Veronica Gedeon, who posed for several lurid and sensational pictorials for “true crime” magazines. In stories such as Party Girl, Pretty But Cheap, and I Am A White Slave she was photographed flimsily clad, beaten, smothered, and tied up. She also appeared at an Illustrators Society show for models which was raided by the New York Police Department in 1935.

The killer was eventually captured after a hotel employee recognized his photo in an issue of  True Detective Mysteries.


Behind Drawn Blinds


This entire issue can be downloaded here


The Chambermaid Flirted Once Too Often

True Detective October 1956

Also featuring Ohio’s Grim Manhunt For The Love Slayer and One Body In The Canal, One In The Utah Badlands


Vanished Airlines Blonde

True Detective September 1959

Also, We Were A Maniac’s Hostages and Marcia’s Worried Killer


Strangled Nude on the Ninth Green

True Detective February 1960

Also, Corpse in the Swimming Pool and Slaughter By The Bad Samaritan